Why you should hire a birth photographer

Our Birth Story & Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

birth photography and why you should hire a birth photographer

{Photography by one of the sweetest gals in the photography industry, Rachel of Rowan Berry Photo}

Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

2015-11-09_0001Baby Squish,

It was October 8th, 2015 and your daddy and I spent the afternoon together while Nana watched your big sister. We went downtown and walked around the green with coffees and settled in at a bookstore. It was here that we picked out your name. We had no idea if you were a boy or girl, but we needed both just in case! We really wanted your name to begin with an “E” and we began scanning through all the “E” names when we found your name! We knew it as soon as we saw it 🙂
You must have been waiting for us to figure it out because sure enough I started having light contractions throughout the day and we came home for dinner. We bought everything we needed to make tacos and went over to friends house for dinner. Before dinner, we went for a long walk around the neighborhood. On our third time around, the contractions increased in intensity and then my water broke! We were half way around the neighborhood and I had to waddle myself back to my friend’s house! Quite the sight…..


I quickly showered and we headed in to the hospital. Before we left, your big sister said “I love you baby squish, I can’t wait to meet you” and I was crying because it was the sweetest thing in the world!
We arrived at the hospital around 715 pm. I was 5 cm dilated and fully effaced when we got there. The contractions were tolerable so we decided to walk the halls and practice breathing techniques. Around 1030 pm the contractions intensified TENFOLD. It was totally insane how incredible they became. I decided I wanted an epidural and was about to receive the full dose through it when I knew I had to start pushing. With minimal medicine (just a test dose that only took on the left side), I started to push at 11:15 pm. You started out sunny side up but decided to turn around half way through (thank goodness) and you were born at 11:41 pm! IT’S A GIRL!  There is nothing more magical than the first minute they put you on my chest and we met for the first time. We love you so much squish!





I never thought I wanted a birth photographer, which is one of the reasons why we didn’t have one the first time around. A few friends of mine had a birth photographer with their children and the photographs were unbelievable. I wanted to capture those special moments that you miss while you are preoccupied with the whole birthing process. I honestly remember very little from Olivia’s birth because it was all so overwhelming. Reliving the whole birthing experience and Ellie’s arrival was so emotional and amazing. Our photographer was able to capture every single moment and she did it in a way that was PG rated 🙂

There were 100+ images taken from this night and I only chose to feature a few here. These photographs will remain some of my favorite images until the end of time. I highly suggest looking into a birth photographer if you are pregnant with your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd baby. The experience is amazing and when you get those pictures back, reliving it is the very best part.

Thank you Rachel for capturing these beautiful moments for us. You truly are an angel inside and out!

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  1. Oh Lynzy I’m in tears already halfway through! What a beautiful evening it was witnessing and capturing all of the love you share and exude! Thank you for the kind words. Such a beautiful story to go right along with the pictures! Love to you all!

    1. Hi there. I’m a photographer in CA, I love to specialize in birthing photography. Any tips how to target clients. Your pictures are beautiful.
      Thank you

  2. You were able to capture the absolute bliss moment of childbirth. You were able to even document the moments leading to childbirth. It would really be nice to go over these moments captured by a birth photographer.

  3. I so wish birth photographers had been a thing back when my kids were born. Back then, they would hardly let the dad in, much less anyone not blood-related. 🙂 Your photos are simply stunning and tell the birthing story so well – no words needed. I know you’ll cherish them always.

  4. What a great idea. We had an emergency c-section and a preemie baby but I do wish we would have had some professional pictures, especially while she was in the NICU. DEfinitely considering one for the next. Can you tell us how you went about choosing one?

  5. I really wanted a birth photographer during my last pregnancy but I never got around to researching and hiring one. I totally regret it since I think my son was our last baby. These photos are absolutely gorgeous by the way.

  6. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. It’s great to be able to go through and relive those special moments through photos. Something you’ll cherish forever.

  7. It is wonderful that you have such a great way to relive one of the most important days of your life. I would not have been comfortable with a birth photographer and instead focused on newborn photos.

  8. Pictures for a lifetime. Great photographer those pictures are phenomenal. I wish this was a bigger thing when I had babies, I would have loved to reminise with photos of that special day.

  9. So many amazing photos! I love that you were able to capture all these amazing moments, I don’t think I would want a photographer in with me. I’m bad with pain management and tend to lash out, I would feel bad if I said something mean!!

  10. Wow! The joy on you and your husband’s face is undeniable and so candid! My husband took pictures when I was having my daughter and they were wonderful. I never thought to hire a professional photographer for a birth, but your pictures turned out gorgeous! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

  11. These photos are beautiful! I love birth photos and I really wish we had used a photographer with our last baby. She is our 6th and I cherish the memories …

  12. Congratulations on your baby!! These photos are beautiful, I wish I had thought to have a professional photography, I was blessed my mom was able to take so many photos for me. Even though she was there to take pictures she still was getting caught up in different moments.

  13. I wish I had known about this before I had my last child. This would be the perfect gift that will capture that moment forever. Pictures speak louder than words.

  14. I love these! Man, I wish we could have had a photographer…..Lydia was a medically required c-section…..so not allowed 🙁

  15. I love this idea and hospitals should contract with a few photographers to come in just in case the parents need someone. it’s amazing what you capture when nothing is posed it’s just real life

  16. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. I am not yet bearing any children, but I love the idea of a birth photographer; I didn’t know they existed – but this is a great way to capture the memories of having your child and also to share with loved ones that are not able to witness the birth!

  17. Things were very different back in the 80s when I had my two boys, I wish they would have let a photographer capture such a beautiful moment. All of your pictures are just stunning, and congratulations on the newborn! 🙂

  18. Is it weird that I got a little misty reading and seeing these photo’s? I love capturing life’s moments and i have to admit when i first saw the title of this post I was thinking oh heck naw! But after reading and seeing the photos i’m truly awestruck. What a beautiful way to capture a beautiful moment.

  19. So amazing! Before I moved to Texas I was a semi – professional photographer and wanted to do births. This reminds me of how much I love capturing these kinds of irreplaceable moments!

  20. A birth photographer would have come in handy when my son was born. I couldn’t find our DSLR fast enough and took 2 or three disposable camera rolls of pics but really would have enjoyed kicking back and watching all the action and leave all the picture taking to a professional. Great pics and thanks for sharing!

  21. As a Southern California Professional Birth Photographer I love being able to read stories like yours. Birth Story’s are amazing and incredibly unique. I always feel so incredibly blessed and honored to be able to photograph the birth of my clients children. It’s like no other photography experience! Birth photography is defiantly a niche, it’s not for everyone but I’ll tell you as a pro photographer it’s my favorite event to photograph.

  22. I never would have thought to do that but it’s a great idea! Your pictures are beautiful and I love that so many of them are black and white! Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  23. See I had pretty much decided against it and your gorgeous pictures are making me rethink that decision. Such a good post and such great pictures. Came over from turn it up Tuesday.

  24. I have considered hiring a birth photographer for our two (to date) births, yet haven’t. One reason is the concern that there might be too many people. Thankfully, we’ve managed to get some nice pictures from our birth helpers, but I wonder what was ‘missed’ during those first two labors/births. I really think that if we’re blessed with another birth, we’ll hire a photographer to be with us.