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Holiday Gift Guide: 1-3 Year Olds

Holiday Gift Guide for 1-3 Year Olds // Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

It’s holiday gift guide season! Curating gift guides is one of my favorite things to do and I took a lot of the recommendations that you all gave me from this Instagram post, and I put them into a gift guide! I will be making MANY, many more of these in the weeks to come – so stay tuned! I will also have gift guides that will feature budget friendly gifts for $50 and under, $100 and under and age specific ones as well.  If you want to see a specific gift guide, just shoot me an email and I can add it to my list if it’s not already 🙂 

1.) Little Sapling Toys – Peg Puzzle Developmental Toy // I have heard great things about this company and they have so many different toy options! 

2.) Eeboo Company – Life on Earth Tot Tower // A recommendation by another mama and these have won great awards as well!

3.) This & That Etc. Puzzles // We own the United States of America puzzle and we love it! Such a great concept!

4.) Hazel Village – Lucy Owl // Always a great gift! They also make clothing and accessories that can go on them as well. 

5.) Micro Mini Scooter // I bought Olivia this for her birthday and she LOVES it. Also a big recommendation from other mamas as well! Great for the 2-4 age range. 

6.) Bonnsu Miniware Eating Master Set // A beautiful eatery set for kids and great for gifting! They have so many different options too!

7.) Magnatiles // EVERYONE suggests these. I guess I know what I am getting for Olivia and Ellie this year!

8.) Lost My Name Book // Beautiful concept. A line of books where the little boy or girl loses their name and finds it throughout the adventurous story and it ends up being the name of the little boy or girl reading the book. We have one for Olivia and one for Ellie!

9.) Play Kitchen // I have been dreaming about this play kitchen for what seems like forever. Santa?!?! 

10.) Mail leg toys // I love the concept of these. Olivia loves putting things into boxes and organizing them so I know she will love this!

11.) Teepee Tent // What boy or girl doesn’t love a teepee for playing?!

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