Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist by Mallory from Style Your Senses - Lynzy & Co.

Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist by Mallory from Style Your Senses

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Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist 

I would by lying if I said the whole packing fiasco didn’t cause me a bit of stress, though. Of course, I wanted everything perfect and good grief there are a lot of things to hopefully my experience will help you pack the perfect bag.

Mallory is chatting with us today about her delivery hospital bag checklist!

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Well Hello! It’s so nice to meet all of you fabulous Lynzy & Co. readers! I’m Mallory from Style Your Senses and Lynzy was sweet enough to have me guest post today. We’ve come to find that we have quite a few things in common…love of photography, fashion, blogging…but I think that the most fun thing is…BABY GIRLS! I gave birth to baby LK in February and the past seven months have been such a whirl wind of amazingness to say the least. So when Lynzy asked me to write about all things baby I was thrilled to share some of my experiences with you. I decided to focus on the hospital bag. I don’t know why, but packing our bags was such a special thing to me. To see her little diaper bag all ready to go and just waiting for “the time” was such a real and tangible object reminding me everyday that we were one day closer to meeting our little princess. 

I would by lying if I said the whole packing fiasco didn’t cause me a bit of stress, though. Of course, I wanted everything perfect and good grief there are a lot of things to remember…so hopefully my experience will help you pack the perfect bag.
I would by lying if I said the whole packing fiasco didn’t cause me a bit of stress, though. Of course, I wanted everything perfect and good grief there are a lot of things to hopefully my experience will help you pack the perfect bag.

For baby:

The bag. I went with this Kate Spade and I like it. Whichever one you choose, of course make sure that the main compartment is big, there are lots of other little compartments, and that the straps are comfortable and fit on your stroller.
Clothes: I packed 2 gowns per day for the little lady. They keep them snuggled up, but also allow for quick diaper changes. Remember me telling you how much you will despise a snap. Please tell me who ever thought these were a good idea?! Anywho, love these Kissy Kissy Gowns for this special time.
For each day I included a matching hat, socks and mittens and packed each outfit in it’s own Ziploc bag. This made everythingorganized, easy to find, and they were sealed off from hospital germies. 
Swaddles: I had 3 fancy Aiden and Anais swaddles packed to use for the hospital and um, in all honesty, the hospital blankets worked better. You know the pink and blue striped, thick blankets that have been around since forever? They seemed to hold better  and tighter. And once we got home, I transitioned baby girl to the Halo Miracle Blanket (total game changer!).
Nursing: Breast pads. I’ve always used Lansinoh and they work fine. 
Lanolin Cream. Again, I’ve always used Lansinoh and it was great. I’m sure anything similar would serve the same purpose. 

**Soothies Gel Pads My lactation consultant told me about these a week into it and they were a complete lifesaver for me. They are a soothing, gel pad that helps to heal cracks, etc. They are good for up to a week and I always kept a pair in the fridge and applied after nursing. Ahhhhhhh! I will 100% pack them next time. 

Baby Wipes (Sensitive). I thought that it was a bad rumor when one of my girlfriends told me that hospitals no longer supply baby wipes and instead give you moist napkins. Um what?! On a fresh little baby bum, I think not. So glad that I brought these and after talking to my nurse she said that more and more hospitals are doing this to save money…so bring the wipes!
Cleaning: I also packed disinfectant spray and wipes, well, because I’m really funny about hospitals and I was totally THAT girl wiping down her room. Ha!

For Mom: 

Hospital gown. My sister gifted me the most adorable hospital gown to wear for LK’s delivery and it actually turned out to be one of my favorite things. It was super cute so I didn’t feel frumpy and I actually got to take it home to remember that special day forever. I would highly suggest getting one of these…this one is SO cute!
PJ’s: I brought fancy PJ’s that I changed into as soon and I could and, um, let’s just say I would probably stick to the gown for the first day just to be safe. If you do choose to wear your own PJ’s during the process, make sure that you bring something that buttons up the front so that you can get lots of skin to skin. I was also gifted this matching set (with nursing top) and LOVE love them. Also, make sure to bring your granny panties…wow that was something I never thought that I would blog about. Never say never.
Feet: Make sure to bring shower shoes and slippers/slipper socks…no barefoot of mine touching the floor.
Nursing Bra: I loved this one and am still getting wear out of it. Make sure to avoid anything with an under wire as it is more likely to hinder your supply and/or cause a blocked duct (trust me you DO NOT want this). I also love my nursing camis. Ladies, Target is a GREAT resource for nursing undergarments. 

Nursing Pillow: I used the Brest Friend and love it because it offers the back support and stays on due to the buckle closure. The boppy is great too and can be used for other things like propping baby up, protection when learning to sit up, etc. Whichever you choose make sure you bring one so that you and baby can work on perfecting your nursing positioning. 
Beauty: I brought the army, ya’ll. In my humble opinion, this is the last time you want to be looking rough…especially with all of the photos to remember. I showered and did my makeup and hair everyday and am glad I did. It was also some good “me” time to start feeling like myself again while daddy snuggled with baby girl. Travel sized toiletries were great!
Coming Home: Bring a comfortable outfit that you will still feel cute in. I went with maternity leggings and a cute over sized sweater and flats. 
**If you plan to delivery naturally or your hospital has a birthing tub, remember your swimsuit and some calming music, etc. I went the epidural route so if anyone can offer more advice on what you’ll need to make a natural birth more comfortable please do so!

For Dad: 

Electronics: Camera, video camera, i-pad, i-phones, chargers…etc. He’s in charge of documenting this special time. It gave him a job and he was really good at it.
Lists: call list, text list, email list…whatever you choose…your loved ones will want a play by play and daddy is in charge of keeping people as updated as you choose.
Snacks: Let’s be honest…hospital food will always be hospital food. Ours was decent, but I was thankful for the yummy snacks we brought. Oh and I was REALLY hungry as my milk was getting ready to come in.
Change/Cash: Came in handy for on-floor vending machines.
Shoes: Slippers, shower shoes, and comfy sneakers.
Clothes: PJ’s, track pants, jeans, t-shirts…whatever yo man is comfortable in. I would remember to bring some kind of zip front jacket though. This will allow for lots of cozy skin to skin with baby.
Dopp Kit: The standard toiletries.
Tennis Balls: Massaging these along my lower back felt lovely through a contraction.

Lastly, remember the car seat! 🙂


I would by lying if I said the whole packing fiasco didn’t cause me a bit of stress, though. Of course, I wanted everything perfect and good grief there are a lot of things to hopefully my experience will help you pack the perfect bag.

Another thing that we talked about was Social Media and how and when we would introduce our gal (crazy the world we live in!). We ended up using a Red Stamp app template, which made it easy and oh, so cute!
Hoping that this was somewhat helpful for all of you mamas out there who are cooking a baby bun! I surely had fun and am so thankful that Lynzy invited me! Stop over and see me at Charming in Charlotte sometime soon!



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