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How to Pack Your Hospital Birth Bag & Printable

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How-to-pack-your-hospital-birth-bagHow to Pack Your Hospital Birth Bag

Packing your birth bag. The first time around I had it packed 8 weeks before and the 2nd time it was packed 2 weeks before. I am sure that if we are blessed to have a third child, I most likely will just have my purse (Ha!) But none the less, it is important to be prepared! I am going to do this in a several part series. Part I will focus on the mama, part II on baby and part III on dad! 

How to pack your hospital birth bag // Part One in a Three Part Series // For mamas!

Packing your hospital birth bag // For mama

1.) Button down pajamas // These are great if you are planning on breastfeeding. I stocked up on a few of these so that I was able to rotate through them in the first few months! I never really left the house when our first babe was born and I just lived in these! 🙂

2.) Toiletries/pampering // Make sure to bring the boring stuff like a toothbrush and toothpaste, but also don’t forget any makeup that you may want and some products to make you feel great. Hospital soap and toiletries aren’t the best so I brought my favorite body and face lotion with me along with a face wash. It always made me feel a bit more “fresh” afterwards and I love the scent of Aveeno® skin care products, especially their coconut lotion. Their exclusive Active Naturals® Oat formula goes on feather-light and absorbs in seconds to keep skin soft and healthy looking. I have been using this facial lotion since my BFF in college introduced it to me in 2003! 

3.) Delivery gown // This is not a necessary item but it is one that I felt beautiful in and I was glad I had it. I only wore it the first time around and the second time around I forgot it at home. Whoops! I love the ones from this shop!

4.) Extra pair of clothes // You will want something comfy to wear while you are there and another outfit to go home in. I packed my favorite pair of yoga pants (you will still have that 6 month post partum belly so make sure to bring something that will accommodate 😉 and a few tees! I also brought a comfy pair of flats to wear to and from the bathroom and on the way home. 

How to pack your hospital birth bag // Part One in a Three Part Series // For mamas!

5.) Nipple cream // You will definitely want this! The hospital will also provide you with some while you are there but I personally love this nipple cream here

6.) Care for down there // The hospital will provide you with a lot of this but I would have it at home as well! This perineal bottle will be a lifesaver for you. I took an extra one home from the hospital. I love these preparation H pads and the with hazel pads (also from the hospital) What I would do is put on your pad and then layer the with hazel pads on there. The coolness is so refreshing and helps you to heal! 

7.) Extra Underwear and Pads // Unless you want to wear the hospital granny panties and extra large diapers, I suggest bringing your own 😉  I bought some really amazing slinky underwear that was perfect for post-partum here and then I just bought overnight pads and brought them with me! A lot less bulky than what they will provide for you!

8.) Extra snacks // You will be STARVING once your baby is finally here and the cafeteria may be closed. I would bring a few snacks with you just in case you need them!

9.) iPod or other music playing device // I wanted to listen to music while I was in L&D so if you are the type that loves a good tune to get you through those tough moments, I would definitely bring this with you! This speaker can connect right to your iPhone to make it easy!

10.) Camera // Video camera and / or camera // if you want to take pictures while you are there! We had a birth photographer come for the second birth and I am telling you, it was 120% worth it. The pictures are breath taking and I cry whenever I look at them. 

11.) Socks // Some socks with grips on the bottom or a pair of slippers for walking the halls when you are in labor! 

12.) Lip Balm // I don’t know what it is but I felt like I was constantly reaching for this! I felt like my lips were so dry! 

13.) Your own pillow // Trust me, you will thank me for this. It will make you feel at home 🙂

14.) Cell phone & Charger

Stay tuned for the next part in this series that will feature what to pack for your new little nugget!

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You can download the free printable list here!

 How to pack your hospital birth bag // Part One in a Three Part Series // For mamas!


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  1. Wow, if only I had known back then what I just learned from reading your post, it would’ve saved me (and everyone else) a lot of trouble after delivery of my first child…I wasn’t even thinking about what I would need…I was only thinking about my new baby and I barely got that right (so young and naive)! Looking forward to seeing your next post on the baby birth bag!

  2. This makes me sad looking back on how quickly that time went and being the first time around I didn’t take it all in. Here’s to #2…eventually. Great post.