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Postpartum Update: Week 3


Postpartum update WEEK ONE // TWO

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Current weight: 141 (down from my max weight in pregnancy – 162 and my pre-pregnancy weight was 120ish)

Current diet/exercise: No exercise yet but I have added in a morning smoothie to my routine and it’s a great way to add some fiber (postpartum constipation is no joke) and fruits/veggies! I honestly haven’t been all that healthy because I am in survival mode but I plan to make healthier choices as much as possible.

I even created a blog post about postpartum pooping here 😉 

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

How I feel physically: Great! I still have a pestering lower back pain but all in all, I feel pretty good!

How I feel emotionally: Still pretty darn good considering that I am lacking some serious sleep over here. Overall though I haven’t felt down at all and I am so excited about that!

Are you using any postpartum girdle/band? YES! As many of you already know, I am using the basic Bellefit corset (front closure only) and I am OBSESSED. I have never been more impressed with a product before. I have seen a dramatic difference in just 10 days of wearing it (at least 8-10 hours per day). It’s also helped a lot with my GI system and also increases bleeding (which I think is of benefit so I don’t bleed as long –> I bled with Ellie for 9 weeks afterwards).

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!


Breastfeeding update: I am SO thrilled to tell you that we have aced the breastfeeding. My first time ever that I didn’t have to deal with cracked, bleeding nipples. I am SO excited. I am working on my breastfeeding tips and tricks post and should have it up soon – I promise!!

Miles is still eating at roughly the same times as last week

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Miles’ current weight & progress: OVER TEN POUNDS! Woot! He’s been sleeping at least 3-4 hours ONCE overnight which has been a blessing. Typically he does something like 9-1230/1 and then he’s up every two hours after that until 7 am. That first long stretch is desperately needed and I always try to get to sleep ASAP when he goes down the first time.

Favorite postpartum clothing item: My Bellefit corset as mentioned above, This amazing front button dress that is selling out FAST, and THESE pajamas (top & bottom).

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Favorite postpartum item (general): My Bellefit corset as mentioned above & COLACE.

Favorite baby item currently: The snuggle me! Miles’ likes to be close at all times, I can hardly put him down so the majority of the time I wear him (currently using the Moby wrap a lot) and at night, he sleeps in between us safely in the snuggle me. You can read more about it here!

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

OH! & these cloth diapers (I use them as burp cloths and have gotten a ton of questions about them)!

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

How the girls are adjusting: Olivia is having a rough time with it all. Once I am able, I plan to make a date for her at least once a week, even if for only an hour. I want to take her out ALONE and give her one on one undivided attention and I think that will help a lot!

Advice for those of you who are in postpartum week 3: The nights are tough. Some of you may dread when night time approaches because of the thought of no sleep. This will NOT last forever, I promise you. Try to soak in these precious moments as much as possible. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

Blogger Lynzy of Lynzy & Co. tells us all about postpartum life in week 3!

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not alone. I’m also 3 weeks and I think our babes were born on the same day! I’m happy to come across this post and realize this stage doesn’t last forever but it can be so hard at times. I’m learning to adjust with 2. And this is just the pep talk I needed!

  2. Ummm you look amazing! Seriously girl, I’m in awe. I am 6 weeks postpartum here and now I’m really wishing I had got that corset.

  3. I love these posts so much!! I’m a first time mom at 5 months pregnant and most of the time I don’t know where to begin or what things to get or what labor is like and I feel like I’m learning so much reading your posts and from those who respond! Thank you for being so candid and doing updates! It’s helps me prepare for what to expect and what products to get!!

  4. You look great and so happy you had a little boy! I am 8 weeks postpartum this week and wanted to recommend the Lalabu soothe shirt…slimming and so easy for nursing and carrying baby without having to find/bring/hassle with carrier…I love my carrier, but sometimes with 4 other kiddos, the lalabu is just easier.

  5. Yes, I remember dreading nights, and it felt like it would never end. LO is almost 2 years and sleeps like a champion.

  6. You look awesome!! Way to go mama.

    I took your advice and bought the Bellefit corset. It shipped really quickly which was great! I immediately started using it at 7 weeks pp. It’s already helping my posture and giving me extra support in my back. I love it!

    I’m really happy to know that I’m not the only one that dreads night time. I seriously had anxiety about it when we first brought our daughter home. We also have a 3.5yo boy. My baby was up everyyyyyy hour it seemed like in the very beginning. Happy to report that she’s consistently sleeping now. Down at 11:00pm, up at 4:00am for 30 mins and then back to sleep until 7:00. I’m sleeping much better now and not nearly as sleep deprived. ❤️

  7. You look great, thanks for sharing and being honest about the highs and hard things about pregnancy and having a newborn 💕

  8. Yeah you. Love your openness and inspiration to mama’s….like me. My oldest is going through the transition of a kindergarten schedule. One of her biggest problems is that her little sister is home with me and she is not. I’m 33 weeks pregnant with our 3rd. So my energy level has seen better days. After school and when her sister is preoccupied, she’ll pick a game and we’ll hide from her sister (not really, but she thinks we are). She gets 1 on 1 time with me for 5-10 min and it has helped the jealously.

  9. Over 10 lbs already?? My baby still hasn’t gained back her birth weight (8 lbs 9 oz).😳 She only gained 2 oz in a week. I’ve been doing all the things to increase my milk supply-lactation cookies, Mother’s Milk tea, and I’m going to try a combination of essential oils that is supposed to help. I’m looking forward to your breastfeeding post, I feel like I need all the help/advice/tips I can get!

  10. Thank you for the encouragement around the nighttimes. I have a 3-week old and am struggling with this (First time mom). I feel better that i’m not alone in this and am happy for the reminder that it won’t last forever. THank you!