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How to Protect your Privacy as a Blogger

How to protect your privacy as a blogger // Steps you can take that you may not have heard of!Domain Privacy // You can purchase this through whichever company you used to purchase your domain. If you don’t know if you already have privacy, go here to check! It’s super important and a VERY easy way for people to find you. It’s very cheap to buy the privacy for your domain so just do it!

Get a VPN // By the recommendation of my blog’s host, I downloaded my VPN here. A VPN is an encrypted connection which allows you personally to establish a connection with a remote service. It essentially allow you to browse without someone being able to see where you are browsing from. It gives you privacy and it’s worth every damn penny.

Download “Cleaner for Instagram” // This app allows you to quickly an effectively run through all of your followers and bulk delete ones that are lurking and / or ones that just seen sketchy to you!

Watermark your images on Instagram // Consider watermarking images for Instagram, especially those of your children if you choose to post images publicly.

Regularly change all of your passwords // …and make sure that they are all different, rather than the same password for every account!

Check all of your social media channels, newsletter, etc. // Make sure your address (EVEN YOUR STATE cannot be found)

Get a PO box // Have items shipped to a PO box instead of your home. Granted UPS and Fedex won’t deliver here but anything USPS will.

Never, ever post images of the outside of your home or where you live // Seems simple but people don’t always adhere to this rule. It’s an easy one to avoid!

Make your IG account private or go private at night when you cannot regulate your followers // I now go private at night so that I can weed through the followers in the morning and block those that are not people I would want following my account. During the day, I weed through them manually. I wish I could go completely private but unfortunately when you are a blogger working with brands and companies, you can’t have a private account.

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  1. It’s so scary the amount of stalker crazy people that are out there. I don’t have a newsletter yet and it’s because I don’t want my address on there. In this town only ONE place has a PO BOX that will deliver FedEx, UPS and USPS and I’ve been on the waiting list a year. Sigh.

  2. Hi, thank you for this post. I will be applying these suggestions as a newbie on IG. I have serious doubts about keeping my account public and what happened to you definitely makes me rethink things. I wish all the best to you and your family!

  3. I would also add to this: be really careful if you post about your kids. I’ve seen some bloggers inadvertently reveal too much information. It can be one bit at a time, but before you know it, you’ve mentioned your city, the name of their school, their photo, their name, and sometimes, what your car looks like. Not good! It’s hard to obscure everything, but these tips are a good start.

  4. Thanks for these tips!! I get so freaked out about what people can see online, as much as I want to think the best of people it’s better to think the worst and be positively surprised than the other way around. I think this whole privacy issue is the main reason I haven’t started a blog, so much anxiety but these tips really help.
    I love your blog and hate that someone would take advantage of this.