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Our Favorite Books | Shipping Deadline is TODAY!

I have had a request for a blog post on our favorite books from Usborne Books & More for awhile and I wanted to at least get the bare bones of a post up before the shipping deadline passes! If you want books for Christmas, the deadline is TONIGHT! Here are some of our favorites! 

The Animal Orchestra Plays Mozart | A great book that keeps a childs attention with the music inside! My 3 and 5 year old love it! 

Big Book of Colors | 3+ years and perfect for learning about colors! 

Busy Car Book | 3+ years | one of our favorites because it has a car track in the book and my 3 year old LOVES watching it go around and around! 

Don’t tickle the Hippo | this is an adorable book that makes noises as you tickle the animals and kids LOVE it!

Tummy Time Farmyard | This is a tummy time book that has a mirror too! We have this for Maggie 🙂 

Crinkle Pets | A great one for babies! This is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer too! They just LOVE when things crinkle!

Human Body – Shine a Light | I love all of the shine a light books! The kids get their flashlights and take turns shining the light on the page to see the image! They have a ton of them here

Twinkly Twinkly Christmas Tree | This book lights up along the way and it’s a really sweet story <3

Where Happiness Lives | Ages 4-8 | one of our favorites – three very different houses and learning about what happiness entails

Step by Step Drawing Book | My oldest LOVES to do books like these!

Wipe Clean books | My kids love to bring these on car rides and when we travel! Also great for entertaining when you are trying to cook 😉 

The Outdoor Book | Ages 6+ | Perfect for my oldest – just got this one for her!

The Unhurry Book | A relaxing book for busy brains! 


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