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How I Became a Blogger: Part I

This post is sponsored by Amazon Fashion & Isotoner. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love and that make this blog possible 🙂 

My number one question has always been how I started blogging and how others may be able to start their own blog. I am super excited to kick off this series of blog posts with Amazon & Isotoner to tell you all about how I started blogging, the process of it over the past 9 years, how I work from home and even how to begin your own blog and community! Today’s post will concentrate on how I started blogging and how my blog has evolved over the past 9 years. The second post will move into how I work blogging into my daily schedule and routine at home and the last and final post will be all about how you can begin your own blog at home and tips and tricks to finding success! 

First, let’s chat a bit about my typical work uniform at home. I am always in relaxed mode and I typically wear some sweats and a cozy top with my Isotoner slippers. You guys are really going to LOVE the price on these! They’re only $21 and what I love most about them is the hard sole. I even take these on walks with Winston and even to drop my kids off at school (don’t judge me). My favorite Isotoner slipper is this cable knit pattern with the faux fur on top! They come in oatmeal and rose color as well! They also have “360 technology” which means that there is memory foam all around the foot for a 360 degree comfort fit. Lastly, they have SmartDri Technology as well which eliminates sweaty feet!

Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about how she started blogging.

Back in 2008 when I first started working in the ER as a Physician Assistant, my life and mindset completely changed. I met so many people without homes, without a support system and without healthy minds. Many patients would come to the ER just for warmth, comfort and food. It opened my eyes to so many different things and some of it was very hard for me to process. I couldn’t understand why others’ had to live this way while I was able to go home after a long day and relax in on my couch with a hot meal. I also experienced illness and trauma that I will never be able to erase from my mind. People taken away far too soon and illness that knew no boundary, affecting those of any age. It took me almost a year to “get used to” my new normal. Heading into work and knowing that what I experience that day may be engraved into my mind forever. The ER is not for the faint of heart, it can be a very difficult place to work and it can be extremely difficult to separate from once you leave your shift for the day. 


Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about how she started blogging.

I went back in day after day and loved it more and more. It became a part of me and now that I’ve been in the ER for almost 10 years, I can  honestly say that I will never work anywhere else. I love the stress of it all, the chaos and the drama. I feed off of it and it makes my 12 hour shifts fly by. I love being able to help others in just the few hours that I have with them. Give them comfort and hope. However, I needed something to be able to decompress. I needed an outlet that would allow me to leave my career at the end of the day and venture into something more creative. I have always had a creative side and I wanted to  use it. This is when I started my first blog, “From Skirts to Skillets”.


Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about how she started blogging.

My first blog was mostly focused on fashion. I would put outfits together and link them and talk about recent trends or what I was planning on doing for the weekend. It was very laid back and I made $0 dollars from my blog for the next few years. I would check out my other favorite blogs at the time, Cupcakes & Cashmere being one that I would check out daily. I would comment on them and I really enjoyed reading them (something that not many do these days due to all the social media that is available to us). Instagram did not exist and some days I think it was better in the days before Instagram. Blogs were almost like the newspaper. You would get up in the morning with your cup of jo and sit back reading a few blogs before starting your day….


Motherhood blogger, Lynzy & Co. talks about how she started blogging.

I can’t remember exactly when I started to look into making this more into profit but I want to say it was about 3-4 years. I did have companies that would send clothing or accessories from time to time and it was amazing. I loved being able to pick out a piece to style on  my blog and I would link back to the shops, but there was never any compensation involved. 

I deleted “From Skirts to Skillets” one year after a trip to NYFW. I was taken back by the vibe that I felt while I was there and questioned my journey into blogging. However, after a few months, I realized that I missed my creative outlet and that’s when “Sparkling Footsteps” was born. A funky name that I would later come to regret 😉 A year or two after becoming Sparkling Footsteps, I looked into ad revenue and other opportunities to make some income. I was working full time at the hospital and blogging quite frequently and figured, “Why not make a few bucks if I can?” 

I was able to make a few dollars here and there with some ads on my website and working with a few brands. The compensation was low but I was so excited to actually be compensated for my time that I didn’t mind. It wasn’t until around 2011 that I actually started making some minimal income. Most of my income was from Rewardstyle. Rewardstyle is a company that allows influencers to affiliate link to stores and make a small commission off of purchases. I would create collages of pieces I loved and link to items. I also worked with a few brands on “sponsored” posts, only focusing on brands that I truly loved and that fit my brand & aesthetic. Turns out that over the next few years, blogging really took off and brands realized how powerful influencers can be for their businesses. Many brands were hiring bloggers instead of celebrities to represent their brand because they were more relatable. This meant good news for me and I jumped on the opportunity to make a bit more income. 

There are several platforms, Collectively, Megan Media, Tap Influence, Social Stars, just to name a few that allow you to create an account and have brands reach out to you. If you’re a good fit for their current campaign, they ask you if you want to work together. You can negotiate pay and make sure that they are a great fit for your brand and move forward. This would be the way I built up my income over the next few years. 

Fast forward to 2017 and I cannot even begin to fathom how I got here. I am so incredibly thankful for where blogging has taken me and how it’s given me the ability to stay home part time with my children. It’s also given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing mothers within the blogging community. The support that I have received has been so amazing and I could never thank you all enough for that. You truly are the reason why I continue to blog and I hope that this blog continues to be a place where you can find support and tops/tricks for anything related to motherhood. 

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my little spot here on the web and for all of your continued support, it honestly means the world to me. 

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or email me and I can include a little FAQ in my next blog post for you!

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  1. How do you take your pictures? Does your husband take them for you? What kind of camera and editing software do you use and what do you usually do to edit them?

  2. Thanks for sharing this! For a new blog how often do you suggest posting each week? It’s important to have predictability right?

  3. I want to start a blog, but it would be quite different for me. I am a missionary in Honduras so I wouldn’t be able to do many things with try one by mail, etc. we have access to mail but sometimes it is risky and can get stolen. Do you think I could be successful just doing try ons in stores here? We have bigger brands like Zara and lots of other nice stores, and I would love to do a motherhood side like you do. Any suggestions for how to do so without being able to get products in the mail etc?

  4. How did you make the transition to more interactive platforms (Instagram stories, Snapchat, etc.) with less people actually taking the time to read a blog? I feel like I would be SO awkward on stories! But as you have mentioned that’s what people want to see these days. Thanks for doing this post. Blogging has interested me for a long time, finding a place to start is difficult. I’m also in healthcare but have had a passion for writing ever since I learned how 😉

  5. Are you familiar with any brands that would be interested in a say 40-55 year old spokesman. I feel I have something to give and like myself older woman have other issues such as skin care hair products so I’m and so forth. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  6. How do you best manage any fear of judgement from peers as you transition into blogging? I am also keen to know tips on keeping personal things personal for the safety of your family (like where you live…for example). And finally how often do you hire a photographer for content?
    Thank you!

  7. How many hours a week would you say you dedicate to blogging? And I understand if you choose not to answer or instead answer in a different way but how much do you make per month or how much does each brand pay to partner with you? Do they pay per blog post when they are mentioned, How many clicks to their site, Or products sold? Thank you!

  8. When you post links in your stories or on are these also affiliate links?
    I’m also curious about how often you recommend posting. Do you have somewhat of a schedule or formula that you follow?

  9. Love what you said about reading blogs like newspaper. I like to have my breakfast and scan through my faves!

    I’ve recently been trying to move away from reading blogs that verge on “lifestyle porn” and am consciously only reading pages whose authors are authentic and honest–like you! Your posts, Instagrams, and stories are always refreshing to me, probably because I can identify with most of the highs and lows you capture. I also deeply respect your hard work as an ER PA! Thanks for portraying balance in life and for remaining one of my favorite reads.

  10. Loved the post. I, too, remember opening up my computer and reading my favorite blogs (like 5, at the time) before work in the morning. Now it’s so saturated and there are sooo many to choose from, and Instagram is a crazy place.

    I’d be interested to know how you predict the blogging environment to evolve, change, gain/lose traction in the future. My sister is a blogger (going on 5 years) and I know she is conflicted on the topic. She said blogging (in many ways) was better before IG, too!

    Love your blog (because of how normal & genuine you are!) , it’s my top 5!

  11. Hi! I recently started following you and I’ve really enjoyed getting to “know you” from your Instagram stories and posts! I’ve been a classroom Kindergarten teacher for 7 years and this is the first school year I decided to be a SAHM with my 2.5 yo daughter and almost 5 month old son! I’ve recently started to follow many bloggers and it has given me that itch to do something/ have an outlet for me now that I’m home. I guess my question is basic, but I’m assuming it comes with a full answer…how do I decide where to start? How do I start? Thanks I’m advance!

  12. How long does it take you to draft a blog post, between writing it, editing pictures, etc? I have a private blog that I write just to update family members, but I only post about 1-2 times a month because writing and then editing/uploading pictures seems to take me forever! I don’t know how people find time to do it daily…but maybe I’m just a rookie. Or I might include too many pictures of my newborn son 😉

  13. I used to have a blog and kept it up for 4 or so years before I had a workplace change, which drained me. I am now ready to start again, but I want to go at it a bit differently, focusing on having a lifestyle blog. From things I’ve read, they recommend picking 2 or 3 things to focus your blog on. Do you agree with this? I know the beauty of have a lifestyle blog is that it can include a lot of things. Do you recommend having a focus or not? Do you think you do and how do you make sure to keep your blog “branded” and “you”?


  14. So nice of you to do this! I think the number one question most people have is how much do you make? Even if it’s approximate, or an average for what you and other bloggers doing about the same amount of posts/sponsorships as you do would make a year. Mainly because everyone’s expenses are different, so someone may be able to stay home full time on 30k, but some may not even be able to stay home part time on 30k (just an example). It’s hard to know if it’s something really worth going after without someone being honest with the income potential, though I know it’s a sensitive subject. It would also be so much less disappointing if it’s not that lucrative to know in advance. I don’t know if your open with your income, I am, but some people are not..anything you’ll share would be appreciated. Thank you again!!

  15. How do you plan your blogging time while taking care of your kiddos? I need help with this as I just left my fulltime event planning job to stay home with them and also continue working on my blog. Trying to come up with a new routine and curious what other blogging moms do 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for sharing how you got started. Definitely inspiring as a new blogger. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. Your posts are always so meaningful and honest.

  17. I’m so glad you’re talking about this! I would love to know about the technical side of things – did you already know how to set up a website, basic coding, etc. or is that something you had to learn along the way? And, if you didn’t, where did you start with learning all of this? Thanks for all you put into these posts! Love following your journey.

  18. I’m so happy you’re doing this post! I just started about a week and a half ago, and I have committed to posting at least every other day (a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule). I’d love to start with Google Adsense and ISO, but I have no idea where to start. Any advice on this or advertising and monetizing would be greatly appreciated!

    Starting this was so hard for me, because I am an extremely private person, but I wanted a blog as an outlet and as a way to promote my business and bring people to my website. How do you keep your privacy, while opening up enough that people feel like they know you?

    Also, is there a certain time of the day that is best for posting, or is that more unique to each blog? Sorry, this got long! I’m loving it so far, I’m just intrigued! Thanks so much!

  19. I am currently building my blog and will be launching soon. I just love reading posts like this about how other bloggers got started, the tidbits of helpful info that you offer that I would be clueless about otherwise, and how it has allowed you to spend more time with your sweet babes. I’m looking forward to part II 🙂