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Life Lately

This post is written in collaboration with JCPenney. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I love! 

I miss the days when I used to write these “life lately” post and just ramble on & on about whatever was on my mind. Today is your LUCKY (in the most sarcastic voice possible) day! I will be chatting your ear off with everything from baby chicks to summer plans! I hope you guys are kicking off your summer’s in the best way possible! I know that many of the schools down south are already out for the year! We end this week and then we quickly start survival swim! Survival swim is 4 days a week x 6 weeks so it’s going to be a VERY busy summer with that! I will be sure to share more about that in my stories as well! 

My entire outfit is brought to you by good ole’ JCPenney and it’s super DUPER affordable! These shorts are my favorite because they just make me smile looking at them. I mean, who doesn’t smile when they see all those colors?! I am wearing size small and they fit pretty TTS – plus, they’re on sale for $14!! The crochet top is a bit short for my liking but as long as you have HIGH rise shorts/pants – you’re good! The bow sandals are also pretty darn adorable and for only $14, they are a must have! They come in quite a few colors/patterns too! 

Our baby chicks are doing AWESOME! They are all very healthy and HUGE. I cannot believe how fast these little ladies grew! They are flying out of their bucket and I end  up having to chase them all over our porch – it’s a sight to behold! They go through an incredible amount of food and water per day and I cannot wait to see them gallivanting around the yard! ha! Our coop is getting there! We have the chicken run finished but just need to finish up the coop itself and then I will need to paint it! We are also doing a little landscaping around the outside so I am excited about that! Stay tuned in stories for the process surrounding that! 

I am running a 10k on Friday! My first “race” since before kids (when I ran the NYC marathon)! I am a bit nervous seeing that I haven’t run farther than 5 miles in a few years but I think the hour long workouts at OT have prepped me well enough – we will see! 

In preparation for summer and a new work/life balance… I’ve been putting my phone away completely from Friday-Monday. My family deserves my 1:1 attention as much as possible and having certain apps on my phone interfere with all of that sometimes. It’s been amazing to disconnect on a weekly basis and I am only mad at myself for not doing it sooner. I highly suggest doing the same if you’re not already! 😉 

If only my manicure was on it’s game when these were taken. Shucks.

I have some really great content coming at you in the next few weeks so stay tuned! 


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