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Making the Switch to Safer Beauty Products

I made the switch over to safer beauty products back in February after doing some research on the products I was using and never looked back. It’s amazing to me that the beauty industry isn’t more regulated when it comes to the ingredients in our every day products. As we do more research and educate ourselves on the safety of the products we use, we are becoming advocates for our own health. One of my favorite websites for checking out a product’s safety profile is the ewg site. It can be overwhelming to switch everything over so I started with the products I use the most. I started with my every day face coverage, body lotion, body wash, kids bath products, & face lotion/cleanser. 

Beautycounter has something called The Never List™. The Never List™ is made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they will never use as ingredients in their products. This includes >1400 chemicals that have been banned in personal care products by The European Union (the US is VERY FAR behind when it comes to the beauty industry and safety in our products). I love what Beautycounter stands for and how they are trying to get better regulations when it comes to our personal care products. 

Since Beautycounter hardly EVER has sales this good, I wanted to create a post on my favorite products that I currently use from them. These products are ones that are great as the initial switch over to safer products as they are ones that you use on a daily basis! 

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OKAY here we go with my favorite Beautycounter products!

Cleansing Balm

One of my favorite products that Beautycounter sells, this cleansing balm has SO many different uses. It acts as a great daily cleanser, makeup remover, and an amazing overnight mask. Every single person that has used this balm, swears by it. HIGHLY recommend it!

Kids Line

I ran out of my Tubby Todd products last month and ordered the kids line of body wash, shampoo and conditioner and LOVE it so much. Smells very lightweight and suds up well too! This combo three pack is excluded from the sale but it’s a great price for all three together. 

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about switching over to safer beauty products

Body Lotion & Body Wash

My other favorite picks that I use daily. This body lotion & wash smell SO amazing (very light and refreshing and not a heavy scent). I just ordered my second bottle (my first lasted 5 months) so it lasts quite a long time too!

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about switching over to safer beauty products

Dew Skin Coverage

This is the only all over coverage I use on my face. I think it has excellent coverage for what I need it for (I have never been someone to use a ton of coverage all over my face) and it has built in SPF in it. If you want more coverage, you can layer on Tint Skin after your Dew Skin! I only wear the dew skin and feel that it is enough coverage for me! I wear shade no. 2!

As far as determining your color, they have free returns/exchanges if the shade you pick ends up being the wrong one! 

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about switching over to safer beauty products

Lip Gloss in Bare Shimmer

I am a very simple person when it comes to lip color. This is the only one I typically wear besides occasional red in the fall/winter!

Eye Makeup Remover | Takes off eye makeup in a jiffy and it’s very gentle on the skin!

Charcoal Bar

This is great for acne prone skin and an all over cleansing bar (great for the men too!) It absorbs impurities but does NOT dry out your skin. A must have!

Countermatch Sun Products

BEST SUNSCREEN AWARD RIGHT HERE. It goes on SO easy, especially for kids! I use the spray and the lotion! 

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about switching over to safer beauty products

Makeup Wipes 

I use these when traveling anywhere! Love how well these work and they also don’t sting your eyes like over makeup wipes do! They’re also biodegradable!

Nourishing Rosewater Mist 

This is not a daily product but it’s one that I really love. This rosewater mist is awesome for hot days when you’re out and it’s a great pick me up to spray across your face throughout the day. You can also spray it onto a cotton ball and wipe across your face to remove impurities. 

Last product is one that I just recently ordered because of all the hype around it. I have heard amazing results from this resurfacing overnight peel and cannot wait to try it! This peel is excluded from the sale though, just FYI!


“Is it really worth it? Seems pricey”

In my opinion, 100%. Safety means a lot to me and I just bought a few things over the last 6 months, you can go gradual and things like the body wash and lotion last awhile! 

“If you were to suggest purchasing ONE product, which would it be?”

Hands down, the cleansing balm!

“Have you tried the Tubby Todd Sunscreen?”

I have not!

“Favorite makeup item?”

Dew skin. Final answer 😉 

“Recommendations for kids eczema?”

The entire kids line that I mentioned earlier is amazing for kids with eczema. I know many mothers that have used it on their kids with excellent results. Also highly recommend the baby daily protective balm here!

“Do you use their shampoo/conditioner? Do you like it?”

I have tried it and did not prefer it!

“I’m newly pregnant and my skin is in chaos. What products are my must haves?”

Hands down, the cleansing balm as a facial cleanser and overnight mask. 

“Can you show us how to apply the foundation?”

Yes, I definitely can! I am away today and at work tomorrow but I will show you this week sometime!

“I was looking at the website last night! What are the top five items for a beginner?”

Cleansing BalmBody Lotion, Body WashCharcoal Bar & Dew Skin Coverage

“What products, if any, would you use on Miles?”

I use the whole Kids Line on him! 

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  1. hey lynzy!

    i have the overnight resurfacing peel and love it! i use it after my cleansing balm and can definitely see and feel a difference in the morning! hope you love it!