How to Organize your Family Photos | Blog Contributor Series - Lynzy & Co.

How to Organize your Family Photos | Blog Contributor Series

This months Photo Tip is brought to you by my lovely contributor, STACY. I hope you all enjoy this simple tip on How to Organize your Family Photos! 

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How to Organize your Family Photos

In the spirit of spring cleaning and everyone Marie Kondo-ing their lives, I want to share a few tips with you for organizing and decluttering your family photos.

First things first, upload your photos right after you’ve taken them. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed once you’ve set up a system. It’s way easier to sort through images once a day or even once a week than it is to try and organize photos that have been sitting on your memory card for months. This goes for your phone too!

Create folders. Start with the year. In that folder, create another set of folders for each month. Name them with the number first so that they sort chronologically. Example: 01 January, 02 February, 03 March, and so on.

Inside those folders you can create a folder for each day or activity. Be really specific with how you name these folders too. For example, in my January 2019 folder, I have another folder titled “Olivia’s First Sink Bath.” You can also rename the individual files to be super specific. This way if you need to locate a photo, you can type in a few keywords to help find that photo quickly.

Delete your photos! Ok mamas, I know this is going to be a tough one, but you need to get comfortable with deleting photos. You don’t need 500 of the same picture! Even if your little one looks adorable in every single one. I admit it. I’m a total over shooter. Earlier this week I went to breakfast with my mom, my sister, and our kids. As we were leaving I wanted to snap a picture of all of the cousins together and in less 30 seconds I took 20 pictures.

BUT, later that day, I went through the images and picked out one or two of my favorites and the rest were deleted. If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it! Another thing to look out for are blurry photos. If you can’t recognize who’s in the photo, delete it! Go through your phone and get rid of any screen shots too. I promise it’ll feel so good when all you have left are the moments that really matter.

Back up everything! There are a million ways to back up your photos, choose what works best for you. A 1TB external hard drive has the space to save thousands of images. I also backup my photos online in the cloud. I use a company called Backblaze, but there are several to choose from. Google Photos is another. They do require a monthly fee so find one that fits your budget.

Just keep in mind that external hard drives can fail. Computers get damaged. It’s a good idea to store your photos in a few different places. This bring me to my next tip.   

Print your pictures. In this digital era, we take sooo many photos and most of them end up never seeing the light of day. Let’s change that! Start printing your photos. Even the mobile ones. Frame them. Gift them. Make a photo book (this will be so much easier once you’re organized!).

Taking photos is the easy part! Getting organized so you can find what you’re looking for, protecting them, and then actually doing something with them is the key to enjoying your photos for years to come.


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