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Perfect Gifts for a New Mom

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I keep promising one of these posts on my Instagram stories so here it is! I wanted to create a post on the perfect gifts for a new mom so that you can create a gift basket for a baby shower or for a new mom who recently gave birth! I personally love the idea of creating a gift basket for mom at a baby shower because typically everything is for the baby. Moms deserve to be celebrated too! Being pregnant and giving birth isn’t easy and it would be amazing to provide that new mom with a few things that she can enjoy as well. I am collaborating with FTD flowers for today’s post and knew that they would be the perfect fit because there truly is nothing more beautiful that a fresh bouquet of flowers arriving at your door during those first tiring few weeks of motherhood. Some fresh blooms to place by your bedside so that when you wake up nursing at 2, 4, 6 am; you have a little smile on your face 😉 

FTD Flowers are hand-crafted and hand-delivered by a local florist and there are a ton of options to choose from. My favorite bouquets from their website currently are the Peachy Keen & Aqua Escape bouquets that are under the Better Homes & Gardens collections. They are absolutely gorgeous! My flowers arrived last week and they still look just as beautiful as when they arrived. One of my favorite tips for keeping flowers longer is to change the water every few days and snip the bottoms on an angle every 2-3 days (doesn’t need to be a lot, just a tiny bit). 

Whenever I attend a baby shower now, I always try to seek out 1-2 other people and go in on a gift basket for the mom. If you all pitch in $50 each, you can create a gorgeous gift basket for the mom for after she has her baby. First, I would add in a comfy nightshirt. If she is planning to breastfeed, both of these nightshirts are perfect for that and they are SO soft. I personally own both of them and have lived in them since our son came home from the hospital 11 weeks ago! This collared nightshirt comes in a few different colors and is super soft on your skin and this button up nightshirt can actually work with a pair of slide to quickly run out somewhere. I’ve done that quite a few times! 😉 

Motherhood blogger and mother of three, Lynzy & Co. talks about the best gifts for a new mom!

Next up? A few products to help heal her body after birth. I love the nipple butter and new mama bottom spray by Earth Mama, Angel Baby. The bottom spray is perfect for after vaginal births and helps to heal the area as well.  You’ll want to include a few new postpartum undies for her to feel comfortable in and not have to worry about them if something happens to them. My favorite are from Target and you can find them here! They literally feel like you have nothing on! I would also include a little Colace in there and some Ibuprofen 😉 

It would also be really great to include a classic pair of black leggings for post partum. They are so comfortable and they are the perfect pants to throw on when you actually need to leave the house in those first few weeks. I have owned these leggings for YEARS and they are still in excellent condition, never sag and are NOT see through. I would suggest these high-waisted ones to help support the core! My favorite top that is also breastfeeding friendly is this reversible poncho! It’s perfect with the leggings too! I also scooped up these lavender infused booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July and they have these packs that you can freeze or heat up and then place back in for sore, tired feet. They’re perfect for a new mom to put on while she tends to baby and also great for those last few weeks of pregnancy!

One of the last things that I would add into the mix would be a great nursing bra (if she plans to nurse), some bamboobies for her bra, and a Yeti cup. I am seriously obsessed with my yeti cup. I can put water with ice in there and it’s ice cold 12 hours later. It’s perfect for those late night nursing sessions and I carry mine around with me everywhere. The nursing bra I listed is my favorite and I wear it daily. I actually wear it so much that I bought another one so I didn’t have to do the wash so frequently! 

If you can think of some other amazing items for me to include, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Dry shampoo is great! Any of the Sugar tinted lip balms are also nice for when you’re out running around with a new baby and feel a little less than ‘put together’. I would also recommend a nice eye cream- Dermalogica Eye Lift or Clinique All About Eyes would be my recommendations. Great post here, thanks for sharing!

  2. No slip socks and a robe! Got these in a gift basket at my baby shower (I’m still prego) and have used them a ton already! 🙂 thanks for sharing! Definitely ordering the nursing shirt!

  3. So I’m not sure if you have a large following that are having their child via surrogacy but I’m wondering if you could share what you think great gifts would be to give her (our surrogate) along the way during the pregnancy and after. This will be our first baby and never being pregnant I don’t know what’s appropriate or helpful.

  4. It is really hard to think about gifts if we give it to a newlywed couple. or pregnant lady or a newborn baby. Selecting a gift for anyone is really hard, but after reading your article it doesn’t seem so tough. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. But the point is the gift must be useful and long-lasting.