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Postpartum Bellefit Corset

As many of you already know, I started using my Bellefit corset this week. So many of you wanted to know how I like it and about my progress. I can definitely tell you that there are a few things that I already love about it and I am only a few days in:

  1.  It makes me sit up straight and significantly helps my posture. After nursing (now 3) babies, my posture is horrific and I need all the help I can get. This front closure corset allows me to sit up straight completely and gives tremendous support. My husband was amazed at this alone!
  2. I have already seen a difference in the size of my abdomen in just three days. I had diastasis recti after two babies and I can only imagine the disaster I have going on now but I know that this waist trainer will help in time!
  3. It was difficult to get on day one but now that I am on day three it is WAY easier to put on and I am able to leave it on for 8+ hours at a time. I am working up to leaving it on 24/7

If you end up ordering one for yourself, here are the details on the one I have. 

I have the Bellefit Front Closure Corset and I started using it 7 days post partum. I only ended up using one size. I could have gone down one size after those 5-6 weeks but I felt that I had significant improvement and didn’t keep going!

You can buy yours here!

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**There is a questionnaire on the site that allows you to determine the size that would work best for  you!

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about using the Bellefit corset in the postpartum period and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding this device!

There are many questions that I had regarding this device (and you guys did too), so I asked the owner of Bellefit to answer a few questions and here they are:

  • Is it normal to be really up tight in the back near my ribs? That’s the only place where it feels a bit uncomfortable right now. Tightness is very common in compression girdles, especially since shape wear is designed as one style fits all. If the tightness you experience is painful or causes it to be unbearable to wear we recommend a few solutions including: sizing up, changing styles or adding a Girdle extender to loosen the tightness. 
  • I can’t wear this all day just yet because I still feel so swollen, is that normal? Is it still going to help just wearing a few hours a day in the first 1-2 weeks? This is perfectly normal. If you are new to wearing compression garments, it takes a little longer to get used to the tightness. Most women experience swelling after giving birth and for some the swelling can be intense and prevent them from fitting into their Girdle right away or as in your case, prevents you from wearing the Girdle for long periods of time. The good news is that wearing your Bellefit Compression Girdle for any amount of time every day will still help you in many ways such as providing support, reducing strain on your back and compressing your belly so you can wear your clothing more comfortably. As you wear your girdle day after day you will begin to see that it gets easier to put it on, wear it and take it off…you’ll become quite the pro!
  • If I am already months – a year out from the birth of my baby but I still have the “baby pouch”, could this device still help me? We typically recommend wearing Bellefit during the first year after giving birth to experience the best results. There are many women who do wear Bellefit Girdles after the first year and still experience awesome benefits. The most common conditions that women have when they choose to wear Bellefit after a year are: to recover and help heal diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), reduce belly pooch discomfort, cesarean discomfort, recovery after other types of abdominal surgery (such as hysterectomy). Women who wear Bellefit after a year will experience support and compression during the time when they are wearing the girdle, but results vary based on a number of factors and variables which change from woman to woman.

Blogger Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. talks about using the Bellefit corset in the postpartum period and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding this device!

  • A few people said they have had issues with the top of the band folding down, is this normal? Yes, this is normal. Shape wear and Compression Girdles are not custom designed meaning that there will always be a certain level of adjusting that women will need to accommodate when wearing their garments. In my case I learned that having great posture while wearing my Bellefit helped it stay in place longer and I reaped the benefits of keeping my back straight and my belly tightly tucked. I also learned that every time I got up or sat down it helped to adjust the girdle as needed. Once you get used to this, then wearing it and adjusting it becomes a normal part of the experience. In my experience there is no shape wear or compression garment that has stayed perfectly in placed the entire time I’ve worn it. =)
  • Can C section mamas start using it right away afterwards? Yes =) We recommend wearing Bellefit after C-Section mamas are discharged from the hospital. This is mainly because during their hospital stay Doctors and nurses will still need easy access for checkups and other necessary processes. I personally waited until I got home to have a little more time and feel less stressed while learning to put it on. Putting on a Girdle or Corset while dealing with the pain of a C-Section can be scary. but I was very pleasantly surprised at how amazing I felt after I put on my Bellefit. Having had 2 previous C-Sections and tried everything under the sun, the day I put on my Bellefit I cried tears of joy because I had NEVER felt that great after a C-Section before.

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  1. Curious how long one typically wears post-partum. I’m sure it varies…but is a few months the norm? It seems so uncomfortable for longer term than that!!

  2. Debating getting one of these but wondering if you had experience with using just the corset one or if the one you have has the corset and zipper?

  3. I am 27 weeks pregnant and want to get one of these. This may be a silly question but do you measure what size you will need before or after birth?

  4. Hello! Not sure if I missed this in a previous post or insta story – wondering about the bundles. Did you purchase a bundle? Do you plan on purchasing a size small now … at what point did you notice that you needed to go down a size? Not sure if its really necessary to get two, wondering about your experience with the change in sizing. I know we are all different and will change sizing at different times!! Thanks girl!

  5. Hey, I am about to give birth this December and I am debating on getting one of these! Could you do a follow up post on how long you used it? How well did it really work for you? or if you stopped useing it? I would love to get one but im nervous about paying that much and not seeing results.