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Printable Time Worksheets

I can confidently say that I am getting into the swing of things with homeschooling our 7 year old. We are currently working on time for math and it’s a doozy! We will most likely concentrate on this for awhile so I started incorporating this activity every Monday. She recaps what she did over the weekend and what time she did them at. The first worksheet goes over what time she did the activity and then she draws an image of it. On the second page, she writes it out! 

I wanted to be able to create some that you could print out at home so all you have to do is click HERE or click the image below to print them! 🙂 

Here is an example of how we did it! Make sure to have your child write the digital and analog time! We we’re doing 6 but it was too much so I narrowed it down to 4!


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