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Episode 01:  What to Expect During the First Few Weeks of Breastfeeding

Episode 02: Choking: What Parents Need to Know with Pediatric ER Nurse, Shannon Tripp

Episode 03:  Dr. Anita Patel On Understanding MIS-C And How We Can Detect It In Our Children

Episode 04: Pelvic Floor Issues Postpartum & When to Seek Help

Episode 05: Rapid Fire Q&A on COVID Vaccines with Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Jessica Malaty Rivera

Episode 06: Reducing Anxieties Surrounding Complications During Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum with Dr. Marta Perez

Episode 07: Reframing Toddler Tantrums with Dr. Becky 

Episode 8: Understanding Preconception Planning and Care with Megan Tantillo

Episode 9: Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts with Dr. Catherine Schmidt

Episode 10: Sharon McMahon on Confirmation Bias, Misinformation, and Navigating News and Social Media

Episode 11: Transitioning Babies to Solid Foods with Speech Language Pathologist, Abbie Gacke

Episode 12: Baby Sleep Training, Regressions, and Transitions with The Cradle Coach Founder, Melissa Perry

Episode 13: Dr. Michelle Rockwell’s Miscarriage Story and a Message That You Are Not Alone

Episode 14: Jenna Brunton | An American Living in Germany

Episode 15: Autism and Always Advocating for Your Children with Melissa Hammerle

Episode 16: What We Can Learn From Other Cultures In How They Treat Postpartum Women ft. Tracey Agnese, MD

Episode 17: A Canadian Mom Shares Her Experience with Midwife Care and Universal Healthcare

Episode 18: Dr. Daria Falkowitz on Common Household Toxicology Exposures in Children

Episode 19: Ask the Midwife Q+A with Ailsa Emmel

Episode 20: Hear From a German Citizen and Midwife on Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Episode 21: Navigating Screen Time With Kids To Foster Positive Relationships with Andrea Davis

Episode 22: Early Brain Development and Nutrition with Cerebelly Founder, Dr. Teresa Purzner

Episode 23: Allana Robinson on the Benefits of Being Outdoors and Free Play (and the Research to Back It)

Episode 25: Polyvagal Theory and How it Relates to Parenting with Michelle Gaines

Episode 26: What Parents Need to Know About How to Handle and Prevent Bullying with Jessica Vanderwier

Episode 28: Oil Pulling, Tongue Scraping, Mouth Taping, and Women’s Dental Health with Dr. Leedia

Episode 30: Understanding Sensory Processing and Why It’s So Important with Rachel Harrington

Episode 31: Postpartum Rage and How To Manage It With Dr. Ashurina Ream

Episode 32: Toddler Sleep Habits, Transitions, and Night Terrors with Melissa Perry