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Miles’ Birth Story

On 8/7/2017 I woke up with contractions that were slightly different from the ones I was experiencing for the weeks leading up to this day. These felt stronger and the fact that they woke me from sleep was a pretty good indicator to me that he was on his way. We decided to get ready for the day and head to a marketplace for breakfast. I had contractions all morning and early afternoon 10-12 minutes apart. The type of contraction that certainly made you stop what you were doing and practice some deep breathing. We walked around on the town green and that seemed to intensify them somewhat so we headed home around lunch time to put the girls down for a nap. Around 3:30 pm I began to have a sneaky suspicion that we would need to leave soon and decided to make myself a big fat strawberry shortcake. Sure enough, on my last bite, my water broke…

“This is how we take the fear out of birth: by honoring and embracing all the many possible variations that birth encompasses. In this way, every birth is a natural birth. Each of us is part of nature, not separate from it, and nature is always stunning in its variety. Your birth, then, is part of the natural world, however it unfolds.” – Lauralyn Curtis

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Imagery captured by Victoria Gloria Photography

I was GBS positive (and was with all three kids) so that meant once my water broke, it was time to head to the hospital. Luckily my parents were here to watch the girls in time for us to leave. We sat through rush hour traffic and a trip that should have taken 25 minutes, took an hour. Thankfully my contractions after my water broke were still only 10 minutes apart. When we arrived at the hospital, they hooked me and baby up and did a little non-stress test and my contractions were still only 10 minutes apart. They checked my cervix. 4 cm.  I started to get a bit anxious because I certainly didn’t want to labor all night. Our photographer arrived and once we were settled in a room (around 6:30), I asked to walk around. Since I needed antibiotics infused, I just walked around with my IV pole attached….

“The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.” 

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

I never had a “birth plan” going into this birth. I knew I wanted to go without an epidural because the first time I got one, it only took on one side and the second time, I didn’t have enough time for it to even work. I waited until I was about 9-10 cm to even ask for one. I knew that I could go without and my goal was to not ask for one this time around. The contractions at this point were very doable and a little bit of deep breathing got me through without any issue. 

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

We got up to walk the halls and barely made it 1 minute or two before I reached the high intensity part of labor. The contraction that lets you KNOW, it’s game time. These contractions intensify SIGNIFICANTLY and nearly brought me to my knees. I knew that this was it, these were the contractions that would change my cervix in the matter of minutes. All I had to do was get through the next minutes/few hours and my beautiful baby would be here. I just kept focusing on that. Once my contractions took a steady incline upwards, I went back to my room because I knew that moaning through them was the only way and doing that in a hallway was somewhat obnoxious 😉 Since I was getting intense back labor (as I did with all three kids), I decided to try laboring on my hands and knees on the bed with my husband pressing down on my lower back with a heating pad. I wanted to prevent Miles from coming out posteriorly as much as possible. For those that have experienced back labor, you know how intense this is and how excruciating it can be. Power to you!

I labored like this for probably about 20-25 minutes before I had enough. I screamed for the nitrous gas that they had offered me earlier. I just needed to take a tiny bit of the edge off to save energy to push him out. I used the gas for a few contractions and I am honestly not sure how I feel about it. Everything was just as painful as it was without it, but you feel separated from it a bit. It allowed me to breathe through the contraction rather than screaming. After a few minutes of that, I felt it. It was time to push that baby out! We were going to meet our little babe and find out if Ryan was going to be completely outnumbered 😉 

side note: My friend, Karla, told me something that resonated with me during my entire birthing process. She had three births (two of which were natural) and she told me that the first natural birth, she screamed and clenched her fists the whole time and it was horribly painful. With the second natural birth, she made sure to relax her shoulders, open her palms up and moan deeply through each contraction and it made the pain far more bearable. Fighting the contractions will only intensify the feeling that you are experiencing. Try to let your body open and birth your baby the way that it intended and don’t try to fight it. This worked wonders for me and Karla, thank YOU for telling me this <3

“IT’s TIME TO PUSH!!!!”  I screamed.

“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these powerful gates – in her own way- remembering all the generations of women who walk with her…she is never alone” – Suzanne Arms

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

The midwife checked me and sure enough, yes it was. At that moment, his heart rate dropped a bit and they called in the OB just in case and told me that I needed to give it everything I had. I knew I had to get the baby out fast or else they may need to do some sort of intervention (which I did not want). With about three HARD pushes, I felt that head pop out and I have never been so happy in my life (other than when I felt that with the other two) and they were able to get the cord from around his neck. One more push and he was here! First thing I saw was a very good indicator that we in fact, had a BOY! The look on Ryan’s face was priceless….

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

The funny part about all of this is that we had his name, Miles Gabriel, for years prior to this moment and I swear I have seen this little boy in my dreams. I just knew he was made for us and feel like I already knew him. Is that weird? 

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

Blogger Lynzy of the Motherhood Blog, Lynzy & Co. tells us all about Baby Miles' Birth Story

He instantly latched and is the best nurser out of all three kiddos. We had a bit of a scare after birth because my bleeding was heavier than expected. After a few doses of some medications and a LOT of mashing down on my uterus (I swear, worse than the actual birthing process), the bleeding subsided enough for us to be blessed to the maternity floor for a bit of rest. 

It’s true what everyone said about having a little boy, something about it makes my heart burst at the seams. I swear I never put him down and I could just stare at him until the end of time. 

I would absolutely love if you would share your birth story (ies) below! I love reading everyone’s individual stories and I am sure you all do too! 

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  1. Such a strong mumma well done!!

    My first boy my waters broke out of nowhere at 39 weeks we laboured at home for about 11 hours then went into hospital, got straight in the birthing pool and had him naturally three hours later.

    Second boy stayed in there till 42 weeks!! Got a seriously strong contraction while painting my nails at 10:45pm quickly had friends come watch over our sleeping toddler, dashed to hospital, waters burst in the hallway at 11:30pm got in the birthing pool and he was born at midnight!

  2. They say it helps to write down your birth story in the early days postpartum, so I wrote this 2 weeks after my second baby was born.. we also did not find out the sex, so I’ll leave that for a surprise for you too. Enjoy!

    We never imagined I’d be overdue with you, so by two days past your due date, we were mentally and physically drained. Thankfully I started having contractions around 4 in the morning and we decided to go into the hospital around 5:30. After having done the same a few days earlier, we were determined to not leave the hospital without a baby this time. We woke up Rhett, packed the rest of our things in the car and by 7:00am I was checked in triage at about 3cm. They monitored my contractions for a half hour and the nurse thought that they weren’t really close enough for me to be checked in to the hospital. “Not this again” we thought. So we asked for our nurse to call my doctor. He was nearby so he stopped in and asked what we wanted to do & we told him—have a baby! He offered to break my water to induce labor and I agreed.
    We were ready.
    As it turns out, labor and delivery had no clean, available rooms for us to go to so we were stuck walking through the halls and in triage. Not ideal, but by this point we didn’t care. We also got to walk through the family waiting room and admire a couple babies in the nursery knowing we’d have your tiny hands in ours before we knew it.

    By 11, the contractions I was having were starting to get longer and more intense and I was worried we really would have to deliver in triage. But soon after, the nurse told us our room was ready. We got settled in the room at the end of the hallway and the nurse said she’d be back around 11:30 to check me. I remember looking at the clock at 11:25 thinking, where is she? I need to know how dilated I am. Now.

    She came in a few minutes later and said “now you sound like a woman in labor” haha. To that I responded, “I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing” and she said, “good if you plan to have a baby today!” she checked me—7cm 100%. I knew it.

    Around 11:45 she said she better call Doctor and let him know we could be having a baby in the next fifteen minutes. 15 minutes?! WHAT!

    Now there are a few nurses scurrying around the room opening packages and getting blankets and all kinds of things out and ready. I’m having a lot of contractions one after the next, and I’m trying my hardest the breathe and not scream- sometimes I succeed, often I do not. It hurts just as I remember. The nurse even said, “good thing you didn’t need pitocin because I’d be turning it down if I could right now” I said, “yeah good thing” with an apprehensive smile.. knowing there was nothing I could do to slow this down either.

    At 12:10 my doctor came rushing in the room and said I still had a little cervix left, but he could push it out of the way if I was ready. I didn’t really know what that meant but I had little left in me to ask or care. After a couple contractions, I felt the urge to push so I tried. And tried a couple more times. Something was off. Was I doing it wrong?

    The doctor knew. He said, “I want you to pull your legs up and hold them yourself.”
    I said “okay just a moment” as I breathed through another contraction.
    He responded, “Okay. Whatever you want; this is your show!”

    Once I got in the right position, I knew I only had a few pushes until I was done. Everyone cheered me on while I did my best to breathe and focus, despite the immense pain.

    Soon after the nurse says, “Look!! Do you see?! There’s baby’s head!” So I open my eyes and push longer and harder at the next contraction knowing my reward. At 12:27 we all look and shout in unison, “BOY!!” Then Danny and I look at each other and say with tears in our eyes, “oh my gosh he looks just like Rhett!!” as they lay you on my chest.
    “Hey Bourke,” I say.
    “Happy Birthday sweet boy.”

  3. Crying here… beautiful. Sounds like an amazing experience.
    I am pregnant with my first. Also a boy. He will be meeting us in about 4-8 weeks. 💙

  4. Loved this so so much!!!! I’m due in October and this has made me so excited (despite the pain) to go through this!! Your quotes throughout the post are also SO SPOT ON. I want to print them on shirts and wear them.

  5. Oh man! Reading your birth story made me remember & almost feel the pain of labor.

    I had a natural birth without the epidural & man was it tough. I’m so thankful that God gave me the strength to get through it.

    Congratulations for your little boy. You are a true mama worrier.

  6. Your story is beautiful! So inspiring for my 3rd due in November.

    My first boy I was induced at 39 weeks and had an epidural and it was great. I took two naps while waiting to deliver. It didn’t work on my left side at some points so they kept turning me. But he was born after 2 hours of pushing.

    Second boy was born in a different state, hospital and obviously different doctor. Had an induction at 40 weeks. Had the same problem with the epidural not working ok my left side. So they have me more medicine at which point too much and I couldn’t swallow. Other things happened that I was not happy with. I pushed for 5 minutes and he was out and everything was fine.

    So with my third, not going back to same hospital, but I’m hesitant to get an induction date and an epidural and just see what happens. If I could feel the pain the whole time on my left, what’s a little more? Or am I crazy? Haha Any advice welcome 😊 I am due with big #3 November 8th 💙

  7. I love reading birth stories too! I might be a litttttle obsessed actually. Here’s mine:

    My first son was born 5 days early. My water broke at 7am at home. I had no contractions AT ALL (never even had Braxton hicks!) We headed up to the hospital… I was 0 cm dilated. We hung out in triage for 12 hours before induction started. Four hours later, it started taking effect. I walked and rested (after the epidural) until 9 am when I was finally 10 cm and ready to push. An hour of pushing and….he was stuck. I was taken to an OR for a c section and… An emergency patient came in. So I had to wait for that baby to be delivered (my son was not in distress, so we were not an emergency case). An hour later and we were finally able to meet our boy!

    My second son was due 18 months after that! I decided to try for a vbac. 3 days before his due date I woke up feeling a different kind of uncomfortable. I had my first contract at 4:45 am. I called my parents to come watch out older son but as contractions were 10-12 minutes apart I told them we has some time. Well by 5:30 am they were 1.5 minutes apart and we were waiting on an ambulance! It was the most intense, scary experience laying on bedroom floor while my husband is looking for a pair of scissors and a clean shoelace, just in case. The ambulance arrived and off we went (thankfully we are 15 min from hospital. Traffic was light at 6am on a holiday Monday) My husband had to follow the ambulance as there was no room for him. He ran into the hospital room on my fourth and final push to bring our second boy into the world – all in less than 2 hours.

    Two completely different birth experiences! And I am crazy enough to (maybe) go for a third!

  8. My labor/delivery story was very anticlimactic up u til time to push. I had been on bedrest and procardia for 4 weeks due to preterm labor, my OB said that if I made it to 36 weeks I could go back to work (home health nurse). I was 3cm and 75% for 4 weeks. So, at 36 weeks and 1 day I went back to work, saw my usual regimen of patients, did a lot of bending, crouching, wound care wrapping people’s legs, etc. That afternoon the contractions started again, they were irregular, but still 3-6 minutes apart. Not super strong but very uncomfortable. I drank a ton of water and they seemed to go away. The hubby and I hit the sack, if ya know what I mean, and then went for a walk. By the end of the walk I was having to stop and lean on my husband through each contraction. At home i climbed in the tub for about an hour which felt amazzzzing but contractions were increasing in intensity. I was SO DONE with having contractions every day for weeks on end so we decided it was time to head to the hospital. They checked me and I was at 4cm and 100% and contracting every 3-4 minutes. They admitted me to see how I progressed. The next morning my OB came to see me and said “I’m gonna break your water.” I was so exhausted I didn’t even comprehend it until she was already doing it. If I could’ve gone back I would’ve never had my water broken for me. After that they wouldn’t let me out of bed, which shocked me, and honestly pissed me off. At that point I figured if I’m confined to bed I may as well get an epidural, since I won’t be able to move around much got that which worked wonders. After my epidural I literally slept from about 7am to 2pm. My parents and in laws had been in and out and I never even noticed. At 2pm they checked me and I was ready! So I slept through cm 5-10, ha! I push for a good 30 minutes when they start noticing baby’s heart rate acting up. That’s when my OB said “Okay we’ve got to get her out, we’re going to use the vacuum, I need you to give these next pushes ALL you’ve got or we’ll be heading to surgery.” Talk about freaked out! They had to put oxygen on me as I started getting dizzy. I dont know if my epidural was placed wrong, wearing off, or what but i didnt do anything to that vacuum for it to influct that much pain on me. That hurt more than the contractions. It took 3 more pushes with help from the vacuum and then she was out! Her chord was, of coarse, wrapped around her neck 3 times. I had a large tear that needed to be repaired so her daddy got to ogle over her while I laid there getting stitched up. But she was perfect! I do remember vividly the first time I got up to go pee afterwards, my legs were shaky and a huge gush of blood that had been pooling in my uterus splattered into the floor. Luckily I’m a nurse and my husband is a doctor or else mass panic would’ve ensued. Looking back they never did massage or check my uterus afterwards, but in the moment I didn’t notice or care.

  9. Thank you for sharing. I’m pregnant with my second and am also hoping to go natural this time.

    With our first, I was induced at 39 weeks.

    My husband and I went in at 7pm on a Thursday. It took two different methods to get me “going” and it literally was 24 hours before any type of real progress was made. Starting at 9pm on Friday I was having contractions regularly and silly me thought there was still a chance to have a baby that day. I was stuck at 7cm from 11pm on Friday to 6am on Saturday. I was exhausted, discouraged and so so very hungry. I finally let them do an epidural because I feared when it came time to push I would have nothing left. I did enough to take the edge off.

    I finally was able to start pushing at 10am. I pushed for 2 hours. The doctor came in and said I was doing a great job but I couldnt do it alone. They wanted to do a c-section.The baby wasn’t stressed but they said the c-section was a good option for me personally. I asked what plan b was.

    So forceps it was. Oh man, the look on my husbands face when they brought them out was truly priceless. I’m pretty sure I could have gotten him to promise me anything at that moment : )

    I pushed, the doc did her thing, and out come our beautiful baby girl at 1:36 pm.

    I had 32 stitches and weeks of recovery but I’m still glad I didn’t do a c-section.

  10. Yes!!! Your friend Karla was spot on! Instead of clenching in pain try and open up and relax through it. We took a birthing class and that’s exactly what they teach you. I distinctly remember being in labor in the car on the way to the hospital and a contraction came (I was in transition labor) and I impulsed to clench everything and my husband reminded me, open your palms, making your body LIMP! It totally works! Best advice. Ohh and I should point out that as I’m trying to go limp and breathe through the worst pain evenr, I look over and my husband is clenching his entire body gripping the steering wheel where I can see his white kunckles!! Lol. So proud of you mama! So happy you have a happy ending!

  11. So amazing!💜 thank you for sharing.

    I just had my first baby 10 days ago – a boy. I stayed very active my entire pregnancy, even did hours of yard work & gardening the morning I went into labor. My contractions started very mild around 6pm and intensified quickly. Around 8pm I thought we would need to go to the hospital soon, and within 10 minutes we were out the door with our hospital bags. My water broke in the car and the pain was fierce. By the time I got checked in to labor & delivery it was 8:30pm – I was fully dilated and fully effaced. I labored on my hands and knees waiting for the Dr to arrive, begging the nurses to let me push. As soon as the Dr arrived, a few pushes is all it took. My baby boy was here! So healthy and beautiful.

    Thinking back to that moment I am SO glad it all happened so quickly because I didnt even have the option of getting an epidural. I am SO proud I can say I have birth within pain intervention.

  12. I love this and all the photos! We have had our girl name picked out even before marriage and I know I am meant to have a girl and feel like I already know her- I’m so glad you mentioned that same feeling with Miles.

    With my son, we had planned on doing all natural and we were taking Bradley classes but at 30 weeks I found out I had something called Vasa Previa where the umbilical cord covers or is too close to the cervix. I had to be hospitalized at 32 weeks for daily monitoring and to be a few feet from OR in case I went into early labor (they would only have seconds to get him out to save his life). I also had to have a c section at 35 weeks, which I ended up having a few days earlier than scheduled because I was having a few contractions and they didn’t want to risk it. He was in the NICU for 4 days straight from birth, and trying to recover from c section, pump breast milk to send him and trying to visit him was SO heartbreaking the first day but got easier there after. I am so grateful he was healthy and only spent 4 days in the NICU so he got to come home with us.

    Going from wanting absolutely no interventions to finding out I (and baby) had to have almost every one possible was very heartbreaking at the time but I am so grateful the DRs discovered it when they did which ultimately saved his life. <3

  13. Your pictures are beautiful. Congratulations!!

    My contractions woke me and I thought I was in labor. I monitored them without waking my husband. We went to the hospital later in the morning the next day. They said it wasn’t labor! Oh, boy. So funny. But it was discovered I had low fluid and high leak, so I was admitted and put on pitocin. Bummer. I was dilated maybe a one. They increased the poticin every 30 minutes it seemed. I totally walked the halls and gripped the side railings for hours! They didn’t want to check my progress often because of the risk of infection. I didn’t want the epidural. But some time when they checked it at like 1100 that evening after like 24 hours of laboring, I was still only dilated to a 1! Wow. I got the epidural a few hours later feeling totally defeated and absolutely exhausted. It wasn’t until the next morning that my angel of a nurse did something amazing, and I dilated all the way in like 40 minutes. Baby girl came out in 4 pushes in such dramatic fashion that she gave me a 4th degree tear. My placenta had to be manually extracted after an overly dramatic loss of blood that splattered the ceiling and floors. And I threw up during all of this. I laugh about the cute labor and delivery dress I had purchased. Nothing cute about what I went through but it was all so amazing and I’d do it 10 times again if I had to just to see my husband holding my baby girl. Truly amazing all around.

  14. Miles was born the day before my baby girl, and I also pushed only 4 times before she was born. This story is so beautiful and makes me feel everything since I am only two weeks out from my own birth experience.

  15. Such a very beautiful story.

    We have very similar birth stories! With my first (we knew he was a boy), my contractions started around 11:30 pm at 39 weeks exactly. They were cope-able and coming every 2 – 3 minutes. After two hours of walking around the house hovering on my hands and knees, my water broke…and then the contractions were INTENSE. I couldn’t talk and I could barely walk. We sped to the hospital and I was admitted around 2:15 am. My birth was always to try and do it naturally, but I was open to an epidural if I couldn’t withstand the pain. I totally folded when I got to my room – I was only 1 – 2cm and I could not manage the pain anymore. Welllll the nurses couldn’t get my IV in so that I could get the epidural. Three of them tried for over an hour and writhed in pain through it all. They checked me around 3:30am and I was 3 -4 cm (and DYING). The nurses finally got the IV in shortly after that and I started to feel a ton of pressure. I don’t think anyone believed me. Then my body started doing the most intense full-body muscle convulsions that I’ve ever felt. My body was literally expelling him harder than I ever could have pushed. “Seriously, you guys, I HAVE TO PUSH!!” They checked me and I was +2 and 10cm dilated. Next came chaos: there was no doctor on the floor and the nurses were running around trying to get equipment ready. A random mid-wife came in to help and I started actively pushing. I pushed three times and my baby boy was born at 4:05 am.

    Having labored and delivered my son without an epidural, I knew that I could do it naturally with my daughter too. My contractions started with her around 4 am and woke me out of sleep. They weren’t crazy intense, but I knew they were different than the ones I had been experiencing for the last couple of weeks. I started timing them and they were about 5 – 6 apart. At 6:30 am, they were 2 -3 minutes apart and growing in intensity. My water hadn’t broken this time, so I was trying to stay at home as long as I could, but my husband was insistent because our boy delivered so fast. He talked me into it and we arrived at the hospital around 8 am. 4 cm already! They got the IV in on the first try and I was off to my room. My contractions kept getting more and more intense and just before 9 am, I was 6 – 7cm. I decided to get a dose of fentanyl to “take the edge off,” but much like you it only allowed me to breathe through the pain rather than scream. I labored for a little over an hour like this and got to point that I very nearly could not take it anymore. The contractions were suddenly super long and sooooo strong = transition labor. I was 8 cm and we were so close! Very shortly after that, I felt the need to push. My doctor rushed in, broke my water and gave me the go ahead. “Push! A little harder…tuck your chin. Harder! She’s right there! A little harder!” At 10:50 am with that one and only big push, she was here.

    Giving birth was single-handedly the most empowering and beautiful thing that I’ve ever experienced.

  16. I love birth stories! Thank you for sharing yours.

    I was determined that my baby would be two weeks late, and I would have to be induced. I felt great and was never uncomfortable. I didn’t swell up, and as some nice woman said, “I didn’t have that ‘look’ yet”—I guess I’m that weird chick that loved being pregnant.

    The night before my due date, Derek and I went to a bar to watch one of the NBA playoff games. We got home around 11 and climbed into bed. At around midnight I woke up and felt like I peed a little bit. It wasn’t a lot, so I went to use the bathroom and went back to bed.

    The next morning (around 7) I was debating with Derek, “do you think it was pee or did my water break?” I walked around the block a few times with my pup—no contractions. I called my nurse just to see and she told me it’s better to go get checked. I sent Derek to work and told him we’d go to the hospital at lunch just to check. I ate oatmeal and went about my day. Around 10, D came home saying he was ready to go now, he wanted to meet his baby.

    We went to the hospital and they checked me for fluid. The nurse even said she didn’t think my water had broken, but she’d been wrong before. Sure enough about an hour later, our monitor said admit.

    My doctor was on vacation, so the doctor on call came and told me to go walk for a few hours to try to get contractions started—I wanted a natural labor . I walked up and down a main road in two hospital gowns and tennis shoes trying to get contractions going. Nothing. Around 3, I was hooked up to pitosin.

    I labored on a ball and was mostly content until around 7 pm. At that time, it got real. Contractions were every minute to 30 seconds apart, lasting what seemed like forever. I was yelling at Derek to rub my back. The nurse came in a few times and checked me throughout. I was put on antibiotics for being in labor over 12 hours with a broken water. At 1 am the next day I was still at 1 cm. I looked at Derek and cried. I wanted an epidural, I felt defeated. At 1:30 I got an epidural. I asked for a “light” one and could mostly still feel and move both legs and some contractions, but at this point we all got some much needed sleep. I was grateful for the relief.

    At 7 the next morning, the nurse checked me and I was 10 cm and +2—it was time to push. It only took a few pushes before we could see the head. The doctor played with the hair on the baby’s head. At 7:52, I gave birth to an 8 lb, 10 oz baby girl. My water fully broke as she came out gushing everywhere. It was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever witnessed.

    Next time I want to try for no epidural—but I’m not against it. I’m hoping for contractions to start on their own and maybe a slower progression of pain will be more manageable.

  17. With my first I went into labor at 41 weeks and 3 days. I labored half the night and all day long at the birthing center with my husband, mom and doula and a tub full of hot water. It was long and tiring and I finally got the urge to push around 11:30pm and my midwife said I wasn’t quite 10cm so I needed to breathe through the contractions and not push, worst 20-30 min of my life. When I was finally ready they sat me up on a birthing stool and after only a short time pushing our son was born. It was amazing and peaceful and I was so proud of myself after the strength it took!

    Fast forward 3 years and I woke up at 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant (on 8/7 as well) STILL pregnant after several false alarms and prodromal labor all week. We had moved states so this was a hospital birth and I had no birth plan. I knew I could do it naturally but I was so tired and huge and just worn down after a move and an energetic 3 year old that I said to myself is I needed an epidural I would just do It and rest. Well, at 6:00pm I started having the same old contractions but after an hour they started getting more intense. I had my parents take my son for a sleepover and started watching a movie with my husband while bouncing on the birth ball. By 8:30 I knew it was real and told my husband at 9:30 I wanted to go in. So about 9:45pm, we got to L&D and I was STILL 4 cm and had been for a week but 90%. I walk with my husband around the unit for 45 min or 17 laps around (they told us it was a mile) and by the end I was unable to stand through them. With the recheck I was 5 cm, 100% and I knew it was real. We checked in the room and I got antibiotics for GBS while bouncing in the ball. Things got intense from there and I told my husband maybe I wanted that epidural and he said ok, let’s try the water in the tub first. I said ok and headed there. Then, I hit transition so much sooner than expected and told my husband that I felt faint and like I was going to puke. This only lasted 20-30 min and then I had the urge to poop and just then the nurses walked in to check on me because I had been screaming (😳😳). My husband told them it was time and when they checked I was almost a 9! I was screaming for meds then and lost my cool a bit but it was too late. They did give me Nubian but it did NOTHING. The midwife got there and I was on my hands and knees trying to fight the same urge to push and after only a few contractions it was time. I pushed his head out and then I felt his shoulder get stuck on my pubic bone and I became terrified of tearing upward. The midwife knew I was in a bad position and they literally flipped me over and told me I needed him out NOW and to stop loosing my mind. I regained my cool and pushed him out in one or two pushes. I soon realized she was in such a hurry because he was blue and not breathing. The handed him to the pediatric team and they kept stimulating him and his second APGAR was perfect but my husband said he has never been more terrified in his life. I was kinda unaware but just kept asking, where is my baby? He ended up being perfectly healthy and HUGE, 9lbs 11oz birthed naturally with not a single tear! I felt amazing afterward and still feel great. He fat and happy eating and sleeping most of his first 2 weeks. And I felt like superwoman. I love how proud my husband is/was of me and he just kept kissing my head and telling me thank you and good job. I’ll always treasure both our labors together. As all the nurses said, he was an amazing coach.

  18. Congratulations on baby boy Miles. He’s absolutely precious.

    I have 2 boys. 20 and 15. C-sections with both. I was devastated when I labored for 13 hours and only progressed to 5cm. Apparently his “little” head was too big and he was in distress so there I went to the OR where they delivered Matthew Isaac, my 9lb 7oz 22 1/2 inch long baby boy.

    I begged for a vbac with my second son but my doctor put the kabosh on that. He said no way it would happen. They took him 10 days early and he was also a big boy. 9lbs 6 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Mason Robert.

    The planned c-section recovery was nothing compared to my first one. I wouldn’t wish that recovery on anyone.

    I would have liked to have had my boys naturally but it just wasn’t possible for me. I think you are a bad ass! 😉

  19. Just a few short days before you had Miles I had my second child, also a little boy! Well, not so little 8lbs 14oz

    I attempted a VBAC, I so longed for a birth story like yours but God had other plans. After 8 hours of labor my uterus ruptured and we had an emergency C-section. Both myself and my baby almost didn’t make it, as with most ruptures they couldn’t stop the bleeding. Ronan, our little guy, was without oxygen for some time and had to be resuscitated after birth. Miraculously we both came through, and the doctor was even able to save my uterus.

    Ronan spent 6 weeks in the NICU, he’s been home for two weeks now! For what he went through he’s doing very well, only came home with a G-tube. He needs some time to work on sucking, swallowing, and breathing without aspirating. 💙

    1. So happy to hear that you and the baby are safe and well after your scare with uterus rupture. I’m considering a VBAC after 2 prior csections but am naturally concerned of uterus rupture. Would you mind sharing how long it was from your prior csection to birth of your second baby?

  20. What a beautiful story!!! My mother in law said something to me that I would like to share with you…..”God can give you no greater gift than a boy” I for one can attest to this. My boys are grown and I have always had a very special bond with each of them. Boys will always love their mom unconditionally. Boys will always want to protect their mom. Boys will look for a girl who reminds them of their mom…because their mom loves them most of all!!! You have two sweet little girls and now that you have a boy….. you will see the world through his eyes and it will be fun and adventurous. Thanks for sharing your son’s beautiful birth story. Thanks for your openness and truthfulness that you share every day. Being a mom is not easy….and certainly not glamourous….You are the real deal. I look forward to your IG stories and love your blog!!! I hope that every day is full of joy…even on the days that you are the most exhausted…there will be love because you have children….

  21. I was in tears reading your post. Child birth is such a beautiful act. Our bodies are created to do this. Miles is beautiful!!

    It was a typical morning, April 9, 2013. I was 38 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins. No complications throughout my pregnancy.
    I did my normal morning routine. My husband was home from work. My sister, mom, and in laws came up the night before just to visit. My mom, sis and I headed to my weekly ob appt. Nothing unusual about it.
    Same old thing.
    After my appt, I met my husband and in laws along with my sis and mom for lunch. I ate half a sandwich. I could not eat very much at this point; no more room in my mid section.
    I had an ultrasound at the hospital later that afternoon, so again my mom and sis joined me. Everything looked good. After the appt, as I was walking out of the hospital, I received a call, it was my ob, she asked if I was still at hospital, I replied yes. She said stay there, your going to be a mom tonight. My amniotic fluid was low. I called y husband and we drove over. My dad jumped in his truck and drove 3.5 hours to get to hospital before I had these kiddos. At 917 and 918 pm, I delivered by c section a 6.2 lbs boy as 6.1lbs girl. Both healthy. We were all doing great. Today my family is complete with a wonderful husband, 2 healthy 4.5 year olds and 2 dogs.
    Thank you for sharing your birth story. Love reading your blogs!!! Keep is up mama and rock on!!!

  22. This is an incredible story! I’ve been following you over the last few months and I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my second. I feel like I’ve learned so much from you about parenting, pregnancy, style, and now birthing. Congratulations on your perfect little boy. Ryan looks like he couldn’t be happier. ❤️ This story almost brought tears to my eyes to think I’ll be experiencing another birth in a few short weeks. Such magic. ❤️

  23. The morning of October 10th, I went to my OB, a day past my due date, and he said that I was dialated 6cm and recommended getting a NST. Basically I could have been having my daughter anywhere from that day to a week from then. I went to one hospital a bit closer to my house for a Non-Stress test thinking that they would be able to get the results over to my doctor, turns out they couldn’t. So I got to my normal hospital – I had to get weekly/twice weekly NSTs from about 30-32 weeks- at about 6:30pm for another NST and after about 30 to 45 minutes a nurse comes in my room and says my doctor wanted them to check me to see if I’d progressed since the morning. Still at 6cm. My nurse said “you’re dialated 6, you’re not going anywhere but a couple rooms down!” At this moment I’m completely freaking out, thankfully my boyfriend, Cory and my mom were already there with me and his mom was only 5 minutes around the corner. Now it’s probably 8:30, my doctor comes in to check me, 8cm. She asks if I’m in any pain, honestly I had very little pain- good thing since I was too late for an epidural – it really just felt like a backache and I had been standing for too long(even though I was laying down😅). So I laid there for about 30 minutes, nurses coming in asking about pain, still nothing horrible. At around 9:10 my doctor wants me to do a few practice pushes to make sure I know what I’m doing, then says ” I’ll be back in a few minutes.” 5ish minutes later doctor and nurse come back and has me push a few more times again- I ended up with quite a memorable labor, while pushing I ended up peeing all over my doctor because of all the fluids they were giving me- the nurse left and brought back a few more nurses that were getting everything brought in and set up. I’m still pushing every couple minutes and my doctor says ” okay Erikka, I need a good big push, you’re going to feel like you’re on fire down here.” I pushed hard and boy did I feel the burn. Cory and my nurse were holding up my legs and I had a death grip on the mattress with both hands. My nurse said “her heads coming out, do you want to feel it?!” She tried to move my hand from the mattress, I didnt budge, I pushed one or 2 more times and at 9:50pm Lillian Elizabeth entered this world. We all laughed my family and I cried, and we brought a beautiful little girl into our lives. The next morning my new nurse came in to check on me and ask yet again if I was in pain, once I said no, she looked at me and said ” oh, it’s you!” I looked at her really confused, and she told me I was the talk of the entire OB floor since I was laughing through an unmedicated birth and didn’t need any pain meds, not even Tylenol or the numbing spray they gave me.

  24. I had terrible back labor with my first. I didn’t realize my tail bone would hurt so bad. It felt like when you’re a kid and slip on your roller blades and hit your tailbone.. every 2 minutes. I never had spaced out contractions. They came hard and fast, 2 minutes apart from the get go. Only 5 hours, but fist clenching, screaming, panicking, losing my mind. I got in my head that the harder I pushed, the faster I’d be done, and I pushed as hard as I could and rocket blasted that baby out. Didn’t feel the head or shoulders, just all came at once. And I caught her and pulled her out. Best feeling ever. Then found out we had a baby girl. ❤️
    Second baby, in the middle of the giant snowstorm we had this year in the Northeast, I started contracting and new we had to go. The roads were shut down and everything. But I’ve never had a single Braxton Hicks so there was no time to wonder. We followed snow plows as best we could and made the hour drive in an hour and 10 minutes. I was just focusing on DO NOT PUSH. Got there, was fully dilated, got in the tub and started pushing. I was much more relaxed, much calmer, breathing and focusing. I dreaded it and wanted desperately to get out, but I knew my only way out was to keep going. Finally got the baby out and realized the pushing was so much harder because the baby was face up! So thankful it was the second time, not the first! Found out we had our second baby girl. ❤️

  25. Today is my little Liam’s second birthday. I woke up at 6:30 am with some intense contractions. I told my husband that something was different so we called the doctor. He said either take 2 Tylenol and go back to sleep or start walking and get them moving. My husband and I chose the later or the two. My contractions went from every 3-4 minutes to every minute and we called the doctor back and said we were heading to the hospital.
    I was in triage and just as the nurse asked as my water broke, it broke when I sat on the table To see how dialated I was. I was 4cm, but quickly moved to a room and sat on a birthing ball to help ease my contractions. A few minutes later the doctor arrived and I told him I felt like I needed to push. He check me again and said you are 10 cm, but I want the baby to drop more so try to rest.
    After “resting” I was ready to meet my Liam and he arrived on August 22 at 12:50pm and I will never forget he moment he was set on my chest. It was something I waited 29 years for. An instant and intense love that I can never explain because he is the only one who heard my heart beat from inside me. I love my little Liam so much and I am so thankful to be his mommy.

  26. This was so beautiful 💙

    My two relievers couldn’t be more opposite!

    With my daughter I was induced with elevated bp’s. Induction process took two days for me to dilate to even 5cm. The process of getting to labor & delivery was god awful. Once I was over to L&D, I was given pitocin and epidural- no joke, (9pm at this point) within 40 mins (after my husband fell asleep next to me on the sofa by my bed and the nurse saying baby most likely won’t be here until late tomorrow morning)… I’m feeling like something is off. Immense pain at this point (epidural never took) and getting a huge urge to push. I throw a pillow at my husband to wake him up and get the nurse. She comes in and tells me to “relax” bc when I was last checked I was only 6cm dilated. If looks could kill!!!!! She says, okay, let me get the dr. I smile politely. Ha! Dr. Comes into check me… I’m basically pushing my this point unintentionally…. they tell me to stop! Lol… turns out I was 9.5 cm dilated— in 40 mins! Craziest thing ever. After 3 hours of pushing- our sweet Reagan was born. Easiest recovery… loved everything about my expierience. Could not wait to do it again….

    Now- my son. lol Owen was due on December 25th. We were so excited. I had a great pregnancy with him. We could not wait to complete our little family with him. I was also induced with him but solely for the reason that my ob asked me if I really wanted to have a baby on Christmas. I didn’t. So, I was induced on December 13th at 6pm… I was so nervous for this induction as the first one took forever… but this time, going in I was already 4cm dilated and contracting like crazy… so, I knew it was only a matter of time and knew this would be a little easier. So, I was ok with it for the most part. I became fully dilated by midnight. Epidural only worked on my right side, which is a whole other story in itself bc I was literally laughing at how sidetracked my husband got while I was pushing that he kept letting my leg slide off the bed… anyway, I pushed for 20 mins- felt his head come out and was told, ok, Mom- one more push and your baby boy is here!! I thought- I got this. Until, my ob screamed (with all her might) SHOULDER! Within SECONDS— the room was filled with triage, nicu, etc… literally 30 people bum-rushing my room…. they push my husband out of the way, lower my bed flat, tell me to stop pushing. Three nurses hover overtop of me and begin to legit pound on my stomach, completely cut open (ugh 😩) and I’m pretty much a hand puppet. He was lodged under my pelvis for 4.5 mins. Hands down the single most terrifying situation I’ve ever been involved in. He came out not breathing and wisked him away. He immediately started breathing once they gave him oxygen and brought him over to me after about 10mins. 8 months later he is pure perfection and we could not feel more blessed. Needless to say, we are done having our babies (although I secretly do want a 3rd) and my butthole will never be the same 😂

  27. What a beautiful story! You did such an amazing job!!

    My first one, I woke up to my water breaking at 7:17 in the morning because I rolled over in bed. Let me tell you, when you water breaks it isn’t like the movies!! HA! The contractions slowly started after that. After 26 HOURS!!! of natural labor I opted for the epidural because I was not dilating. It didn’t help. After about an hour of that, his heart rate started to drop so we opted for a c -section which was FAR from what I wanted. However, we had a very healthy boy we named Gabriel Dustin

    9 months later, I was pregnant again!! I wanted to have a vaginal birth sooooo badly that we opted to labor at the local birth center instead of the hospital. I really can’t stand OB’s. I labored through the night. My husband didn’t believe that I was in active labor even though the contractions went on for hours and were pretty consistent. We waited till my mom could arrive in the morning to take care of our oldest boy before we left for the midwife’s office. When we got there about 10 am I was dilated to a 5 which was AMAZING! That was farther than I ever went in the past and the contraction were manageable. They stopped in my tracks but they honestly weren’t that bad. The midwife decided to give me some medicine and tell me go walk. Well, It was pouring rain. So we went to the local mall to walk around. I will literally NEVER forget that situation. About 20 minutes after we got there the contractions got INTENSE! I was bent over the hand rail of the stairs outside the bathroom while my husband (who was a medical student at the time and dressed in scrubs) was texting the midwife telling her how intense the contractions got. It looked like some crazy person was sent to monitor the pregnant lady and wasn’t even paying attention HA!!! At the time I could have cared less what other people thought but dang those contractions were painful.

    We went back to the birth center and after a bath and a lot of laboring on my hands and knees….it was time to push. I was in so much pain but I knew if I just pushed hard then I was achieve my vaginal birth that I wanted more than anything! I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. For at least an hour. After that long, he was still stuck up soooooo high and his heart rate dropped really fast. The midwife advised that we go to the hospital. The OB team was waiting for us to arrive. It was literally four minutes from the time I got out of the car till I was under full anesthesia and our little guy was born about 6 minutes later. That moment was soooooo scary. I just remember looking around the operating room and knowing these people were not messing around. They let my husband come in and tell he loved me before they put me under but that was about it.

    I was able to meet my handsome boy 2 hours later when I woke up from the anesthesia. We named him Mason Isaac because the entire time I was still asleep he was so calm while dustin held him and rocked him. BUT then 9 months later we decided he wasn’t at all a Mason Isaac, He was in fact a Harvey jack and we changed his name. He is now my wild and crazy blonde haired Harvey jack and is almost 2 years old.
    After he was born I suffered really bad from PPD and PPA. It was the scariest time in my life and swore I wouldn’t have anymore babies. BUT with some medicine and some serious support from family and friends I am now doing great. I forsee more babies in our future but they will be born via scheduled C-section.
    Earlier I said that I wasn’t a fan of OB’s but they have a gift and they saved our life! For that, I am thankful

  28. I loved reading your story!

    I was induced at 41 weeks at 5am on July 28. Once we got to L&D I was having contractions and didn’t even know it. They checked my cervix and said I was only .5cm dilated. I was crushed and knew I had a long labor ahead of me. At 7am they gave me cytotec to help soften my cervix. They told me that after the first dose, they would assess where I was and possibly give me the folley ball but I made it clear I didn’t want that. After the four hour dose I dilated to one cm I believe. My contractions were 1-4 minutes apart. My OB let my labor naturally progress since we made a bit of progress. By 3pm the contractions were getting stronger so they gave me something to take the edge of and let me sleep. I told them as soon as I could after the meds wore off I’d be ready for my epidural. I got the epidural around 5:30pm at 3.5 cm dilated. Around 11 that night the doctors noticed I was having an allergic reaction to the epidural so they gave me Benadryl. They also decided by around 1am that I would need pitocin to move things along. By 5am I was dilated to 7cm and they estimated that I’d deliver before noon. I got a top off with my epidural around 11am and also spiked a fever at the same time. I was GBS positive and they were giving me antibiotics to help mitigate it. Around 12:15 the OB came in and told me we were going to do some practice pushing. I didn’t realize she was faking me out and these were going to be real pushes. I pushed for an hour and 15 mins. We didn’t find out the sex so it was motivation to push the baby out. A little while after I began pushing she noticed the baby swallowed his meconium. And then I had to have a vacuum to assist with delivery in order to avoid a c section. My son was born at 1:29pm after 30 hours of labor. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times. He also had a fever because of my fever which caused him to have pneumonia and as luck would have it he contracted group b strep and had to stay in NICU for seven days. It was extremely heartbreaking and makes me terrified to have another child for fear of them
    Getting the same thing. We got to bring our son home after one week and have been sleepy and in love ever since. Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby!

  29. Thank you for sharing your story! AMAZING! 😘
    With Harper I got to 5cm and I couldn’t take the pain any longer. I did end up getting the epidural. I had to be induced (I wasn’t dilated at all when I went in) I was in labor all night and had her the next morning. 3 pushes and there she was! It’s incredible what our bodies can do.

  30. So beautiful! I love sharing birth stories and have enjoyed following along during your pregnancy. I was induced with all three of my children, had an epidural and they all took around 8-12 hours from start to finish. My first child, a son Jake, was 8 lb 15.5 in and 21.5 in long. His head measured 15cm. I pushed for three hours with him which was never ending. I could feel his feet in my ribs when I first started pushing. I feel the nurses urged me to push too soon, and I wore myself out. I was giving it all I had. I remember the feeling when I finally had done it! I remember that he also had one arm up during delivery! My mom said my head spun around like in the movie The Exorcist as I screamed, “It’s not coming out!!” I had a fan blowing on me and this elderly nurse with thick glasses kept trying to take it. I remember the nurses gushing about how big, blue and beautiful his cord was. (Good Florence reference right?!) When the cord was cut, blood squirted on the wall and the doctor. He had also pooped on the floor. After they laid him on my chest, he started to pee. I have this on video, and I’m saying happily through tears, “Aw he’s peeing!!” He barely cried and was so content from the start. The nurse with the glasses kept flicking his feet to make him cry. My sister said, “He’s cried enough!!” And made her give him to me. He was born on 3.18.04 at 5:38pm

    My daughter Stevie is my Thanksgiving baby. I was scheduled to have her the morning after the holiday and wasn’t supposed to eat much. (No turkey boo!!) We were all ready to leave for the hospital when we got a call to hold off because they had gotten rush of mom’s in labor. I still did not eat much. We went in around 7 that evening to be induced. Around 3 in the morning, when things were feeling pretty painful, my husband, mom and mother-in-law were standing over me falling asleep. I had been up for 30 hours and hadn’t eaten! This made me mad, smothered and hot! I again pushed into the third hour. The doc had to use suction to assist me. I remember trying different positions and pulling on a towel with my husband pulling on the other end. The doc told me I needed to do it! He is a quiet man and kind of yelled at me. This made me cry, but I was able to deliver her. She was roley poley, and my husband announced, “The Michelin Man!” She weighed 9lb 6oz and was 22 in long! Born 11.24.07 at 6:27am. She was a beautiful angel and our only daughter. She had a round scab on her head from the suction and liked to tell people, ” I was born with a vacuum cleaner!!”

    My last son Elliot was born 8.9.13 at 3:33pm. I had asked for a list of time of birth guesses the day before. My sister guessed the exact time. He was 8.1 lbs and 21.5 in long. It was a hot summer! My husband was the only one in with me on this one, and I shared my concerns with pushing too early. His birth was around 8 hours, and because I let my body tell me when to push, I was able to deliver after 1 hour of pushing. Names were picked out with our other children so not having a name for him yet was a bit nerve racking. He was a real crier at birth and that really hasn’t stopped lol. His face was all wrinkled; at one point he had his index finger up like E.T. I knew my husband was wanting a name that could be abbreviated. I suddenly said, “How about Elliot? Elliot Thorn (Thorn from a favorite guitar players of ours), and we can call him El T! He just turned four and the nickname has stuck! I later remembered the boy from the movie was also named Elliot! I felt way more comfortable during this birth and even covered my face with a towel at one point. It seemed to help me breathe, tune into myself and tune out other worries and thoughts. I love my babies!!! ❤️

  31. I have gestational diabetes with each pregnancy, so I had to be induced with my first, a few days after my due date. After 36 hours on pitocin, I was still at 0. The nurses couldn’t believe how closed up I was! My doctor agreed to a c-section because with GD the womb becomes more dangerous for baby. When she pulled her out the first thing she said was, “you’re heavy!” Apparently baby girl was nearly 10 lbs and simply couldn’t fit into my birth canal, which is why my body wouldn’t respond to the induction. I wanted a vbac for my second, but an ultrasound at 36 weeks showed he was already 7.5 lbs and his head was the size of 40 weeks. I’m a small person, so though my doctor supported a vbac, she said it would likely end in an emergency c-section due to his size and mine, so I was heartbroken to agree to another c-section. Due in 7 weeks with my third and I have another large baby inside! So all hopes of ever delivering naturally are out the window. I love stories like yours and always hoped that’s how my births would unfold. Oh well! Fortunately I’ve always had super easy recoveries with my c-sections and healthy babies. And I know exactly what you mean about recognizing your baby. I felt that with each birth as well. They always look familiar, like I knew them already!

  32. My son, Jordan, is a little over 2 years old. He was delivered at 37 weeks and was 6 pounds 3 oz.
    My entire pregnancy, I thought for sure he would be a late baby…I don’t know why, since everyone’s pregnancies are different, but I guess since my mom delivered late wth both me and my sister, J just figured I’d follow in her footsteps since my pregnancy up to that point had been similar to hers (no morning sickness, no symptoms, easy). The day I was 36 weeks 6 days, at around 6:30 pm I was doing absolutely nothing, literally sitting on the couch browsing Facebook on my phone, when my water broke. It wasn’t a huge gush like they make it seem on TV or movies. Just enough to where I thought maybe I just peed myself, so I got up to use the restroom. Once in the bathroom, I realized it probably was my water, as it continued to trickle out. I called my husband who was on his way home from work to let him know. He arrived home within 10 minutes, and I packed my hospital bag (I hadn’t packed mine yet, because I was so sure it wouldn’t happen that early!) and we headed to the hospital.
    Once we got there, they checked and confirmed that it was in fact my water that broke. However, they didn’t have any open delivery rooms at the moment (apparently the unit was extremely busy that night), so we had to wait it out in triage. I didn’t mind since I wasn’t feeling any contractions at all (nor had I ever throughout the entire pregnancy). We slept until about 4 am when they were able to move us to a delivery room.
    Once we got situated there they checked me and I was 1.5 cm. They decided to start me on pitocin to help me contract. It was fine at first, I got checked a couple times and was 2 cm, but eventually around 3 pm they started getting really intense, and I had tachysystole with 6-7 back to back before having a break. The doctor checked me and I was still only 2 cm. With so little progress made despite the intense contractions, I opted for the epidural. BEST decision ever! Once I got the epidural I fell asleep for about an hour, woke up to the doctor who had returned to check me again and to our surprise, I was complete! None of the nurses expected me to progress so fast in just 1 hr, especially considering I had been stuck at 2 cm for so long, so they scrambled to open the table and get everything ready.
    I started pushing (completely pain free thanks to the epidural!), and in less than 10 minutes, our son Jordan was out, born at 6:35 pm, almost exactly 24 hours from when my water broke the previous day.
    Recovery was smooth and easy, and I’m so glad I opted for that epidural, because I don’t think I would’ve dilated without it.
    Now I’m pregnant with baby boy #2, due in 2 days (Aug 24)! I’m already shocked I might actually make it to my due date since Jordan was 3 weeks early, so I have NO idea what to expect this time around. Im literally going crazy over here waiting for our boy to make his arrival! Hopefully we’ll have an easier delivery, and hopefully soon!

  33. Thank you for sharing your story and the pictures! Birth stories always make me cry!

    I had both of my babies at home. I am a nurse, but the hospital environment has never been a comfortable place for me.

    I labored 47.5 hours with my first and pushed for a total of 11ish hours. Yes. Crazy. He ended up having a nucal arm. Literally his left arm was wrapped around his forehead. I joke that I gave birth to a triangle instead of a circle. It wasn’t the birth experience I wanted. My midwives monitored the baby closely so I could have him in the water. I lived on a birth stool which SUCKED. I finally pushed him out after a chiropractor came to our house and adjusted me. Right after I told everyone I hated them and if the baby wasn’t out within the hour we were going to the hospital. 😂 . Even with all that pushing and his large head plus his elbow/arm everything remained intact and I didn’t tear. His heart rate stayed the same throughout the long labor. It is reflected in his personality even today.

    Surprisingly, birth amnesia is a real thing and I got pregnant again. I had a lot of baggage from my first birth and I wanted this one to be different. I didn’t want anyone to tell me when to push. I wanted a super small birth team and I wanted to give birth in the birthing pool. At 37 weeks I thought he was coming. Called the midwife filled the pool. Dilated to 4cm and stopped. Wtf? I went into a dark spiral of doubted my body. Walker knew I needed some more time and decided to come 4 weeks later. This time I labored in secret all day. My husband was at work and my two year old and I went on with our day. By 4pm my contractions were getting closer and I thought I better inform my husband and midwife. I wouldn’t let my husband fill the tub preparing myself for another 47 hour long ordeal. When my midwife arrived and heard my groaning she insisted the tub be filled. I thought for sure I was going to die. The contractions were long and hard. I had to really resist fighting each one. Suddenly, I told my midwife I needed to poop. She followed me to the toilet and said, “yup that is a baby head”. It was only 9pm and I was having the baby! My husband almost missed the birth because he was outside telling our family I was in labor. He too was prepared for the long haul. I was able to push out Walker in the water without any interference or coaching. It was magical. I will say (in my opinion) a short labor sucks just as much as a long labor, but you do get to enjoy your “prize” sooner. 🙂

  34. I love every single one of these photos!!! I had a birth photographer (my sis in law!) both times and I am SO thankful that I did. These photos portray how beautiful and AMAZING child birth is. You’re a warrior, Lynzy and so proud of you!

  35. My family had come from Arkansas to be with me of my first pregnancy. I was due on December 28 and was past my due date by 3 days. I talked to my doctor and he said that I could be induced, even though I was hesitant about it. We were admitted to the hospital around 9-10 AM I believe. My mom and mother in law stayed with me and we talked and had fun. The nurses tried MULTIPLE times to put in the IV and couldn’t get it to go in. It was excruciating pain! Finally, a nurse was able to get it in after about the fifth attempt (my arm was bruised the next day). The gave me the medication to help me contract. I was still very little effaced or 0 dilated since I had been admitted. So that night I walked the halls and tried to my best to go into active labor. That night, I slept.

    The next morning my doctor came in and checked me. He said I was more effaced but was only about 1cm dilated. I was bummed out. I was ready to have my baby boy and my parents were leaving in a couple days. After my doctor checked me, he said that the best thing for to do was to go home and just try to relax and let it happen naturally. I agreed, so he went to get the discharge papers. My husband and dad went to take my bags downstairs and pull up the cars. My doctor returned with the papers and began talking to my in-laws and parents. As he was talking (I was sitting up in the bed at this point…getting ready to leave), I felt a big bubble in my stomach. Almost like an air/gas bubble. 😀 I was like, “Oh, that was a weird feeling.” And then the gush of water came. It felt like I had peed all over myself, but felt so great at the same time! My water had broken and I was so happy. It was game on at that point. This happened around 10:30 AM and I started active labor. I really wanted to try for a natural birth without any pain medication, but was not objected to an epidural if I couldn’t handle it.

    The contractions quickly started coming at that point. I sat on a ball for a bit and tried to ease the pain and BREATHE. I began throwing up from the pain…and I couldn’t stop. My husband sat with me in the shower because I thought I might pass out. It felt like I was throwing up between each breath I took. I was hurting really bad…and at that point I decided to get an epidural. I feel like if I hadn’t been throwing up nonstop from the contractions, then I would’ve been able to deal with the pain. But anyway, the nurse came in and checked me and said I was dilated to 4cm. I got my epidural and told them that I wanted a “light” dose so that I could still feel what I was doing and not completely immobile. After my epidural, I was able to relax for a while and fell asleep. When I woke up, the nurse checked my cervix again and said I was at 7cm. They gave me another very small dose to take the edge off again. I fell back asleep for about an hour and woke up. I needed to throw up again. That was the final throw up that told me my body was ready to push. It was an intense hurl (with nothing left to throw up) that involved my entire body. The nurse checked again and said that I was a full 10cm. Shortly after, I began to push. At this point, mu epidural had began wearing off and I could feel the majority of the pressure and pain. They put me on oxygen because I was starting to black out. I pushed about 8 times before his head was out. The cord was around my baby’s neck, so the doctor took it off…and the cord snapped. Blood was going everywhere. It was panic mode..the doctor grabbed the scissors and did an episiotomy on me, and out came my little Finley Cash at 9:54 PM. They took him away because he wasn’t breathing right, so I didn’t get to see or hold him (other than pictures) until 3 AM. He was so gorgeous and did great nursing once he latched on. He stayed in the NICU one day after I was discharged. It was tough to go home without my baby, but thankfully I took him home the next day.

    I look forward to my next pregnancies. I plan on trying to go natural again as long as I can. Pregnancy and birth is SUCH a miracle of life.

  36. Making this short and sweet! I had contractions all night (40 weeks, 3 days) about 10-15 minutes apart and was running to the bathroom constantly, sweating, feeling nauseous and the works! I let my husband sleep because if this was the real thing, I needed one of us to be rested. He woke up when the alarm went off for work and I said wellllll, I think today’s the day. Contractions tapered off around 8am so we went for a walk…they came back around 11, but about 15 minutes apart and bearable. We had lunch and I hunkered down for the afternoon. The rest was a blur!
    Between noon and 3pm my contractions got progressively quicker and stronger, they were about 7 minutes apart with what we called a “tremor contraction” between them….we called the doctor twice and they told us not to rush; however, the 15 to 7 to 3 minute contractions happened within an hour and we hauled ass the car (during rush hour in New Haven).
    We arrived at the hospital around 520pm and I must have had 5 contractions between the car and front desk – got in the bed and situated, measured at 6cm and I was at the moaning stage. I asked for an epidural (even though I originally planned on a completely natural birth)….then I had a HUGE urge to push and I freaked the F out! The doctor came back, checked me, my water broke and I was at 10cm (in a matter of literally 5 minutes). I was rushed to L&D, they physically moved me to the delivery bed, legs up, 3 pushes and the baby was out.
    We didn’t know the gender….and were in shock at how fast everything went it was a while before I said “Well, what is it?!?” Our little guy was born at 6:06pm (yes we arrived at the hospital about 30 minutes earlier). It was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced but thank GOD it was quick. I’m scared shitless of future babies because the doctor said the next one will probably be quicker. fml

  37. Here goes! Some of the details are a little foggy, but mom brain is real!

    My water broke at home after a few minor contractions on Thursday 8/3 at 7pm (starting the 48 hour clock for delivery). I called up the midwives and they had me come in for a non stress test and ultrasound to make sure he was head down. All was clear so they sent us home as I was only a fingertip dilated by looking and she did not check for effacement at the time. I was not yet in active labor so they scheduled me to come in at 9 am for cytotec if labor didn’t start overnight. At 2am contractions started and became more regular, when I couldn’t handle it on my own I woke up my husband, which I think was around 7. I noticed that the baby had been moving less so I wanted to go get everything checked out. Around 12pm we headed in for a non stress test again and the midwife reassured me all was well and I was now 1cm and 70% effaced. We went home again and I tried to rest as much as possible. I wanted to go in the tub but couldn’t because my water was broken so I labored with the water running over me for a while and moved around my house as much as possible. I thought things were more intense and contractions were 2-4 minutes apart so I decided I wanted to go to the hospital. We got there around 6:30pm and when checked I was SO discouraged because I was only 1 cm but now 80% effaced. I know this was progress, but it did not feel like that at the time. The midwife wanted to send me home, but I was in too much pain and felt more comfortable staying at the hospital. We decided to start the cytotec so that we could help things along. The trouble with this was that I needed to be monitored for 2 hours after taking it. Even though they were able to give me the portable monitor I was incredibly uncomfortable and they couldn’t get a good reading and it was not at all relaxing. I attempted the tub as they now said it was Ok, but with the monitors not working the nurses were constantly touching me, I could not relax. Once the 2 hours was over I was really struggling and considering an epidural. Side note: we did not have a birth plan and I knew going in that an epidural was definitely a possibility depending on my pain tolerance. The midwife suggested that I try the tub again, I did, and LOVED it. My husband and sister took turns sitting beside me while I napped on and off between contractions and they kept the water warm for me. Through my whole labor I had terrible shakes which was more annoying than anything! I stayed in the tub for about 2-3 hours and when I got out, I thought for sure I would have made big progress. No such luck though, I was 3cm and 90%. I know this is awesome progress, but I was wearing thin at that point. It was now 36 hours since this whole thing started and they suggested we start pitocin. I knew that I couldn’t handle those contractions as I had barely slept, and had only been able to snack on apple and plum slices because I felt so miserable. I received my epidural, got super comfy, and they started the pitocin. I drifted in and out of sleep and they repositioned me a few times because the baby “didn’t like the positions”, in my sleepy mind I was waiting for them to say it was time for an emergency c-section, but that never happened. At 10:30am I started feeling a lot of pressure and was now 9cm! They told me to keep resting but 10 minutes later I could not handle the pressure and wanted to push. The midwife came in and helped me to push gently to get through the last little centimeter. This was around 12:45, and 2.5 long sweaty, shaky hours of pushing later, at 3:19pm on August 5th (his due date) Arthur Joseph was born! He had a compound presentation with his hand trying to come out along side his head which required a lot of movement which I couldn’t do because of my epidural, so my husband and sister helped with that! I was so scared in those last few seconds, but then he was suddenly on my chest and all the pain disappeared. I feel so grateful for the amazing support system I had in the room with me, and the best nurse out of all the nurses we had was there with us and she even stayed past her shift to welcome our little guy. My husband was incredible and I feel so lucky to have had him by my side through it all. My sister was also so great to have with us and was so useful when Rich needed to rest, or use the bathroom, or just take a breather. We all bonded over this incredible experience and are so in love with this boy. I’m at a point now where I can say all those hours were worth it, and I would do it again!

  38. I recently started following you in IG and just wanted to share that I have a little Miles born 8/27/17! He’s my first and the love of my life. Also, I’m in Houston, TX so he was born during Hurricane Harvey, we actually even got a short shout out on national news. Won’t get into the whole birth story, but we thought about naming him Miles Stormirn (GoT reference anyone?) love your blog and IG stories!