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Little Kitchen Update | Counter Stools

So excited to give you a peek into our recent small kitchen update! My dream for our kitchen is to separate this protruding counter into a large island in the middle of the kitchen with 4 counter stools. Serena & Lily reached out to me to see if I wanted to work together on their Kitchen at the Counter campaign and I nearly cried because my dream stools are from Serena & Lily. We were only able to fit three right now since we have a cupboard on the end of this counter but once we separate it into the island, we will have four! 

Little Kitchen Update | Counter Stools

I can’t even begin to tell you how much easier my mornings have become now that I have all three kids at the counter with me while I make breakfast and lunches for the day! It saves me time but also brings them closer to me! I love having them here so that we can have a conversation together and they help me build their snacks/lunches for the day! Serena & Lily allows us to have a fresh take on casual dining here at the counter for breakfast and lunch and we love it! 

Bedford tray | Avalon Swivel Counter Stools | Teak Step Stool

I love so much about these stools but most of all is that they swivel and have a back to them! With kids, it’s just a lot easier that they have both of those things! My little man likes to be a little devious and stand up on his but he’s learning 😉 On the flip side to this counter we have a stool so that the kids can help me bake cookies or cook dinner! Here you will see my middle child helping me with some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (that Winston decided he wanted to steal a few hours later)! I love the simplicity of Serena & Lily’s line and how the different textures and woods/colors flow together! The colors always bring me so much peace, neutral & subtle. In a few weeks I will also be showing you a little update into our living room area, stay tuned for that! 


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  1. I love the LOOk but close to $600.00 for a stool seems very pricey! Do you have any links to a cheaper version or dupe?