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Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe for Spring & Summer

I really hope that this Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe for Spring & Summer is helpful for you, it’s finally live! After my first was born, I lived in sweatpants and a tee for those first few months and started to feel really depressed. Having just a few items as your go-tos once you deliver makes you feel put together and ready to tackle on a day of breastfeeding 😉 It took me a few years to nail down what I think is necessary for your postpartum wardrobe but I think I finally did it. Some of these items you may already have in your own wardrobe too! I made sure to include different versions of many of the items as well as high and low price points as well! 

Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe for Spring & Summer

1.) Loose Button Front Tops || There is nothing like a nice loose button front top for those early nursing days! Some of my favorites are from this store here! They are having a HUGE sale right now with an extra 50% off all sale items (many are on sale) which is huge!!  
2.) Cozy Cardigan for home || this is no secret, I love BFD and they are my number one recommended item for postpartum! 
Don’t want to SPLURGE? This is my favorite SAVE option: scoop up this one!
3.) Basic Nursing Cami || a must have for layering! 
4.) Loose Tanks || These are great postpartum and my favorite for length is this one here!
5.) Open Knit Duster for Layering || I especially love this because it adds texture and length but isn’t too hot because it’s open knit! EXTRA 30% OFF
6.) Loose Basic Tee || My favorite is this one here
1.) Basic COMFORTABLE pair of denim ||  I tried this brand of denim a few years ago and oh my goodness. They are like BUTTA’. I love them so much – highly recommend them postpartum! 
Don’t want to SPLURGE? This is my favorite SAVE option: Denim | My favorite denim from Old Navy!! I am wearing a size 4 – would go up 2 sizes for a bump around 20 weeks. Won’t last the whole pregnancy (or might actually with a belly band!!) Perfect for postpartum! 
2.) Basic Pair of Denim Shorts  ||  These have been my favorites for YEARS and I swear they are worth every penny! If you want to save, I also love these here! I will put a picture of them below!
3.) High Rise Leggings || You guys know that I will talk about these Athleta leggings until the END OF TIME. They are AMAZING. Still wearing the same pair since I got pregnant and they fit PERFECTLY. Everything about them is perfection! Code: AP192CA4T2 for 20% off ONE item!
I also highly recommend the AERIE play leggings  – these are SO easy to pull on with ZERO constriction so would be great with a C section! I have been loving these during pregnancy too!
4.) Go-to sweatpants  ||   A pair of sweatpants that you cannot live without, I love these!
Dresses & Jumpsuits
1.) Forgiving Button Front Maxi Dresses || This dress is gorgeous whether you are pregnant, postpartum or none of the above! It buttons all the way up and these are my favorites:  this one in multicolor floral 1 & this one in the black floral 
2.) Zip front dresses ||  This dress is a score from Target a few months ago and it works PERFECTLY with a bump and for nursing! 🙂 Also comes in other colors too!
3.) Button front jumpsuits || The one from Old Navy that I have is sold out, but they have a ton of other options here! One of my favorite wrap jumpsuits is majorly marked down here (normally over $70 on the Z supply site)!
4.) A Loose Strappy Dress  ||   This dress is STUNNING but currently on a waitlist! I also recently got this dress in (below) from VICI and LOVE it – it’s nursing friendly because the sides dip low! Just wear a nursing bralette with it.
CODE: LYNZY20 for 20% off!
5.) Off shoulder maxi dresses || This dress is GORGEOUS with a bump as well as for postpartum! 
1.) Button Front Night Shirt || this is one of my favorite night shirts during pregnancy AND postpartum!
Don’t want to SPLURGE? This is my favorite SAVE option: this one is very similar and just $19.99!
2.) Shorts & Tee Button Front Set || Same brand and SO comfortable. I’ve had these for years and they wash SO well!!
Don’t want to SPLURGE? This is my favorite SAVE option: these are very similar and come in quite a few colors!
4.) Lightweight Robe || currently $20 off and it’s SO comfortable and lightweight for spring and summer! 
Basic Black Sandals ||  These are the sandals I have in pink that I have been raving about! They are so comfortable and great for tired pregnancy feet too!
My chucks! Absolutely love these babies and they go well with everything!
These are very affordable and also go with most outfits! Easy slide on!
Bras – Underwear – Swim
Nursing Bralette  || I wore this baby pretty much every day with my third! It’s gorgeous too 🙂  Currently on sale for 25% off!
Underwire Nursing Bra  || this is my favorite underwire bra! I just don’t wear these until my milk has regulated (6+ weeks postpartum)
Don’t want to SPLURGE? This is my favorite SAVE option: this one here!
These mesh underwear are all you need for those first few weeks 😉 so you don’t ruin your nice underwear!
Nursing Sports Bra || this nursing sports bra was just restocked and it’s honestly the best! 
Wrap Front Bathing Suit || this bathing suit is simple but perfect for that postpartum period!
Many of you have suggested this seamless nursing bra and rave about it. I bought it for postpartum!
I also polled YOU guys in my IG stories recently and you all listed out your number one FAVORITE postpartum item and I linked some of my favorites from the items that you mentioned! 

1.) Cozy Robes | | Barefoot Dreams | Lighter robe


3.) High Waisted Leggings | | full length leggings | cropped leggings | athleta leggings

4.) Compression Tank | | Belly Bandit Tank | 6 in 1 Shaping Tank

5.) Pajamas | | nightgown | two piece shorts | two piece pants |

6.) Cardigan | | wrap | barfoot dreams | duster

7.) High-Rise Stretch Denim | | this is my favorite brand of denim

8.) Nursing Friendly Dress | | Dress | Dress | Dress | Shirt Dress | Dress | Dress

9.) Postpartum Panties | | I highly recommend these mesh ones for the immediate postpartum period so that you don’t ruin your regular underwear! I have been LOVING these here!

10.) Nursing Bras | |Feathers Underwire Contour | auden bra | auden bra

11.)  Pumping Bra | | I highly recommend this gorgeous one here and this ONE is the one I use for work! 

12.) Stylish Loungewear | | I have been doing weekly blog posts with outfit ideas here … week one | week two | week three

13.) Slippers | | my absolute favorite for years | slides 

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  1. Love it! As a first time mom i love Getting to see the tried and true items That Are not only essential but will add some oomph to poStpartum liFe. Already Bought one Of the dresses and i know i’ll keep coming back 😁

  2. I love this post! I wish i had this list after my first born… I was clueless then! Now that I am in the postpartum phase the third time around I was better prepared, but I love to see your suggestions as well (especially since you include items that fit every budget)! Thank you 🙂