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Postpartum Week 1

Just as I created bump updates for you all, I wanted to create updates where I talk about my postpartum journey. These updates will include everything from weight loss to how I am feeling emotionally for that week as well as troubles we may be experiencing. The postpartum experience can be so rewarding, yet so incredibly difficult at the same time. It’s important to find someone to talk with about what you may be feeling and find as much support as possible. You can always feel free to reach out to me in anyway as well! 🙂 

I am working on Miles’ birth story and will have that up next week!

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Blogger Lynzy & Co talks about life after birth with this postpartum update during week one!

Current weight: 150 lbs (on Postpartum day 2) I ended up at 162 pounds overall, which was a gain of just about 40 pounds total

How I feel physically: I feel great! Natural birth allows you to bounce back better and faster in my opinion and I have been on my feet and walking around since giving birth. Only thing is that everything is still a bit numb and it can be sore when coughing, sneezing, etc. I have been taking the occasional motrin for the after birth cramping that goes along with breastfeeding but other than that, I feel pretty good!

Sleep? Pretty non existent but that’s no surprise! I am getting about 3 rounds of 2 hours at night right now which honestly, isn’t too bad 😉 

How I feel emotionally: Great so far! I struggled with some PPD after Olivia but never really knew what it was and I wasn’t treated properly. I am feeling very confident this time around and my hormones seem pretty well balanced. Keeping my support close and talking with friends frequently always helps. Try to get out of the house as much as possible, even though it’s a HUGE production. It will make you feel 100% better!

Blogger Lynzy & Co talks about life after birth with this postpartum update during week one!

Are you using any postpartum girdle/band? Yes! I will start using my Bellefit band next week! I want to wait until 1-2 weeks post partum to start using it and I will be showing progress pictures as we go along!

Blogger Lynzy & Co talks about life after birth with this postpartum update during week one!

Breastfeeding update: Breastfeeding this third time around is smoother than the other two. I had major bleeding issues with the first two and even fissures (large, painful cuts) on my nipples which made breastfeeding excruciating. I have cracks and sores and it certainly is painful right now but I always expect that in the first two weeks. MY best advice? Have a lactation consultant with you while you’re in the hospital. Have them show you as many tips and tricks as they can and make sure to get that latch wide open every single time. It’s SO important. Most pediatrician offices also have staff there that are certified and can help you! I also recommend expressing milk onto the nipple after each feeding and letting it air dry. Walk around your house without a top for the first two weeks. This helps the nipples heal much faster leading to a successful breastfeeding journey right from the beginning! 🙂 

If you end up with seriously damaged nipples, don’t give up! EMAIL ME. I have some great tips and tricks for healing!

If you are looking to boost your supply, here is what helped me in the past!

Miles’ current weight & progress: He was born at 8 lbs 9 oz and he went down to 8 lbs 4 oz on discharge (very common for breastfed babies to lose weight at first) and then weighed 7 lb 13 oz at his visit on birth day 2. We are really working on gaining that weight and have another appointment tomorrow to make sure he’s on his way up again. My milk just came in over the past 24 hours and his poop is changing over from black to lighter green and eventually (the goal) yellow seedy poop! C’MON MILES!

Blogger Lynzy & Co talks about life after birth with this postpartum update during week one!

Favorite postpartum clothing item this week: Nursing friendly sleepwear. I am working on a blog post about this but here are my current favorites that I am wearing right now:

Favorite postpartum item this week (general): Lactation cookies! I made my lactation cookies when I got home from the hospital and I swear that’s why my milk came in so fast! 🙂 

Favorite baby item this week: Moses basket & stand. We keep this downstairs so Miles has a place to nap when we are down there! I just love how beautiful this basket and stand are! This basket and stand is from Restoration Hardware but here is a cheaper version:

How the girls are adjusting: I thought that our oldest would have the easiest time with the transition because she was so excited but it turns out she is having the most difficult time. She has been acting out and I think it’s just a result of wanting more attention and trying to figure out where she belongs in the family line up 🙂 Patience is key and I know that we can get through this in time! Ellie has been great and honestly isn’t acting much different.

Advice for those of you who are in postpartum week 1: Make sure to ask for a lactation consultant while in the hospital if you plan to breastfeed. Getting them on board in the very beginning is so important for a successful latch! Make sure to have a group of supporters that you know you can text or call at anytime. Having someone to ask questions to or even vent to will mean a world of difference! 


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  1. Love this update! Miles is so perfect. When I had my daughter (16 months now) I had an awful LC during my hospital stay and PPD hit hard at home. I ended up exclusively pumping because I really wanted her to have breastmilk. I made it to and beyond my initial goal of 1 year “nursing” and she was fed breastmilk through to 14 months. I think when I have my next child I’ll try and find a private LC that I vibe with and have them come to the hospital and my house to help. You’re so right – the proper support is so necessary in those first few weeks. I want to experience the bond of nursing my little one next time. You’re total mom goals 🙂 xo

  2. I’m wondering if a postpartum band would work for me since I’m now 11 weeks out or if I’ve waited too long?!

  3. I would love any advice you have about healing nipples.. I’m breastfeeding now and it’s not the most pleasant journey (baby is one month), but we’re working on it every day!!

  4. I’m so glad for you that you had a natural birth ☺. I agree totally that you bounce back quicker when you don’t have that epidural (i was doing yoga in my hospital room the following morning!) and I’ve experienced both. Excited to read Miles’ birth story: I didn’t find your blog until very end of your pregnancy but I enjoy your instastories, sense of humor, and fact that you aren’t afraid to show everyone what postpartum looks like in “real” life. Also your advice for new breastfeeding moms is awesome and so supportive, good for you for not giving up even though it is painful. On a separate note, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has huge veins in their legs after having a 3rd child😉.

  5. I’m two weeks postpartum today and they had to suction my baby boy out after 3.5 hours of pushing. I struggled with the healing process for the first week and definitely experienced the baby blues. As a first time mom I think Breastfeeding has been thr biggest Challenge for me as I try to increase my milk supply, but little by little I am getting there. I made your cookie recipe and loved it! Thank you and please keep sharing your journey! Xoxo Jacqueline

  6. You are remarkable!! It is refreshing to see you tell and show the truth. Our bodies as women go through so much as mothers. Your honesty and openness will be helpful to so many women!! Good luck with all of your children. I was wondering about your girls. Hope everyone settles in soon and that you get some rest. Enjoy a warm shower and a little me time… deserve it and so much more!!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m 29 weeks pregnant and am planning on a natural birth. Your journey has been so inspirational to me. Can’t wait to read the birth story!

  8. I used my Belly bandit starting the day I had babe 3! It really helped support my lower back! When I wasn’t wearing it my lower back was sore and not when I was. Just a suggestion if you are having any lower back pain. Remember tiny little Miles because time will fly! 😀

  9. Thanks for this post! As someone who has not had any babies yet, this is so helpful to read about a play by play for a new mother. You look amazing and baby Miles is adorable. Love the name. Xo

  10. I’m curious why you are waiting 1-2 weeks to start using the band? I’m wanting to try one out after I give birth and I’m wanting to atleast wait until I get home.

  11. Congrats on the cutest little boy!! Awesome advice on breastfeeding. Thought i’d share what helped me too as I struggled the first month (my little girl is turning 3m next week – yay!). Suggested by lactation consultant and pedeiatrician and really bumped up my supply in just a couple days – go lacta (just don’t do cheaper equivalents but the actual thing), you can just get it on amazon. It really is amazing, wish I knew sooner!

  12. I love all your insta stories and advice! I look forward to making your lactation cookies. You look beautiful and congratulations on your sweet boy 💙

  13. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant with my first child. My friend recommended me to follow your Instagram for advice on some clothes to wear as I continue to advance through my Pregnancy. When you posted this photo on Instagram I knew I found more than just someone to tell me about clothing through this journey.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the vulnerability and rawness you shared when writing this post. I know your posts will help me to prepare for all that’s to come. You’re doing a great thing.

  14. He is absolutely perfect, he makes me baby hungry and our little guy is barely nine months 😭.
    It’s pretty awesome how amazing our bodies are, all three of my labor and deliveries were different along with how my body reacted and healed, natural birthing for me was much easier on my body and healing! {I was ready to go home straight after this last pregnancy but everyone talked me into staying, like it was a vacation 😂}
    Onto breastfeeding, I think I’ve been very lucky because I haven’t ever dealt with raw sore nipples or cracked.. not once and I wanted to mention that it’s worth mentioning about babies being tongue tied, even if it’s minimal that in itself can lead to sore nipples and hard times nursing. My sister is a nurse and actually caught it with my second baby and the pediatricians didn’t want to cut it, they wanted to “wait” and see what the outcome was, I.e sore nipples, cracked bleeding nipples.. difficulties nursing
    I pressed though and got them to fix both babies tongues and nursing was a breeze and not sore at all.. I just thought I would mention that because you NEVER hear anyone talking about that as a possible issue..

    He he beautiful and you’re awesome!!
    Thank you for allowing us into your life
    Big hugs