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Postpartum Update: Week TWO

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Here we are with postpartum update, week two! I plan to post these updates every Wednesday to keep them consistently on the same day! I will also post the images from all the weeks next to each other so that you can see the difference from week to week! If you ever have anything you want me to add to these updates along the way, let me know! 

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*The next two posts I am working on for you guys is Miles’ birth story and a guide to breastfeeding during the first few weeks and all my favorite tips and tricks!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Current weight: 146 (DOWN FROM 162 the day I gave birth). Lost a few in water weight and gained a few in boobie juice 😉  

How I feel physically: GREAT. Honestly, besides some leftover back pain, this recovery has been the easiest BY FAR. I feel like I could actually start working out (which I won’t) but that’s how good I feel!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

How I feel emotionally: Pretty good. Have my ups and downs but mostly I just become emotional because I look at Miles and see him changing every day and it makes my heart burst and then I well up with tears. HA. Motherhood…..

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Are you using any postpartum girdle/band? Yes! If you saw my stories yesterday, you’ll know that I just started using my Bellefit Corset (front closure only) and I wore it for about 5 hours yesterday! It was difficult to get on but once it was on I loved the support that it gave me! My husband was in awe of my posture when I walked downstairs. I have had THE WORST posture since having kids. Breastfeeding certainly doesn’t help because I feel like I am constantly hunched over all the time. I swear my tummy looked more pulled in today but maybe I am crazy! We will see!

Breastfeeding update: Okay, this is my biggest, most proudest achievement to date. I have little to no pain while breastfeeding and my nipples are completely healed from week one. This is a FIRST for me and I lived with about 4 weeks of pain and bleeding with the first two babies. I swear that nailing the wide open latch from the second they go on is KEY and being consistent in that first week is what helped me. I am so so grateful to be able to have it go so smoothly this third time around. Plus, Miles is a champ!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Miles’ current weight & progress: His weight sky rocketed when we had it checked on Saturday – up almost 8 ounces in two days. I weighed myself and then myself with him on me yesterday and it was a 9.2 difference so I am guessing he is near or above 9 lbs now. He eats every 2 hours during the day (I wake him up to keep him on schedule from 6 am until 9/10 pm in hopes of getting a longer stretch at night. Now that he is up over his birth weight, I let him sleep instead of setting alarm (although typically he would wake before alarm anyways). Last night we got a 4 hour stretch and I am telling you, it was LIFE CHANGING.

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Sleep: Miles likes to sleep a lot during the day which is why I wake him as much as possible right now so he switches his night/day pattern. We were able to get a 4 hour stretch the other day during the night, which was amazing. For the most part he will do 2.5-3 hour stretches twice at night right now. I don’t let him nap for more than 1-1.5 hours during the day. For example:

Nurse 9-9:20 on right side, Change diaper, Nurse 9:30-9:50 on left side, NAP 9:50-11 and then repeat entire routine again!

Favorite postpartum clothing item:

  • This henley tank that I wore the other day is so perfect for breastfeeding. I got a size medium since I think it runs a bit on the smaller side. I wear it with the nursing lace bralette that I keep talking about. It’s the only bra I’ve worn since I gave birth 😉Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Favorite postpartum item (general):

  • My Maeband that I still wear with denim so that I don’t have to button my pants (Use code: LYNZY20 for 20% off)


  • These slides. Makes it so easy to leave the house in a jiffy! They are comfortable and great on and off!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

Favorite baby item currently:

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!



  • Solly wrap // I carry him in one of these whenever we leave the house!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about postpartum week by week. Here she is talking about everything from breastfeeding to waist trainers in week 2!

How the girls are adjusting: Great – they sure do love him! Olivia is still acting a bit different which I think is more attention seeking than anything else and I know that it will all fall into place soon enough 🙂

Advice for those of you who are in postpartum week 2: You’ve got THIS. It’s tiring. It’s exhausting but I urge you to take a peek at that sweet little face because before you know it, 3 months will have gone by. I honestly love this newborn phase more than anything but it can be so hard because of the exhaustion that sets in. Know that this time period is so short lived and that you will get your rest soon enough but for now, enjoy every single newborn snuggle that you can <3 I know that’s what I’m doing 😉

If you are currently postpartum, I would love for you to share one thing that you have found really helpful during the postpartum period in the comments. It can be a quote, bible verse, clothing item, baby item, anything that has helped you!

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  1. Love your posts!! I am going to be a first time mom in about 12 weeks and all of your posts are helping me prepare! One question – I am thinking about breastfeeding but really scared about bleeding, hurting, etc … what have you done differently with Miles through this process ? Did you see a lactation consultant before Miles was born?

    1. Tip for you, some women had A LOT of milk = hard boobs in beginning as body is adjusting. My last pregnancy midwife suggested expressing a little to soften them up before baby latches 100% better and no issues like with my first 😊

      1. And being willing to “break the seal” gently with your pinky and help baby re-latch… because if you have nipple pain, most likely the latch needs correcting. Cannot. Underscore. Enough. That finding either a nurse post-birth who is trained in lactation or a local support group work a lactation person (most hospitals offer something post-partum) is so key if you have any breastfeeding trouble! I had a wonderful path nursing my first and am excited to nurse baby #2 due in October but complications/bad latching/sleepy feeders/a million other issues can happen so having support from someone who really understands lactation and nursing is so critical. In the end, “Fed is Best!”… whatever way you feed your baby that works for you and baby is a-ok. Xx

    2. I’m due in about 12 weeks too! It’s my first, so I have no tips… Just wanted to say hello! 🙂 Isn’t it a wonderful journey we’re on!?

  2. I know you already do this, but just getting outside even for a little bit really makes me feel so good! I’m just starting week three post partum!

  3. Love reading these! My baby girl is 11 days old and getting out of the house and getting some sunshine has been HUGE for me. Also being in scripture daily, even just reading the verse of the day for that encouragement. The exhaustion is worth how sweet and precious they are at this age, I wouldn’t change it!!!

  4. I’m 33 weeks pregnant but I sure do wish I was 2 weeks post partum 😉not sure how I’m suppose to go at least 7 more weeks when I feel like there’s already no more room left in the inn😩 Caaan’t breathe haha

  5. Two weeks postpartum as well. Things that have helped so far: getting fresh air by going for walks, my bellefit corset makes me feel somewhat pulled together, doing an epsom salt bath 2x day for a pretty tough tear, Fiber One bars… because… the tear, and my placenta pills. Might be a placebo effect, but that’s fine if it makes me feel better!

  6. I am currently 3 weeks post partum with my fourth, a boy. I would have to say this time around my favorite find during my recovery is the Thinx underwear! I absolutely HATE wearing those bulky pads after delivery and when you’re so tender down there who wants to put them on? This underwear is so comfortable, keep me leak free and has allowed me to feel more normal in my clothes. They’re a serious game changer!

  7. Love your posts, I would like to know more about how you were able to get him to latch properly early one and how you have managed to have less pain while breastfeeding this go round.

  8. I’m 4 weeks postpartum tomorrow with baby #2. Those first 2ish weeks were super exhausting but I finally feel like we are getting a good routine down. He’s sleeping longer at night and awake more during the day. Definitely getting some sunshine each day has helped me and remembering to eat when I’m hungry! I don’t remember being so extra hungry last time but this time I’m definitely feeling those burned calories! This exhaustion period the 2nd time around has been easier mostly bc mentally I know there is an end…with your first it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I’m soaking this newborn season in more this 2nd time around because I have less exhaustion-induced anxiety!

  9. I’m a little further out postpartum (4.5 months), but I really think that having my older son to tend to and get to school every morning saved me. I was forced to get up, get showered, and get ready and out of the house with a newborn before 9am. That morning shower refreshed me, and set me up for productive day 🙂 my little guy loves the sound of the shower running and for some reason my bathroom lights, so I kept him in his rock and play right outside the shower so I could still see him.

  10. Love your posts! So inspiring to read about your postpartum. I am 4 weeks postpartum and I still struggle with nursing. I’m hoping the pain ends soon. I also love the newborn stage, the cuddles are just the best. i can’t wait to see your progress!

  11. I am 40 weeks and 2 days with my first (a boy!). I have been following you the past three months and have to say thank you for being so open and honest. I feel like I can do this (well most of the time) because of alot of your advice and tips! Right now what is keeping my anxiety down is music, exercise and being uber honest about my feelings with my husand. Thank you again for being you!

  12. Am currently 11 weeks postpartum with a 2 1/2 year old as well. So tough, but I printed out this verse from 2 Corinthians to serve as a reminder of the goodness of God…

    “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

  13. My sweet baby boy came three weeks early due to my blood pressure being high- very unexpected but I am just so in love! Little man will be 3 weeks tomorrow- I can’t even believe it! I recently started a nightly routine with him which has been so nice. In that routine I read a bible verse/ story from his kiddo bible and it’s my fave part of the day!

  14. Two weeks post partum with my third as well! Surprisingly I found after labor contractions much worse this time! An herbal tincture called after ease helped. Also mothers love nipple cream has been a life savor. You are so right about getting a good latch. Somehow I still managed to let him latch just my nipple and we’re just recovering from it!

  15. 3 months postpartum here with my first! I’m a therapist who works with children (out of New London) and for me, I have gotten through all of the hard parts of motherhood so far in thinking about the role I’m playing for my daughter and how important secure attachment is.

    Every time my kiddo has woken up in the night, cried, fussed, or had a tough day in general, I have reminded myself that my child is telling me how much she needs me, and every time I respond to her I am reassuring her that she is safe with me and that she will always get her needs met. For me, that is the most important thing.

  16. Please do a post with as much detail on what you have learned to make breast feeding go so smoothly this time! I am absolutely dreading it this time around due to how much horrible pain I was in with my last one. I never could really get through it and eventually gave up after my maternity leave was over and I had to go back to work. Pumping was even worse. I would love to know how you did it this time!!

  17. My son is almost ten months now, thinking back some must haves for me were: lanolin cream, having a comfy nursing setup to make me comfortable (cozy corner with a rocking chair and my charger, snacks and water), lots of water speaking of which, and tucks pads

  18. Currently almost 7 weeks postpartum with baby number 3 and the most helpful thing so far in these early weeks has been to start a nightly routine with him that is consistent with his 2 sisters! I know he will go through changes and sleep changes but getting him to take a bath and read and wind down at the end of the day all together has brought some of the most sweetest moments….one thing I’m surprised about and maybe you or some other moms have experienced is all of the comments people give while in public I’m continuously told “wow you have your hands full” or “how can you handle three of them” the best one so far “were these all planned or you know oopsies!” It’s just starting to get really old every time I take them out I get a comment from ever person that walks by! I mean I don’t feel like I look like the hot mess express juggling all of them but why do strangers feel the need to insert their 2 cents! Thank you for all your encouraging posts they definitely have helped a Momma out!!!!

  19. My little boy is 6 weeks old. Everything is going great. Now my struggle is weight loss getting a good diet with out killing my milk supply and exercise routine. Any advice? I have two trips coming up in 2 months and just want my clothes to fit!!

  20. I am not postpartum yet, currently 37wks pregnant, however, there are moments when I get a little worried on how I’m going to juggle my 19m baby girl who is very active, my 10yo and all his activities, and my amazing 8yo step daughter who we share with her mom. As it is now, it’s so hard to cook dinner on time, bathe Ellie, and all her bed time routines, and get the other two fed and in bed. It’s scary to think we are adding another one to the craziness. And I know how time consuming and important those first few months are with a new born wth setting a schedule and routine. However one scripture that I lean on is always Psalm 46:10 “be still and know, I am God.”

    Sometimes I get consumed with fear or worry I forget I was made for this, and I forget who is the ultimate lover of my soul, and HE has it all taken care of. 🙂

  21. Wearing depends for all the postpartum bleeding in week 1-2. Its so much easier than wearing underwear with pads cuz it’s so forgiving!

  22. I’m currently 7 weeks pp and what has helped me the absolute most is advice from other moms on Solly Baby Village on Facebook. Just having someone tell you what you are feeling is normal and getting encouragement has been so uplifting, especially since this is my first baby. I would have felt so lost and alone if I had not reached out in the group about how lonely night feedings are.

  23. I love this post, thanks so much! I’m expecting my fourth boy this Christmas, and my absolute favorite baby item for postpartum was the Owlet. I seriously was getting two four hour stretches a night with that thing! I had a big baby so he was a great sleeper from the start, but if it weren’t for that Owlet I would not have slept so well. Also keeping the right mindset is key, like you said. After my third was born, I had pain nursing because he had a tongue tie, so we got that clipped, I had a wisdom tooth pulled 5 days PP and both my older boys got sick with high fevers and throwing up. All the first week postpartum. But you just get through it! Before you know it it’s far in the past and you’d give anything for another newborn snuggle. 🙂

  24. Using essential oils for me & babe. I’ve made a blend to stabilize the ever changing hormones and anxieties that have come up as a first time mama. I have used Melaleuca and lavender topically for enforcement and internally taken oregano oil to help with the fever and flu like symptoms that followed. The babe sleeps so well thanks to Roman chamomile, vetiver and a lavender blend. I place a drop on my chest before we feed or on her linens. I share DōTERRA essential oils so reach out if I can share with you!

  25. Hi! Oh my gosh! I love your IG and your blog! Your so honest and so RELATABLE! Your awesome! I Do have a question That i read on your blog but cant fiNd iT. Its about “tailbone pain” and you recommended going to someone but my new MOMMY Brain cant remember! Haha!
    Thank you so much!