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Postpartum Update // Weeks 5 & 6


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Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Current weight: 137 (I started out pre-pregnancy at 122 (or so) and got up to 162 at my highest // This is basically where I start to plateau for a bit. For whatever reason my body likes to keep the 10-15 lbs while I am nursing and once I stop, it all drops off. I bet that I will hover around 132-135 for the rest of the time I am nursing. 

How I feel physically: Pretty damn good! I have my follow-up OB appt. on Monday and after I am in the clear (just need to discuss my bladder issue), I cannot wait to get back into jogging and lifting! I am so excited to start up my gym classes again!

How I feel emotionally: Great! I think this is honestly the best I have felt (emotionally) with all three kids. I am in high spirits most of the time. The only time I get a bit down is when I get little to ZERO sleep and I wake up a total wreck. But, it’s been great! To be honest, I believe that music plays a huge part into keeping me calm and I’ve always been big into shutting the world out and just listening to my favorite artists when I feel overwhelmed. 

My Spotify playlist is still a work in progress but it contains some of my very favorite songs of all time. You can follow along here!

Exercise: I plan to get back into this upcoming week and I cannot wait! I am actually announcing a VERY fun healthy eating/exercise program that I am starting the first week in October and I hope that you guys will join me if you are postpartum! The program is geared towards postpartum mamas and will have a FB support group as well!

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Are you using any postpartum girdle/band? YES! You can read all about my Bellefit corset here! I have a coupon code in that post for you as well! All you have to do is purchase your corset through that post to get $20 off 🙂 I did recently get a size small (I started out with a medium). My medium was SO tight the first few weeks, but now it’s starting to loosen up so I sized down one! Some of you may like the results with just one size, but I wanted to keep going because the separation in my abdominal wall is pretty bad this third time around!!

Breastfeeding update: We are still feeding on demand. Miles is a champ and we are doing so well in this department! I did have a few mothers email me and tell me about a miracle product that I wanted to share with you! If you are experiencing very sore and raw nipples, moms have been swearing by these silver nipple cups!! Apparently they heal your nipples super fast and it’s an amazing product! Just a little tip 😉 I wish I knew about these with my other two! I had lacerations in my nipples that would bleed constantly and the pain when they were latching was out of this world!

Miles’ current weight & progress: Over 13 pounds! He’s clearly trying to win world’s largest baby 😉 

Favorite postpartum clothing item: Cardigans. All the cardigans! Here are a few of my current favorites and I am working on putting together a cumulative blog post featuring the best for the fall and winter season!

Love the fit of this one and it’s so soft and cozy!

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

I also just discovered Bao Bei Maternity, and they have these compression leggings that come all the way up to your bra line (so perfect for nursing when you bring your shirt up) and they are so tight and AMAZING. It feels like they suck everything in and they look great on too! I will show you in my Instagram stories sometime this upcoming week! They also gave me a coupon code in case you are interested in trying them out 🙂 

COUPON CODE: LYNZY for $20 off any pre or post natal leggings  EXPIRES Oct. 7th

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Favorite postpartum item (general): I love the glider that we have! We have tried a few different gliders in the past and this one is definitely the best for nursing! 

Favorite baby item currently: These muslin burp cloths. I love the shape of them because they just drape right over your shoulder! I ordered them about 2 weeks ago and I just rotate 4 of them and that has been more than enough! 

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

We recently tried out the Happiest baby bassinet and at first I wasn’t that impressed because it didn’t keep Miles asleep any longer than usual, but yesterday he was SO fussy and tired that I wanted to try it out while he was awake and upset to see how it worked when it came to calming a fussy baby… 

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

*there is a special swaddle that baby wears when using this bassinet since it rocks. I had just placed Miles down her for a quick moment so that I could shower but I didn’t have the bassinet on because he wasn’t in the swaddle 🙂 

YOU GUYS. Within 30 seconds, he was asleep! It’s still in my IG stories if you want to see for yourself! I am going to continue using it and update you along the way. I know that the bassinet is a HUGE investment and you want to know if it is worth the money or not, so I will keep you updated! 

How the girls are adjusting: Very well now. Both girls LOVE helping me whenever they can and Olivia is getting better about having less time with me right now and I can’t wait to be able to give them more attention again!

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Advice for those of you who are in postpartum week 5-6: Don’t be discouraged if all your weight isn’t just falling off. Your body knows what it needs to do, just be patient with it 🙂 

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  1. I am 7 weeks pp tomorrow & feel like I’m at a plateau as well. I gained 20 lbs this pregnancy (the least of 5) & have only lost 10. I’m ALWAYS hungry because my daughter is a big eater. I am interested in your eating/exercise program when you start it! I love seeing your updates!

  2. I am 20 weeks pp with my first baby. It’s so reassuring to know that nursing doesn’t make the weight fall off for everyone! Of course everyone told me it would, but I’m holding on to 10lbs. I’ve gotten back into a solid workout routine, and I’m feeling healthy and strong. I wish my body was back to what I’m used to seeing, but I tell myself it’s all for the very best purpose!

  3. I’m so interested in your experience with the Snoo. I bought one and my 2.5 week old doesn’t like it. Hates being in the swaddle/sack. Like your experience it has calmed him really well when he’s over tired but outside of that, he cries and wants out. He sleeps best when we co-sleep 😌I have another week before I can send it back. I havent read any negative reviews on the snoo so wonder if its just us! Look forward to more updates.

    1. Hi Nikki!

      The SNOO team wanted me to let you know that some babies are stomach sleepers and may need a little extra help when using the SNOO. They said to reach out to their customer service team and they will set you up with a free sleep consultation! 🙂

  4. Great post! Just had my third a little over 2 weeks ago. It’s been 9 years so starting over seems like a new experience. Aside from recovering from a csection, my biggest challenge has been breastfeeding. I breastfed my other 2 for over a year but with this one, I’m experiencing the most excruciating pain while nursing. I cry each time I do and have a lot of anxiety just thinking about the next nursing session. I didn’t have this issue with the other two. I’ve been pumping from the one sore breast to see if it heals but during the night I can’t pump fast enough for his feeding. I’ll have to try those cups!

    1. Hi mama!

      You should definitely try those cups! I have had so many readers email me about them saying they work wonders! If you do try them let me know how it goes! 🙂

  5. I am glad to hear I am not the only one holding on to the last ten pounds. Is this really a thing? I am 10 weeks pp and they will not budge. I gained about 32 lbs this pregnancy and the last 10 pounds have stayed even now that I am back exercising 4 -5 times a week. I will definitely be trying that deodorant!

  6. Where are your camp joggers from?! I love them! I am 4 weeks pp with my 3rd as well and it’s so different each time!

  7. I just found your blog for the first time reading birth stories in preparation for baby #4 due around Thanksgiving. With my three children I always kept the last 5-10 lbs until I weaned them after one year. It’s just the way my body is, even with a consistent running and lifting routine. No amount of limiting calories changes things, except to make me grumpy and hangry. During that year I learn to enjoy eating lots to keep up with life!

  8. Do you think it would have been possible to purchase only one size of Bellefit corset instead of having to size down after 5 weeks?