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Nursery Inspiration: A Colorful Oasis in a Small Space

So excited to introduce you to this amazing colorful nursery that was put together by Andi Teggart
Seeing the way that other mamas put their nurseries together is so inspiring to me. I really love the pops of color that Andi featured within this small space and how beautifully they tied it in with their bedroom! I always love seeing how others’ work small spaces so well, It’s just gorgeous! Read on to see how Andi put this room together and the sources are at the bottom of the post! 🙂 
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Images by Leigh Nile
– What is the theme of your baby’s nursery? If you could name your nursery/children’s room something, what would it be?
There’s no set theme exactly, but I think “whimsical” and “colorful” are the best way to describe the room! I would call this room “Lucy’s Happy and Colorful Oasis” or something like that. 🙂 
 What inspired you to create this space?

When we first found out I was pregnant, we decided we wanted to stay in our current apartment, and knew we would have to make some adjustments to fit a baby into our space. We initially briefly considered just keeping her crib in our room and “making it work” but I’m SO glad we created a dedicated baby area. Even though her room is small, I wanted it to be functional and beautiful. I would describe our home as approachable, little bohemian, colorful and bright, and I wanted our nursery to reflect that, but with some extra fun and whimsical updates. It’s a kids room, not a grown-up space, so I wanted it to not feel too serious or stuffy and instead an inspiring, fun place for her to be in.

 Did you do any DIY’s for this space? How did you do it?
Lucy’s nursery is actually a walk-in closet off our bedroom, so the entire room is a DIY! We live in a 700 square foot apartment in San Francisco and wanted to find a way to integrate a “baby room” into the already small space. We used removable wallpaper to make the space feel more like a bedroom than a closet. Some of the artwork in the nursery is actually just pretty wrapping paper I found and framed.  I think it adds a fun pop of color to the space, especially compared to the modern wallpaper. I also wouldn’t call these DIYs, but want to mention the importance of creative organization, especially in a small space like Lucy’s room! We used the seagrass baskets on the shelf to store baby clothes and have a linen tower that fits perfectly in the corner to store Lucy’s shoes and tuck away not-so-cute baby items. We also used a shoe hanging rack on the back of the door to store baby swaddles and blankets — this has been SO helpful to organize and easily access these items!
What is your favorite thing about this nursery?
I love all her bookshelves and all the adorable books we’ve collected! There are sooo many cute children’s books and it’s been fun to already read to Lucy. Here’s a blog post with some of our favorite books: The fun animal heads are a close second after the bookshelves. 🙂

Wallpaper – Etsy (Livettes)

Mini Crib – Stokke

Quilt – Land of Nod

Sheets – Etsy (LittleMooseLiza)

Bird Print – Minted

Pom Pom Mobile – Land of Nod

Animal Heads – Flamingo, Lion, Zebra

Seagrass Baskets – Wayfair

Shelving Unit – Wayfair

Bookshelves – IKEA

Wooden Blocks – Land of Nod

Storage Cart – Target


Rocker – Wayfair

Moroccan Wedding Throw  – Anthropologie

Moses Basket – Plum and Sparrow

Moses Basket Rocking Stand – Jolly Jumper

Sunburst Mirror – Target


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