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How To Stay Motivated

This monthly fitness tip is brought to you by one of my new blog contributors, Christina! I am so excited to be able to bring you some fitness tips each month! 

How To Stay Motivated

Once the new year has worn off and resolutions have been long forgotten, it may be difficult to stay motivated to exercise. I have been struggling more than usual because it has rained non stop in Georgia for what feels like a year. I heard on the radio just this morning that we have gotten more rain than Portland and Seattle combined! And when your go to exercise is running outside that basically takes away any chances of you exercising. But I have found certain things will keep me motivated.

Find something you love

The biggest motivator by far is finding something you love. Try everything out there. Rock climbing, kick boxing, yoga, cycling, rec/adult league sports etc. If you love what you’re doing it won’t feel like exercise.

My roommate in college hated ‘working out.’ She went to the gym a handful of times but just didn’t like it. She started rock climbing and fell in love. She is now the most in shape person I know. And she would still tell you she hates working out.

How you feel after

I always say you’ll never regret a work out but you’ll always regret not working out. Pretty sure I didn’t make that up but hey. When I’m just not feeling it I remind myself how I feel when I’m done. You get that endorphin high and you don’t feel like a lazy bum.

Write down why you started in the first place

For me I workout because it not only improves my physical health it also improves my mental health. I find the days I work out I have a very positive outlook. I feel better about myself and like I accomplished something. It motivates me to keep going

Best Playlist

Now I’ll be honest I love a good podcast when I go for a run. Ha! Lame I know. But when I’m just not feeling it I’ll make a playlist with all the songs that get me pumped! I’m talking Eminem on repeat. When I listen to him I feel like I’m running in the Olympics and I have people cheering me on and I’m trying to win a race. Don’t judge! It works.

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