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Positive Birth Affirmations Printable

This fourth time around I decided to take a hypnobirthing class and have been loving it so far! Since I can’t have a doula due to COVID, I wanted to create these positive birth affirmations cards that you can print out on cardstock and bring with you to your delivery! You can even laminate them if you wanted to! Another cute idea would be to cut them all out and then tie some cute little string around them for a baby shower gift! 🙂 I will be using what I learned throughout this hypnobirthing class to get me through another natural birth (epidurals just don’t work well on my body!) and I am getting excited to meet this baby! To print out the birth affirmation cards, just click on the image below or CLICK HERE and hit print! If you are looking for a specific cardstock to use, this is the one I used for mine! 

Positive Birth Affirmations Printable


It’s so funny because I have been listening to the hypnobirthing meditations before bed with my husband and it instantly puts us both right to sleep! I was joking with him that he BETTER NOT fall asleep in the middle of my labor OR ELSE – haha! The meditations and MP3s have been really helpful as well. I downloaded them right to my home screen on my phone so that they are easily accessible and I put them on right before bed every night! 

Dress is NON maternity but works so well with a bump! I am in the size small! Name bracelets can be found HERE!

I would LOVE to see these cards in your hospital bag when you are packing! Be sure to tag me on instagram @lynzyandco so I can see them in action! Please let me know if they helped you throughout your labor and delivery! 

To all of you mamas who are currently awaiting your little bundle, I am thinking of you! This has been a difficult time with the pandemic and our emotions have been all over the place! The first time moms who had to attend the first ultrasound alone, the mamas who birthed ALONE without their partner, the mamas who had COVID during delivery – I pray with you! We are STRONG and we’ve got this! 

xo L

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  1. First not sure why everything Is in Capitalized my email is all lower case. I have enjoyed your instagram so much i have a daughter and daughter inlaw having babies i would absolutely love your affirMation printables emailed to me please. My sweet daughter Inlaw Gave birth eigHteen months agO To a Still born beautiful grandson and i truly believe these would help her. Shes extremely nervouS and so scared. Of coarse high risk pregnancy this tiMe. Thank You Lynzy