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Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine

This pregnancy safe skincare routine is one that I have been using for about 6 weeks now and I am really happy overall with the way my skin has been! During pregnancy those hormones can really wreck havoc on your skin and I really think that these have been my holy grail. I get really red skin during pregnancy (and during the winter months) as well as small red bumps on my face from hormones and these products have really helped me combat that. Some of these products are ones that I have been using for years and others are 6 weeks new but I really love the current routine I have. I put the products in order of how I apply them since I get a lot of questions about that. I will also state that I am NOT a skincare guru and that these really work well for me but I am not a dermatologist or skincare blogger 😉 I have also heard that the ewg and the think dirty app are great resources BUT have their flaws when it comes to researching whether or not a product is “clean”. I looked up the ingredients individually and products as a whole to create this routine that was the cleanest it could be without losing the product’s effectiveness! 😉 

Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine

1)Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm  || this is what I use to remove my makeup and to wash my face. This is the cleanest product I can find that does BOTH at the same time (removes makeup and cleanses well). 

I use this product with the makeup eraser clothes HERE!

2) Tula Facial Cleanser (no longer using) || I don’t really use this anymore (I was using it prior) because it rates an 8 on the think dirty app because one of its ingredients is fragrance. It also contains a few other concerning ingredients like retinyl palmitate, phenoxyethanol, PEG-150 distearate and a few others that are considered somewhat “dirty”. 

Data from an FDA study indicate that retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions – which is frightening.

Retinol is also something you should avoid during pregnancy so this is a product that I no longer use.

As an ethoxylated compound, phenoxyethanol can contain trace amounts of 1,4-dioxane which is a known carcinogen. Many companies will claim that they use such small amounts that it doesn’t matter, but hey! It matters to me 😉 

3) Franklin & Whitman Facial Toner || completely unscented and is very light and refreshing. Helps rebalance skins pH and rehydrate! Very few clean ingredients in this product: Organic Citrus Sinensis Hydrosol, Organic Cucumis Sativus Hydrosol, Organic Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Hydrosol, Organic Hamamelis Hydrosol!

4) Biossance Squalane & Vitamin C Rose Oil || Increases skins tone and texture, boosts skin firmness, hydrates and protects against moisture loss. Bonus points because it smells like a dozen roses – I love it!!

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5) Biossance Aqualane & Marine Algae Eye Cream || minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in about 7 days! Visibly lifts and has been great for my under eye circles!  

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6) Biossance Squalane & Probiotic Gel Moisturizer || Reduces pore size, reduces redness (I have had a lot of issues with this since becoming pregnant and I swear this helps), improves and maintains hydration! I love that this is a gel moisturizer because it glides on so easy and feels weightless! 

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FYI: Biossance also offers samples of a few of the products I mentioned above! They are $7 with free shipping and you get a $20 credit to use later on too! Great deal! 

A few products new to me that I added into the mix: 

Elemis Berry Food Mask || Love this for combating oil in the T zone with hormonal pregnancy skin! It smells divine too! Code: LYNZY25 for 25% off

Elemis Eye Mask || I heard this is GREAT for undereye circles – I have only used it a few times so I will keep you guys updated! Code: LYNZY25 for 25% off

Elemis Pro Marine Cream || This was the highest suggested item from YOU when I polled you in my stories so I am very excited to give it a try! Code: LYNZY25 for 25% off

Other products I use: 

Beauty Counter Lotion || I use this body lotion all over after every shower and I use the body wash in the shower! It smells SO good – like oranges and lemons! It’s refreshing AND clean!

Native Deodorant || I switched over to this a few years ago after doing an armpit detox (important for best results with the new, natural deodorant) and I love it! My favorite scent right now is the blackberry & plum!

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Isles of Paradise Tanning Drops || bummed to find out that these do rate an 8 in the think dirty app because they have “fragrance” as an ingredient and that could be an umbrella for really anything toxic. I don’t use these very often, just once in awhile but now I am on the hunt for some that are a little safer (specifically for face). I am going to try this (which is the same brand as the one below)!

Organic Self Tanner || rates a 2 on the think dirty app and I LOVE this stuff. I don’t use it that often but it really gives you a great glow in about 8 hours or so! I make sure to exfoliate well before using it! 

Beauty Counter Facial Mask || I truly think that this product has been HUGE when it comes to combating hormones during this pregnancy! Draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil. It really helps to clear my pores and give a nice glow! I love this!

Tula Beauty Sleep Overnight Repair || I use this 1-2 times a week overnight to help give my skin a boost and glow and love it. I tried to do as much research as I could including looking up the individual ingredients and haven’t found any issues. If any of you know of any though, please reach out! 🙂 

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  1. Thank you! I Love seeing what you Use. I am CURRENTLY trying for our second child And have had a tough time researching clean products for my skincare routine. I usually just shop the clean at sephora lineS and hope they did the research for me. I just ordered 2 items off of your list. I’d love to know what makeup you use as well.

  2. Just thought you might want to caution your readers that the Beauty counter counter+ charcoal mask has salacylic acid which is generally recommended to avoid during pregnancy.

    Also, the tula overnight mask contains glycolic acid, which the fda says has “not had sufficient research to determine its safety for use during pregnancy.” what’s your opinion on this?

  3. Hey this is great! What would you say are your top 2-3 Must-haves out oF this list for someone who is looking to get intO a better clean skincare routIne but cant Get all of these at once?

  4. HI! I love the beautycounter cleansing balm (discovered through you). i don’t see it on sale on the website, though you mention it is… is there a code needed? thanks!

  5. Have you ever tried “priMally pure?“. Love their stuff and its super clean! I was recently pregnant and a psycho about what i put on my body (and still am Since im nursing).

  6. I cI can’t wait to look into all this and make some decisionS. ThThank you for all your help. CaCan you tell me of a project product that would help with creepy crawlers skin. 🤦‍♀️

  7. Any recs foR (affordable?) Facial spf to use wigh existing routine, ie drops to to add to Moisturizer? I use drunk elephant protini in am with a drop of their AMAZING d bronzI anti pollution cream, and beAuty couNter night Mask in pm. Thanks!

  8. Its so hard to finD cleaN and efficient products. Thank you for the informatIon. I am def going to be trying these Products and currently pregnant so i love that You assure its safe.