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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Many of you have messaged me over the past few weeks requesting a Mother’s Day Gift Ideas post! I am including some of my favorite products/items that you can send along to your significant other as a *not so subtle* hint! Just send them the link to this blog post and you’ll be guaranteed an amazing gift when Mother’s Day arrives 😉 I also included a few gifts for your own mother or mother in law! It can always be a bit tricky to find the perfect gift for them!

A round up of 11 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2018! Perfect for sending to a significant other or gifting a mom you know!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Initial/Name Necklaces // I used to wear my three bars all the time with all three of my children’s names on them but I just switched to one disc with their initials and then a shorter half moon with my husband and I above it! I love the layered look!

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Silk pillowcase // I have been eyeing one on Nordstrom for months and it’s ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS and I could never justify that unless it was also anti-aging or something – ha! I found this one for $40 (in king size) and I AM OBSESSED. I sleep like a baby now and it helps with bed head and decreases face wrinkles when you wake up to! A great gift for a mama since we get little sleep!

Bath Salts // these leave your body feeling soft and rejuvenated!

Daily Harvest Smoothies/Cups // These have been life changing for me since I had Miles. It’s the only way I get great nutrients into my body early in the morning when I am getting everyone ready for school. They have smoothies, lattes, soups, parfaits and more! 

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Everyday I’m Mothering Tee // I have had my eyes on this one – I love the baseball tee look of it! So darn cute!

Tortoise hair clips // these are the clips I use to bring my hair half way up. Just a way to dress up the back of your hair a bit and they go with everything!

Rise & Shine Mug // I just adore this mug, great for those difficult mornings!

A gorgeous new set of pajamas // Granted, not many people see them BUT you spend a heck of a lot of time in them and when you’re nursing around the clock, wearing pretty floral can only cheer you up 😉 

The Wisdom of Sundays // This book looks amazing and I will definitely be scooping this up as a gift this year with a little lavender and relaxing bath salts!

Love Your Mother tee // I love these tees for hanging around the house, under overalls or with denim shorts in the summer!

dew skin coverage // I am OBSESSED with this! Great coverage, goes on light and lasts all day with only the BEST ingredients. I will forever talk about this product because that’s how much I love it! Just for reference, I wear shade no. 2

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