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How to Have an Awesome Staycation

SO many great ideas in this months travel tip with my blog contributor, Tavia.  Tavia is sharing some great staycation ideas! I will definitely be referring to this post during spring break and summer break! 

How to Have an Awesome Staycation

Spring Break and Summer Break are quickly approaching. If you’re like most families across the United States, you may not have the vacation time or money to take the family on multiple vacations each year.  So, here are several ideas to keep the family active and entertained without spending loads of cash on plane tickets and hotels. From water sports to concerts to hiking, your family is on its way to relaxation with a STAYcation!

Plan a Movie Night:  Take your family on an adventure to the nearest movie theater OR have an extra special night in by creating your own movie theater.  Hang up a sheet, get a projector and create your very own in-home movie theater. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!

Relax by the Water:  Find a local lake, river, beach, or pool to relax near.  More than half of Americans live near a coast and almost every city has at least one pool for the public.  Check out the YMCA, local college, or high school.

Host a Potluck or BBQ: You love vacationing with friends, so why not Staycation with them too?  If you’ve got other friends in the area, invite them over for an afternoon or evening of good food and games!

Make a Local Bucket list: Make a bucket list of everything you want to see or experience in your area.  Spend your staycation exploring what your town has to offer!

See a Show: Most towns have some kind of theater; whether a local little theater or the local high school play.  Get out there and take advantage of your local thespian’s performance!

Take a gym class: It’s time to see who’s who in the family.  Sign up for a local exercise class and challenge your family to a friendly competition!  Who can cycle faster? Who is better at Yoga? Who is best at a Step class?

Visit or Work at a Farm:  Head to a local farm to enjoy some fresh cheese or wine.  Bonus points if the farm has small animals to interact with! Many farms accept volunteer workers, so be sure to ask if they need any extra help and get the entire family involved!

Room Service:  Take turns with a roommate or partner bringing each other some room service.  Everyone likes breakfast in bed or not having to cook their own dinner, so swap nights or mornings.  This brings the hotel vibe right to your own house!

Visit a local Museum: Have you driven past your local museum for the last 5 years and never gone inside?  It’s time. Go see what’s on display!

Sign up for a Run: 5Ks & Half-Marathons happen everywhere.  These events typically last at least half a day with post-run food & fun.  This can be a really fun family experience! Get out there and get sweaty!

Take a Cruise (mini):  Many lakes, rivers, and coastal towns offer dinner cruises.  If you haven’t joined one in your area yet, it’s time! Let the boat Captain be your driver while you dine and dance for an evening!

Go Camping: Camping is a perfect way to save money while you get away from the hustle and bustle of real life.  Find a local campground, cook some s’mores, and relax under the stars!

Go to a National or State Park:  Many State parks as well as National parks offer free days or incentives for certain age groups (like 4th graders!). Sign the kids up for the Junior Ranger program and explore!

Spa Day:  Everyone can use a fun facial mask.  Get the whole family involved in mani, pedis and face masks.  Once the kids go to bed, draw a hot bath and relax. If you’ve got the budget for it, book a real spa day!  Hire a babysitter and go!

Take a Tour:  Almost all towns have some kind of tour. Check out your local Visitor’s center or town website to find out how you can be a tourist in your own town!

Hire a House Keeper:  One thing people love about travel is not having to clean their house.  While you’re out exploring, hire someone to come in and clean your house for you!

Volunteer:  Serving others can be more rejuvenating than a spa.  Check your local hospital, shelter or school to see where volunteers are needed.  Take the family and spread some love in your community.

Treat Yourself:  Part of a staycation is enjoying yourself.  Splurge on an expensive bottle of wine, a take-out meal you’ve been craving or even a cake; whatever makes you happy! Use this staycation to indulge!

You don’t have to jet set across the world to have a relaxing time with family.  Turn your home or town into a vacation. With a little creativity, you can relax and rejuvenate within your own walls.  The best staycation is one that is unplugged from real life. Strive to be as present as possible with your family. Time together and time relaxing is what this staycation is all about!


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