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Mom Workout Created by My 5 Year Old

This post is written in collaboration with Under Armour & ShopStyle. Thank you for supporting the brands I love working with!

This mom workout created by my 5 year old is a DOOZY and I challenge all of you to take your little ones outdoors and try it! I took my oldest to the track for a workout and let her choose the exercises that we would do. The most difficult part by far? Giving her a piggy back ride across the entire field, I am not even sure that I’ve recovered yet! Side note, HOW THE HECK DO THEY GROW SO BIG SO FAST? She heads into Kindergarten this year and it’s breaking my heart! My first baby to be riding the bus is giving me so many mama emotions lately….

Mom Workout Created by My 5 Year Old

Our outfits are head to toe Under Armour and she is LOVING her new kicks for the school year! Under Armour is a great brand for kids sport related attire and she was so excited to wear this sparkle lightening bolt tee – “fast like lightening”. I will link up all of our clothing/shoes below along with sizing/fit. 

On my 5 year old:

Lightening Tee: fits TTS

Leggings: fit TTS

Sneakers: fit TTS

On myself:

Sweatshirt: loving the color and crop of this sweatshirt! Wearing XS – fits TTS

Tank: Wearing XS – fits TTS

Leggings: Wearing XS – fit small – need a size up!

Sports Bra: LOVING THIS SPORTS BRA – really comfortable and great for high impact

Sneakers: also run a tad small – go up 1/2 size


Now onto the workout! 

 1.) On your mark, get set, SPRINT – the length of a football field

2.) Stairs – up and down 10 times 

3.) Push ups x 10

4.) Star Jumps x 10

5.) Body weight squats x 20

6.) Piggy back ride the length of a football field

7.) Crab walk 20 steps forward then backward – keep your butt down!

8.) 50 Jumping Jacks

REPEAT 2 times or more if your kid doesn’t kick your butt 😉 

There are a ton of other exercises that you can incorporate in here that are fun for kids! The next post in my Under Armour series will feature some exercises/games to through into the workout to make it fun for everyone! 🙂

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