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Our Go-To Snacks & Meals

For today’s motherhood topic, there was a HUGE interest in what our kids eat on a daily basis including snacks, breakfast, lunch & dinner! We try to eat as healthy as we can but of course, as I mentioned before – we do not follow any type of “diet” or certain meal plan. A few rules we have implemented into meal time include the following:

The kids always eat what we eat – if they decide they don’t want it then it gets wrapped up and goes in the fridge for when they decide they are hungry. They do not get a different meal.

No snacks after 230 pm to ensure that they are hungry when dinner is served at 5. Right now that is our dinner time but I do know it will change as they grow older!

We try to shop the perimeter of the grocery store rather than the middle when possible. 

If they eat well all day, they get a before bed snack, sometimes it’s s “treat” and sometimes it’s a piece of fruit. I tend to alternate the two! Usually mentioning the before bed snack gets them to eat most of their meals or at least “try” everything on their plate!


Apple, banana or celery with peanut butter

Nuts with raisins (for the bigger kids)

Yogurt with granola

Carrots/Cucumbers with hummus


Protein Power Pancakes with this mix

“Traditional” bfast – scrambled eggs, toast with PB & fruit

Yogurt Parfait bowls – with fruit & granola

Oatmeal with fruit


School Lunches: 

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips – Salsa – Cheese – Chicken | the girls layer their chips with the toppings!

Turkey & Cheese Rollups – veggie chips – blueberries – cucumbers 

Hard Boiled egg – cheese squares with crackers – strawberries – carrots with hummus

See a few more ideas here!

Mr. Man lunches 🙂

Leftovers from the night before (usually always the case)

Cut up rotisserie chicken (his fav), blueberries, yogurt (his fav) 

“mini pizzas” on an english muffin with fruit/veggies


Salmon (favorite way to cook it here) with quinoa or brown rice and veggies

Chicken & Brussel Sprout Skillet (FAVORITE *) You can also add broccoli or whatever other vegetable you want! I prefer to have the broccoli & sprouts, especially after reading this 😉 

Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Fajitas | Steak and/or chicken with sauteed onions/peppers, rice, avocado, cheese, etc. 


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  1. Super helpful! I was just saying to my girlfriends That we seem to eat the same things over and over and get in a rut, so this week, i had the kids list their favorite meals. Then i took their lists and my husbands and mine, and miXed the meals up, and made my meal plan for two weeks! The doubles, were put to the froNt. We also do an app dinner night every once in a While, i make a Veggie tray, put out some hUmmUs and my husband will make his famous chicken wings. We spread it out on the island and just pick.