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Mom Friendly Outfit For Every Day Wear

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When I first became a mom, my style went out the window completely. Every ounce of my energy was given to my very colicky newborn who kept me bouncing her around the house more often than not. There isn’t much you need besides pajamas to do that 😉 When I finally woke up out of that situation around 3-4 months postpartum with my first, I just knew that I needed to start taking better care of myself and wearing things that made me feel good about myself to get out of that rut. That’s the best thing about what we wear, it can instantly give us that boost of confidence that we need sometimes! What I love about Gap is how affordable their clothing is and how classic their outfits are. I put together this basic look for running around town with my little ones and I can easily bend over when needed to scoop up my 1 year old or when I gracefully trip over a curb in public, hey, we’ve all been there. 

Mom Friendly Outfit For Every Day Wear

The second I saw this skirt I fell in love with it. So classic and gorgeous. It has two layers and it is NOT see through at all. Wearing skirts and dresses in the summer is my go-to because it’s just so much easier than sweating in a pair of pants or shorts. The skirt fits slightly big so I would size down if needed. I am wearing the size 0. I paired it with this gorgeous ruffle back top which fits true to size, some cute cognac strap sandals and a hat (similar one here)! They have just a tiny heel that give you a bit of lift but not too much that you can’t make a run for it after your kids if necessary! 

Gap is also the store where I get a lot of the clothing for the kids as well so I thought it would be fun to link up everything I am loving there right now for women and kids: 


Many of you have asked me how it is to go from 2-3 and specifically how it is that I leave the house with 3 ages 5 and under without having an anxiety attack. I don’t have any huge tips but I do have a mindset that I can introduce to you 😉 After I had my second I made sure to get out of the house early on (about a week postpartum) because I knew how difficult it was with my first when I hardly ever left. With my third, I am pretty sure I went to the beach on PPD 3 – ha! Ever since my third I have always just said yes to things I wanted to do and worried about things AS THEY HAPPENED rather than worrying about the what ifs. This is not rocket science and I am sure you have heard it before, but have you ever applied it to your everyday life? BECAUSE IT IS LIFE CHANGING. If I need to head out to the grocery store when all three skipped a nap, I JUST GO. I don’t worry about the epic melt downs that are about to occur and I certainly don’t STAY HOME AND NOT GO. I just do it. This builds confidence as a mom and allows you to be better and better when something does hit the fan in public! YOU CAN DO THIS MAMAS! Having an outfit that makes you feel GOOD and makes you feel CONFIDENT is also a huge help 😉 Thanks to Gap for making me feel like a rockstar!


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