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Mini Try On & Recent Purchases

Happy Friday! 🙂 Just wanted to show you guys a few items I scooped up recently here that I love! I wanted to make it into a blog post for easy reference for later on since stories only last for 24 hours! 

1.) Floral Dress || Bump & Nursing friendly! Looks like this dress is flying off the shelf and I am link a few other GORGEOUS options below! 

2.) Two piece lounge set || The comfiest thing EVER! Top || Bottoms

3.) Zip Front Sports Bra || Love the look of this and nursing friendly! They have matching shorts here!

4.) Button Front Dress || Bump & Nursing Friendly! Sold Out – dang it! Linking two similar options below!

5.) Floor Pillows || I got these for the girls room for when we do story time at night! We are usually in there 30 min – an hour reading and I am sick of my butt hurting from the floor! They are even cuter in person!

6.) Blooming Bath || got this for the little nugget’s arrival!

7.) Nursing Airflow Shield || one of you suggested these and it is GENIUS! You put these on after nursing to get air flow in between the nipple and your bra in between feedings. It’s crucial in the healing process and I wish I knew about them sooner! 

8.) Baby Shusher || We had this for out little man and used it EVERY SINGLE DAY for walks, car rides, etc! Loved it so much that we used it until it died on us! Bought a new one for this babe!


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