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Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals

This is all so overwhelming, especially as a healthcare worker. We knew when we started our careers that we took an oath but never imagined working through a pandemic. As NYC is quickly becoming overwhelmed, we can all see that this is coming to fruition a bit quicker than expected. For many of us, the anticipation is extremely anxiety provoking. So many questions are going through our minds….”should I move out and move into a hotel to keep my family safe?” “How should I decon once I am home?” “We both work in the medical field and we are scared to death to give this to our kids” and so on and so forth. I have seen thousands of these messages coming through my IG inbox and emails and wanted to create this blog post where you all can come for a bit of a mental pep talk. I know that I will be taking advantage of a lot of these to get through these next few months and I suggest that you do too. What we are experiencing is not “normal” and it’s OKAY to have a thousand thoughts coming at you at once. I hope that this blog post is helpful for you! I will continuously update this as resources are sent to me or as I find them!

Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals

First and foremost, remember to check in with your HR department to see if your EAP ( employee assistant program) offers counseling!

It should be free and confidential.

Free Resources

Headspace is a meditation app offering healthcare providers free membership with your NPI number – just downloaded this the other day and highly suggest “sleep casts”!

@healing_healthcare_workers | Kristen is an RN for twelve years and is finishing her PHD in Health Psychology. She has an Instagram account to provide mental and emotional health resources for those working in the hospitals and front lines.

Phone Service | when in doubt, call 1-800-273-TALK

A great article to read: “That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief”

Another article to read : How to Keep Corona-virus  fears from affecting your Mental Health

Facebook Support Group || “Healthcare Workers COVID Support Group”

Healthcare Workers Group Therapy | $12 per session – happens weekly!

Podcast || “Thoughts on Thoughts” – listen on the way to work!

Michelle Gaines | 1 FREE session for pregnant moms (regardless if you’re a healthcare worker or not!) – I just reached out to her! 🙂 Heard amazing things!

Virtual EMDR || ONE month access to their online EMDR Therapist Program – $20 (normally $89) – mental health program based on the established science of eye movement therapy

 National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)  | with resources for families 

talking to children about COVID-19.  Developed from NASP and the National School Nurses Association

For Parents

Helping children cope with emergencies

Coping After a Disaster – A Ready Wrigley activity book for children age 3-10

Make sure to be managing your stress and avoid passing it on to your children

       The Stop Yelling Handbook to avoid resorting to yelling during stressful times

Child/Adolescent resources

 Tele-PLAY therapy Resources and support (for providers wanting to utilize virtual play therapy with their patients).

 What is the best way to  talk to your kids about COVID-19 from a pediatric psychologist’s perspective

Ways to communicate with children already struggling with anxiety and/or OCD Talking points on COVID-19 from your children’s favorite tv characters on PBS

  Avoiding a conversation about COVID-19 may hurt your kids according to experts at the Child Mind Institute

Therapists by State

(please email me to be included on this list!)


Adam Cross LMFT | 805-428-3755 |


Zac Van EPS |


Archieve Wellness in Orange | 203-553-9949 | 

Womens Wellness in Milford | 203-951-9949 |


Sarah Karytko, Psy.D  | Website: | Email:


Jeff Scarbrough | 865-603-7017 |


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