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This post is sponsored by UNIQLO. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love! 

We are getting so close to our Europe departure date and I can hardly contain my excitement anymore! It’s crazy that I have been prepping and researching this trip for a full year now and it’s finally here! I haven’t done one of these life lately posts in awhile, so figured I would put one together for you before we leave! Throughout this post you will see images of the girls and I running around one of our favorite parks along the shore. We are all wearing UNIQLO and I cannot even tell you how much I love the girls little trench coats. I will show you a closer view in today’s Instagram stories but the fabric is insanely kid friendly and it’s a great back to school coat! What I love most about UNIQLO is their great price points and kid friendly attire. Throughout the post, each item will be linked up for you to easily shop! Just an FYI, the sizing runs slightly big! My almost 5 year old has the 5-6 size on in the dress and it’s a bit big (and she’s typically wearing size 6 right now – huge growth spurt this summer). 


On my 4 year old: Dress (only $15!)/ Trench Coat (less than $40!)

On my 2 year old: Dress / Trench Coat

On ME : Joggers

As we enter in to this busy season of blogging, we call it quarter 4 (aka bust your butt until December 31st), I find myself wanting to slow way down. I was reading Liz’s (a friend of mine) blog post the other day and felt very much drawn to it. As media content creators it is incredibly hard to know where to draw that fine line. When to say no to campaigns, when to say no to more work. I am a classic overachiever and love work. I know that may sound crazy but there is nothing more I love to do than WORK HARD. However, being a mother to three little ones, it’s important to know that slowing down and getting lost in kids play is MOST IMPORTANT. In order to to slow down during the busiest season, I am accepting less partnerships on a monthly basis so that I can spend more time with my family. We recently lost our sitter that was coming three days a week and the girls will be in school for a few hours each day but it will leave me less time to get things done in the long run. I am looking forward to being less busy 🙂 

Now that I will be slowing down some, I would love to know what your FAVORITE topics are that you like me to cover. Whether it’s maternity/nursing friendly style, capsule wardrobes, baby & kids finds, etc. I would love to have a better idea of what you are all looking for so that I can spend time on quality content that you all want to see. Weigh in down below in the comment section!

We have a few projects that are on deck for our home. As many of you know, we bought a fixer upper three years ago and we have slowly been renovating it. We have been saving for years and it’s time to start thinking about the bigger projects in our future. The first project is the basement. Our basement is half finished and pretty darn big (500 sq feet of finished area) and it’s GROSS. That is actually an understatement but I don’t think anyone before us ever used a dehumidifier so it smells like mold and it’s got wood paneled walls and gross carpet and it JUST NEEDS TO BE GUTTED. I will pop champagne on the day that it’s demolished. I will walk you through that whole renovation once it’s started in early October or so. We are also looking to renovate our master bath in the next few months. It’s actually about half the size of the bathroom we just renovated and the tiles are all cracked, the toilet is leaking and the shower barely fits one human being (never mind that it’s puke green). It’s TIME for that to be gone as well. You will be seeing even more home planning in the coming months and I hope you love it! I have had such a great response to our home planning and decor/renovating in the past and I am excited to show you along these projects. 

We also just met with an amazing architect this week with regards to giving our home more curb appeal, a front porch and basically setting a bomb off in our kitchen/mudroom/laundry area. Many of you probably already know this but the kitchen when we first moved in was ATROCIOUS. You can see it here! We painted the cabinets and go rid of all the old wood on the walls and painted, added lots of crown molding, etc. It was a great quick fix but the long term plan was to rip it all out. The cabinets are literally falling apart, our oven doesn’t work (only heats up as much as it desires) and up until recently, our stove top only had 2 working burners (thanks for the free range Kat!) I have showed you the entrance into our mudroom and laundry area before but I will show it to you again soon. It is the WORST design in history and the hall isn’t even wide enough to meet code. When I bring in groceries with the kids, I hit every wall on the way in, it’s awful! That whole process will be tackled in the next few years so I am already starting to brainstorm because I know I will change my mind 1000x. Looking forward to sharing all of that with you guys!

I think that’s about it for updates right now but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to leave them below! I will get back to you as soon as I can! 😉 

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  1. Good for you for choosing to slow down this fall! ❤️ In way of future content, we just bought a home and also have some projects planned, so i would lOve to follow along with your design process (meeting with contrActors, how to get the best deals, etc.). I’m also due with my first little girl
    In two weeks, so i would love to continue to see kiddo products / clothes, as well as some good PP / nursing options for me! You’re the best!

  2. I would love some tips or Suggestions for time management and how you balance it all! As well, would love to see posts with suggestions for post-partum clothes. I will be recovering from my second c-section at the end of decEmber and am looking for all things comfy but stylish 🤗

  3. Its hard slowing down when You thrive on working, but it will Likely be a greay move for you and your family. I’m due with my first in January so would love to see maternity, post partum, and any and all baby products and hacks. Love followiNg you

  4. I like hearing about your fam and what’s new with you guys. I started following when we were both pregnant, so i really appreCiated the nursinG and maternity clothing suggestIons you made. Miles is 2 months older than my son, so it’s fun to hear about how he’s Growing/sleeping/eating. Your home reno projects are always fun To see as well. Enjoy your trip! And the slow down after!

  5. Hi!
    I honestly loooooove following you and your posts/ shopping / try ons. Between you and karla reed, you are rhe only bloggers im obsessed with haha. I would love to see more nursing friendly options 🙂 but i love all Your Content!

  6. We built our home last year, and are fiNishing out the Inside by doing the work ourself (Drywall/floor/Trim..essentially Everything that makes a hosue Not just a box!) its a lot of work, but even moRe so with our chiLdren (4 yr & 5 mo). On the flipSide, its INCREDIBLY satisfying to have So much say over your home. Good luck!