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Meet Your New Personal Shopper

As you all know, 2018 will bring some changes around here and I am SO excited to talk just a bit more about those changes. As a mother, it is my instinct and duty to protect my children as much as possible. The internet can be a very scary place and the last place I want to be broadcasting my children. Sure, you’ll still see images from time to time of me with my children but you will be seeing a lot less of that from now on. It’s not because I don’t want to share more with you but more so because I need to protect them. A few things happened over the course of the past few years that led me to this decision. I will still be chatting about all things pertaining to motherhood and sharing all my favorite baby gadgets and products but if my kids are in any images here, those images will always have a parent in them and I will be concealing names as well.  Most of you already know my children’s names but from now on they will have nicknames only and you will get to know those pretty well over the next few months 🙂 

One of the most exciting parts of this journey is going to be something I absolutely LOVE doing for you all and that is being your personal shopper. Over the past few years, I have gotten countless emails and messages about certain items that you are on the search for and now it will have it’s own location on my blog where you can easily submit your requests! It brings me such joy to find items that I know you will love and whenever possible, my suggestions will be items that I have already tried and loved within my own home. 

All you have to do to submit a request is head to the “shop” tab at the top of my blog and scroll down to “personal shopper” to fill out the short form! It even allows you to choose a date that you need the suggestions by! If you are looking for a last minute gift for somone’s baby shower.. no worries! I’ve got you covered! Looking for the best gifts for a 2 year old? Best shoes for an infant?  Paint color for your living room? New couch? Literally ANYTHING. 

This is the form here and if you are currently hunting for something, feel free to fill it out now! 🙂 

CURRENTLY CLOSED 1/4 – will relaunch soon!

Now here are a few images from YOU that made me smile! Thank you for letting me inspire your wardrobe, home, & your family overall. It makes me happier than you will ever know!  


Floral dress with button front – perfect for nursing & a baby bump!


These adorable maternity pajamas that I wear for nursing right now! Wear them while pregnant and after too! She paired them with the best snow boots too! 🙂


That amazing button up Old Navy dress that’s great for nursing!


Floral dress with button front – perfect for nursing & a baby bump!


One of the top sellers of 2017 – the button front thermal! 🙂 


This amazing sherpa lined cardigan is perfect for around the house but also for outings as well!


Photographer credit: Rebecca Lynne

Forever 21 dress


The most gorgeous bralette – definitely one of my favs!


This button front top is such a HUGE hit with all of you! 🙂 


Another mama loving on that sherpa lined cardigan! 🙂 


Babywearing/Maternity Coat – absolutely love this and I wear it all the time when wearing my little munchkin! Currently 30% off!


That amazing AF cardigan from the summer – so many of you scored it for like $14!


Those amazing mules that I wear on a daily basis when it’s not -10 degrees! 🙂


Another win for that thermal!


Inspiration from head to toe! My favorite black leggings, striped top & city sweatshirt (perfect with leggings)!

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  1. Not all the links seem to be working for me 🙁 where is the green maternity/baby wearing coat from? In desperate need of a winter coat I can button since my previous winter coat did not have as much room as I thought!