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Mom Beach Style & $100 Giveaway to Stitch Fix!

This post may contain affiliate links and Seychelles and Stitch Fix graciously sent me these cute little kicks to feature in today’s post! Thanks for stopping by!

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix!

Did you all hear the good news?! Stitch Fix (your personal styling service) is now offering shoes in their fixes! I was so excited to hear this because finding cute shoes for Spring and Summer can be so difficult! Plus, this allows you to get dressed from head to toe! They will be featuring some of my favorite brands including Seychelles, TOMS, & Dolce Vita! There will be over 200 styles of shoes for your stylist to choose from. There will also be exclusive styles just for Stitch Fix!

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix!

Booties are by Seychelles and offered through Stitch Fix!

I am teaming up with them today to tell you a little bit about a day in my shoes as a busy mama. I work 1-2 12 hour shifts per week and getting ready for those days away at work can be tough! I have to get all the milk defrosted and into their corresponding bottles and set up bf, lunch and dinner for Liv in the fridge. I want everything to be convenient for our sitter so that she doesn’t have to struggle getting everything ready! I also like the house to be picked up a bit when she comes over so that she isn’t tripping over stuff to get from room to room. Honestly, it’s tough being gone for 14 hours + (a one hour commute) because it means that I am gone the ENTIRE day. 

The days that I have off are usually the ones that Liv has school or dance class. I try to be the one to always take her to those events because I really don’t want to have a sitter doing that. I always believed in having one parent there for your kids no matter what, so that is really what we try to do when it’s possible. Even if that means that we are working around each other. I typically wake up early so that I can work out and/or get ready for the day before the kids wake up! Then it’s school time for Liv. When she comes home, we all have lunch and then it’s nap time for everyone (except me!) I usually use this time to work on any blog things that are due/answer emails/etc. 
Dinner is always interesting. How the heck do Moms make dinner without the other parent around? Someone please tell me the tricks for this….

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

Bedtime usually takes about 30-45 minutes so we start it at 7 pm. We read stories, more stories and then even more stories and then we are off to dreamland. 
I try to do more blog work at night, but usually end up watching a show and falling asleep!

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

Now, more about how to get shoes in your Stitch Fix!
Go to your Style Profile
Enter your shoe size
Prepare to step out in Stitch Fix

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

Okay, now for the giveaway! Enter below to win $100 to Stitch Fix! YAY!! 

Mom Style on the Beach with Kids and a $100 Giveaway with Stitch Fix! Baby Wearing in a ring sling

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  1. I am a current Stitch Fix user and I love the outside of my box surprises – trying things I wouldn’t normally glance at twice in a store. I also love that it keeps me excited for its arrival every month and out of the stores!!!

  2. I have tried Stitch Fix! I should be receiving Fix #7 (I think) next week! 🙂 I would love to try some booties! 🙂

  3. I totally get where you are coming from with your description of a busy day as a parent! Which is harder? Your gruelling 12 hour days or a day with the kids? I work part time and nine times out of ten I consider my work to be a break. LOL.

    Anyway, I have only recently heard of Stitch Fix but it sounds great. I need to look into it more.

  4. I have done stitch fix a couple times. It’s a fun way to add pieces to my wardrobe that I likely would have never tried on if shopping on my own!

  5. Sounds like you have got a routine down really good. I am due next month with #2 and seriously stressing about how our new normal will turn out…. I love those shoes. It really can be so hard to find cute and fashionable shoes for spring and summer. I will always love my Old Navy flips but a girl needs some style in her closet too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Those boots really look great. I can’t imagine being a mom and especially a working mom. Busy level with go up high, I’m sure. I’m glad that you still find the time to take care of yourself and look fashionable.

  7. Love stitchfix! I’m relatively new to it (about to get my 6th fix!) but so far I’ve gotten several great items. The Gilli dresses are my favorite! FYI to anyone thinking about giving it a try, it may not be perfect at first, but after 2 or 3 fixes, your stylist will understand your style and fit better. The fixes just keep getting better after that! And you get a $25 credit every time you refer a friend! I’ve gotten a couple items free thanks to the credit! Love stitchfix!

  8. I love how they send you items that you may just pass by in the store and then you try it on and love it! I also like the personalization of it all!

  9. I have received about 15 shipments from Stitch Fix. I love that I can try the times on at home with other pieces in my closet.

  10. Wow, I have never heard of Stitch Fix, now I totally need to check them out. So they do shoes and outfits? Subscription style where you get a new outfit every month or so? Also, i have to say your baby is SOOO cute!

  11. I have not tried Stitch Fix yet but as much as I hate to shop in stores I really should. And a number of blogs I follow subscribe to stitch fix and I love their reviews. Some really stylish finds.

  12. I haven’t tried it but I love the idea of someone helping to dress me! I am not good at coordinating everything, so I keep it extra simple usually!

  13. I got my first fix and I loved all of the pieces! The best part was that I wouldn’t have picked any of them myself so it got me to think outside my comfort zone!!

  14. I’ve had 18 fixes to date and love the personalized feel but mostly the fact that I don’t have to shop as much bc with two little ones that isn’t as fun as it may sound 🙂

  15. My third Stitch Fix will be arriving on April 1st. I had not idea that shoes were coming when I signed up to get it, but I’m very excited now!

  16. I’m a big fan of Stitch Fix. I’m waiting on my 4th fix to arrive! I love how unique so many of the items are and how well they are able to match your personal style.

  17. I’ve had 4 Fixes. Loved getting a cute bag the first time and my 2nd fix was great. The 3rd and 4th were not my styles for the most part.