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An Initiative to Fight Hunger that Everyone Should Know About

This  post is sponsored by Feeding America and Scholastic. The ideas and opinions are all my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that we truly love and believe in.

Talking about a more serious topic here on the blog today, one that we often don’t think about because we don’t have to live it on a daily basis. Working in the ER for nearly 10 years has opened my eyes up to so many different things, one of them being, hunger. We often take for granted that we are able to provide for our children and make them breakfast, lunch and dinner. I hope to be able to raise my children with them knowing that this isn’t the case for everyone and that we can help contribute in some way to those who are less fortunate; teaching them the importance of caring for others and treating them like they were our own family. If everyone takes baby steps to try to help, it makes a significant difference. I am working together with Feeding America and Scholastic to tell you about their Hungry to Help program today and I am so excited to share how you can incorporate some of these actions into your every day life at home with kids!

The Hungry to Help Family Action Plan helps to inspire parents on how to talk with your children about the topic of hunger and what they can do to help! It provides hands-on community action ideas, family activities, children’s activity sheet, summer checklist  to help end hunger and more! Feeding America even has an ice cream truck that is currently touring the country to spread the word about child hunger.

Our little Ellie bear may be a bit too little to grasp some of these concepts now, but I know that Olivia would be able to understand. I plan to implement some of these actions into our own home to help raise awareness about the struggle of hunger that many kids face every day. Working together to fight hunger will build a sense of community and teach our children that they can help too! There is no action too small and every little bit counts. Children have the biggest hearts and they could all teach us a thing or two when it comes to being compassionate and helping others.

Get the Hungry to Help Family Action Plan here!

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