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How to Make Your Own APNO Cream

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As mentioned in this week’s podcast episode “Breastfeeding during those first few weeks“, APNO cream really is the best and you can make your own at home if you can’t get a prescription! In some areas it can be difficult to get because some pharmacies can’t make it (it needs to be a compounding pharmacy). This cream is PERFECT for your nipples during that first week of breastfeeding. The second you start to see an abrasion or feel really sore around the nipples, using this cream can really save your nips! 

I first discovered this cream when I experienced thrush with my third! I couldn’t believe that I had nursed TWO babies without ever discovering this miracle cream, it works wonders! With my 4th baby I noticed that one of my nipples was getting an open wound on day 2 in the hospital (most likely due to shallow latch) and I immediately asked for this cream to be prescribed and I took it home with us. I used it daily on that nipple for a few days until it was healed. I would alternate the cream and nipple shield whenever I was getting sores on my nipples and within about 10-14 days, we have a perfect latch and healed nipples! All that being said, this was my best experience breastfeeding and the other three babies were VERY MESSY & PAINFUL (all of that can be “normal)!

How to Make Your Own APNO Cream


Polysporin Ointment (topical antibiotic ointment)

Lotrimin (antifungal)

Hydrocortisone 1% cream (steroid cream that helps to heal open sores)

Creating your APNO Cream: 

Mix equal parts of all three of the above ingredients and apply a thin layer on nipple/areola as needed. There is no need to wipe it off before baby’s next feeding but if you feel more comfortable, go for it! 

It is not recommended to use this for long term (months at a time) because it can affect the tissue. I would use it for an open sore and then once healed (5-7 days) I would stop using it. This will last for months so feel free to use it when and if you have issues later on in your breastfeeding journey as well!


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  1. This cream is a mIracle! It works wonders! I was able to breastfeed my teo last Babies because of this cream…it even works wonders on baby bum Rashes! And dry skin spots…

  2. Thank you for the RECIPE! I so APPRECIATE you mentionInG this Is for short term use. No one told me the first time around and i used it for weeks, causing further breakdown and not allowing healing. My lc figured it out and recommEnded i stop using it at that time. Sure enough, they healed when i took a brEak from it. But it was a very painful process

  3. ThanK yOu so much for shAring this. I had so many problems Nursing my First baby and was so Nervous for nUrsing my second. I decided to GIve this a try instead of the lanolin or other nipple balms. It has saved my sanity! Baby is one week old aNd this already helped me heal! Nursing still isn’t perfect yet, but i sweAr the diY APNO saved my sanity this time around!