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Make a Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard


This months DIY post is by my lovely contributor, LISA. I hope you all are loving this series as much as I am! 

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Make a Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard

Simple Living Tip #3: Make a festive Valentine’s Day cheeseboard for a cozy night at home.

Valentine’s Day is a very different story than we were told growing up. As kids, we looked forward to our class parties, eating sugary treats and passing out handmade valentine’s in elementary school. Now that we’re adults, Valentine’s Day usually comes with a lot of pressure. There’s flowers, candy, gifts, dinner reservations and pricey fixed menus. Sometimes all we really need to make this holiday feel joyful is just a cozy night at home. Whether you’re having a girl’s night or spending it with someone special, here is everything you’ll need to create a festive Valentine’s Day cheeseboard.

When I’m putting together a holiday cheeseboard, I like to incorporate a subtle theme to make it feel festive. For Valentine’s Day, soft pinks and whites are a simple way to decorate (skipping those cheesy traditional reds). I like to add just a few pink flowers, rose petals, heart shaped doilies and some cute accent stickers.

Adding at least 3 different cheeses gives your Valentine’s Day spread some variety with both adventurous and traditional options. I like to offer a mix of cheeses from creamy and soft to crumbly and firm. My top choices are double crème brie, Merlot Bellavitano, and goat cheese.

It’s all in the presentation. My favorite part about grazing platters is there isn’t actually any cooking involved (yes to that!). You get to be creative with the arrangement and give your guests plenty of options. I like to pair combinations that go together, so everyone can just pick and choose what they like best. Offering a variety of crackers and roasted French bread adds a base for paring delicious flavors together.

Especially with cheeseboards, there are simple details that will make your table feel put together but relaxed at the same time. I like to have everything on the platter touch, so your display looks casual and inviting. Nuts, pistachios, almonds and dried cranberries fill the spaces to give your cheeseboard an effortless quality. Fresh fruit adds texture and pairs nicely with each cheese to bring out the flavor.

When it comes to assembling a cheeseboard, add some small bowls and garnish to create dimension. Honey and jam are always a hit. Fresh basil is my secret ingredient that adds the perfect amount of flavor to each bite. An assortment of cured meats – like Italian dry salami and prosciutto – adds variety with a special artisanal touch. While most of your offerings are finger-friendly, be sure to add cheese knives, toothpicks and tiny spoons.

As for drinks, you can’t go wrong with some rosé, wine or champagne to compliment a sweet and savory cheeseboard. Pouring something sparkling just always makes it feel like more of an occasion, right!?

Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard Essentials:

  1. Cheese: Fromager d’Affinois brie, Merlot Bellavitano, cranberry goat cheese
  2. Meats: Italian dry salami
  3. Savory: Pistachios, Truffle Marcona almonds, olives, assorted crackers, roasted French bread with olive oil and rosemary
  4. Sweet: Strawberries, grapes, honey, jam, chocolate covered strawberries
  5. Accessories: Assorted serving platters, cheese knives, tiny spoons, small bowls, linen napkins, coasters, small plates (optional)
  6. Drinks: Rosé, wine, champagne


Lisa Rosen writes Based On Beige, a modern diary for the art of simple living. It’s a lifestyle destination built on intentional, thoughtful living. It will inspire you to appreciate the beauty in life’s simple moments.


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