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Importance of One on One Time with Your Children

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I’ve talked about the importance of one on one time with your children many times in the past but given that the school year is upon us and our schedules are about to get a heck of a lot busier, I figured that this was a good time to chat about it! I have found this to be a parenting hack that will improve so many things including your child’s overall behavior, your sanity and most importantly, the relationship with your child. 

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My oldest is extremely sensitive and loves to have her one on one time. It’s really important for her and I try to do this with her at least once a week if not more. This week we took a drive to get her Kindergarten supplies for school stopping along the way for some coffee and hot chocolate! Touching base with your children alone allows them to open up about things that they may not want their siblings to know about. It also allows them to have your full attention without having to compete with others (or even your spouse)! 

As we get busy throughout the school year I KNOW how hard it can be to make this work. These one on one dates can be something as simple as 10 minutes before bedtime! Switch on and off if you have multiple kids. Nap time is another great opportunity to connect with the older siblings. 

Aside from one on one time, we truly believe that dinner time should be done together as a family and have it be a time when everyone talks about their day, whether it was good or bad. A few questions we ask are:

What was your favorite thing that happened today?

What was your least favorite part about today?

Is there anything you have questions about from your day today at school?

Every single one of us will do this – including us! It’s really important for the kids to see that we also have good AND bad parts of our days and that it’s totally normal! 

I would love to know what you have incorporated into your own home and how it’s working out for you in the comment section below!

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  1. I love this! I also have 3 kids and a husband that works a rotating schedule and the evening shift… but one thing i do since im home aLone with them a loT.. is they each get their own special bed time with me their own bOok song and we chat for 5 minutes about their day.. i start bed time probably an hour before the oldest needs to be asleep and start with the youngest.. it just gives us a moment To connect and aPpreciate our time together… another thing my husband and i do is we try to take each child out just them and us a night Of their choosing and they have both of us to themselves… we do one child a month and they look forward to their turn!

  2. We haven’T done this yet because we only have one, but i’ve heard of pArents creating a “special day” for each child—taking tHem on a “date” or Planning something They, specifically, will like.