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Holiday Community Giving 2020

You may remember our community giving project from last year – see here!  There are SO many in need right now and I want to be able to come together with all of you to help. This list will continue to grow DAILY so I will post when I add more and I will also let you know once we have fulfilled a family’s list. MY GOAL IS TO FULFILL ALL OF THESE and by the power of Christ, I KNOW THAT WE CAN. Every little bit counts and some of these are $5-10 items so just do what you can to help – it will go a long way! 

This community will continue to amaze me each and every day. LET’S LIFT THESE FAMILIES UP in PRAYER and what we can do to make their holiday a special one this year. LET’S DO THIS! 

Once the item is purchased, it disappears off the list so you won’t see what’s already been purchased!

1.) The Gordon Family

My younger sister Caitlin, 33, lives outside of Chicago with her husband, David, 35. They’ve been married for about 4 years, and welcomed their first daughter, Amaya, two years ago. Caitlin is also the step mom to David’s three other children, Thalia, 16, Damian, 11, and Dante, 10. The three older children have lived exclusively with my sister and David since they started dating in 2013.
David and Caitlin have never had much money. They live in a 3 bedroom apartment. Caitlin is a social worker and David previously worked in logistics, but is no longer able to keep a job…
One year ago, David was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. It’s incurable. And most people with stage 4 colon cancer don’t make it very long. Needless to say, we’re all pretty devastated. 
But David has somehow managed to stay very positive. I have no idea how he does it but he once told me that his goal was to get to a point for Amaya to remember him. He follows a very aggressive chemo regimen, and has seen some progress in the tumors in his colon, liver and lungs. 
They don’t have much, and they’re dealing with a lot, but they have each other. And they are truly a wonderful family. This would mean the world to them.

Amazon Wish List for The Gordon Family 

2.) Debbie’s Family

“Are you still accepting family nominations? If so, I’d like to nominate Debbie, she’s a mom of three grown sons, she’s a hard worker. She never takes a day off just to make ends meet. Her house flooded in hurricane Harvey and she still hasn’t been able to fix it up. She’s been living with no floors(just concrete), half walls, she sleeps on her couch. Her sons have all tried their best to help get things back together but they also have families and homes of their own. She’s a very kind, loving woman who also has pets. Her house is livable but there’s so much more that needs to be done. Any and all help would be so helpful and appreciated!”


Amazon Wish List for Debbie’s Family


3.) The Hissa Family 

I would like to nominate my daughter and her family. They have been hit hard due to covid and other life issues and losses.
My daughter started a new dream job in January 2020 only 2 weeks in she got a call at work saying her father had passed. She stayed strong and got through and back to work. She works for her local health clinic and is program facilitator for a program called FoodFit. It brings local, low income community members together and she teaches them how to cook simple and cost efficient meals. Something she is passionate about, along comes March and Covid 19. The community side of the health clinic closes and she is without a job only after 2.5 months. Thankfully her husband was still working but shortly after his hours were reduced and he was sent home for 4 months on limited pay. 
My daughter and her husband have 3 wonderful boys, Landon is 14, Logan is 11 and Leeland is 4. I don’t get to see them as much as I would like but Facebook helps! Schools were shut down after march break and all 3 boys were now home for the rest of the school year.
While my daughter was home with no work she focused on her small at home business, but shortly after April her grandmother became very ill and had several falls. One fall brought her to the ER and they found that her uterine cancer was back as was breast cancer in her remaining breast. My daughter dropped everything and came 4 hours away from home to help me care for her grandmother. Her battle with cancer ended July 2 2020. Im so grateful for my daughter coming and having time with her grandmother and making some lasting memories. 
Im nominating my daughter and her family because they make things work,  they get by. Im not able to help them like I would, they used all their savings for bills, food and rent during covid. Money they were saving for a down payment for their own home. If I could nominate them for some help in anyway I would be grateful.

Amazon Wish List for The Hissa Family 

4.) The Aleman Family 

 If you’re still taking nominations I would absolutely love for you to consider my sister-in-law Sara Aleman

I’ve known Sara for nearly 10 years, and I can say without a doubt she is one of the hardest working mothers I know. She got pregnant at 16 and was thrown out of the house (luckily the relationship with her parents has mostly healed). While raising her son as a single mom with limited support, Sara was able to overcome a world of obstacles. She’s never had less than 3 jobs, recently graduated with her masters in Occupational Therapy, all while maintaining a safe and loving home for herself and her son Jacob. I admire her as a mother so much, she has always made Jacob her first priority no matter what. From cooking meals together to creating fun and exciting science experiments in their basement apartment, she has shown me how be a super mom even when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day (or night) to complete all the grad school homework she had. And Jacob… he has grown into a hard working, compassionate, curious, funny middle schooler. All his best qualities learned from his mother. 
During Covid, her hours were severely cut but she was able to find work in her field, servicing patients who need her. Sara has an incredible heart and love for others. And now, her heart and belly are growing as she and her partner are expecting a new baby. It’s been 10 years since having Jacob and as excited as they are, it all seems new again. She is still working her numerous jobs, OT and waitressing at two different restaurants but when it’s time for baby to be here in March, there won’t be as much coming in. It would be such an incredible blessing to help her out, as she is always giving parts of herself to others. Young mothers often don’t have a large community but I know that help from the community that you’ve gathered would mean more to her than anything else. 

Amazon Wish List for the Aleman Family 

5.) The Schinzel Family

I would like to nominate the Schinzel family for your community giving. This family is very near and dear to my heart and could use a little extra help right now. Danielle and Billy have a beautiful 3 year old daughter McKenna. They have another daughter(Peyton) on the way due any day now (october14). Just a few months before getting pregnant with Peyton they suffered a miscarriage. So they were so happy to find out they were expecting again! At their 20 week ultra sound they were so excited to find out the gender of the baby to share with family the next night via a zoom meeting. But the ultra sound tech could not get a look at baby’s gender. They thought no big deal just a stubborn baby. They scheduled another ultra sound for the following week to find out baby’s gender. The tech still couldn’t see it. She called the doctor in the room and started to tell Danielle that they think her baby has something called bladder exstrophy. Danielle was alone in the appointment thanks to covid and immediately called her husband Billy and the doctors explained to both of them what it was. Baby Peyton will be born with bladder exstrophy a rare birth defect where her bladder is formed outside of her body. For the last 20 weeks of Danielle’s pregnancy she has been going to all of her doctors alone since her husband is not allowed in. Peyton will need 2 surgeries when she is about 6 weeks old. Surgery is split into two days. Day one will consist of bringing her pelvic bones more midline- the pubic bones are separated more than normal with exstrophy. This will be about a 4 hour day. Day two will be to close her bladder, make her urethra into a tube, & close abdominal walls (about a 10 hour day).These surgeries will take place at Boston children’s hospital in the end of November beginning of December. The family lives right outside of Portland Maine so will need to travel. Peyton and Danielle will stay in the hospital for 10 days after surgery. Then they will have to remain in a hotel close to Boston children’s hospital for 2 more weeks following discharge incase of complication. Danielle and Peyton will be in Boston for most likely both thanksgiving and Christmas. Billy and McKenna will visit on weekends while they are there as Billy still needs to work to provide for their family and McKenna will continue to go to daycare to give her some normalcy throughout all of the chaos. I would love to help this family out for the holiday season and make what they are going through a little easier. Financially I know they are struggling with bills already coming in from extra ultra sounds and MRI’s that Danielle has had to go through while pregnant. I know once baby Peyton makes her debut the bills are going to stack up more. I’d love to help them with just basic essentials and possibly some gifts for their sweet girls! 


Amazon Wish List for The Schinzel Family


6.) The Mederos Family

Emma and Jose are an incredible couple with two, adorable boys (3 and 1 year old!). They lost their uninsurable home in the Sonoma County wildfires and now have to start over from nothing, without any financial help. They are the epitome of a couple who has overcome and grown so much, all while staying loyal to each other – meeting in junior high, dating through high school and college, then marrying and starting their family. They give back to the community and youth in so many ways, I am ecstatic for them to receive the same kindness they have shown to so many. 

Amazon Wish List for The Mederos Family


7.) The Barnum Family

We are a family of eight. My husband is a cannon crew member in the Utah National Guard, and works full time driving a side dump for a local construction company. I am a homemaker, and am putting myself through online school to obtain my high school diploma. We have six children, ages are, 13,11,8,5,2, 2 months. The 13,5 and 2 year old are girls, and the 11,8, and 2 month old are boys. We have been hit with hard times this past year because of covid and the earthquake here in Utah. My husband has continuously lost work due to places being shut down and he also was hurt doing line of duty work and had his finger amputated which caused 2 weeks off of work due to surgeries and down time. We are also homeschooling 4 of our six babes which we didn’t realize would cost so much. We are just trying to get our children’s needs so Santa can come to our home.

Amazon Wish List for The Barnum Family




1.) The Colkmire Family

“My husbands uncle, Jeffery Colkmire died from Covid last Monday.  He got bad quite quickly and left behind his college aged son and wife.   He had no life insurance or money of any kind set aside.  His wife Cindy is a massage therapist.  She too had Covid and is on the other end of it but is still weak.  She could use some money for funeral cost and basic living needs while she recovers and learns to live life without him.   Please consider helping this dear family out.  She would be grateful and even a little bit would help.  I wish he would have planned better.”

Amazon Wish List for The Colkmire Family

2.) The Borck Family | FULFILLED!

“I’m writing to nominate a very deserving family for your community giving outreach. Theresa’s daughter Christy was the victim of a gunshot wound to her head and shoulder (from her estranged husband). She is remarkably strong, and she was discharged to acute rehab within 2 weeks of her injury. Her progress is evident, but she does still have significant left hemiparesis. Christy is a mom to three beautiful little ones (2, 4, and 13), who now have their lives forever altered by their mom’s injury and the loss of their father/stepfather. Christy will require around the clock care upon discharge from rehab, as well as suffering from loss of wages, hospital bills, childcare expenses, etc.  Here is the link for the Caringbridge Journal that Theresa has faithfully been updating daily to keep family and friends abreast of Christy’s recovery. 

Amazon Wish List for the Borck Family  (fulfilled)

3.) The Arcarese Family | FULFILLED

I am writing to suggest a truly deserving family that is in need of some help. My friend, Erin, lost her mom this summer to Glioblastoma. Her loss is only part of the story. Her husband is in heart failure and just this summer found out his donor kidney has failed. He is on dialysis and obviously has limitations to being able to work. Erin works tirelessly as a teacher while also raising her two young kids (a soon to be 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl). After the birth of her daughter, Erin suffered a stroke while still in the hospital. She is lucky to be alive and only has some memory issues.  If there was ever a family that needed a little help and to know there is good in the would it is the Arcarese family.

Amazon Wish List for The Arcarese Family

4.) The Reese Family | FULFILLED 

“I saw your story about your community giving to families and I immediately thought of Gabriel Reese and family.
Gabriel is 2 years old and early this year was diagnosed with Hunters Syndrome, since you are in medicine, I don’t have to tell you how devastating this is. 
He is the middle child out of 3 for the Reese family, who are a single income family.  
Gabriel’s mom and dad, Autumn and Nic, drive him over an hour each way once weekly to Pittsburgh, PA for  infusions that we all pray are slowing down this horrific disease. 
Autumn is one of the most kind, sweet women I’ve ever met. This has been heartbreaking , but Autumn seems positive and open about struggling with all of this.”

Amazon Wish List for The Reese Family 

5.) The Mosher Family | FULFILLED

“If it is alright, I would like to tell you a little about my family and our struggles right now. Due to the pandemic as well as struggles before that from hospital bills from long term effects from when I had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, our family has been struggling financially. My husband and I both had to close our businesses (it’s been extremely hard mentally for my husband to lose what he worked so hard to build) and we have been getting a lot of great exercise which is wonderful but due to not being able to afford the repair bills that our car needs. We have been taking what small jobs we can get and my husband has been up every night applying to companies. We have a 4 year old daughter, a 2 year old daughter and are expecting our rainbow baby girl this December. If we are chosen to receive help, we would be very grateful but also understand there are more people than we can probably even imagine in need of help right now. Thank you for the blessings you are giving!”

Amazon Wish List for The Mosher Family 

6.) The Young Family | FULFILLED

We are The Young family. Not only did we lose our home to the CZU Lightning Complex fire here in California, but my husbands childhood home, and I lost my childhood home. 3 homes within 24hrs. Not only has this devastated our lives, but also our spirit.

We lived on the same property as my in-laws. Fortunately the structure will be covered under my in-laws insurance, but we did not have renters insurance. We all thought our stuff would be covered since we are all family living on the same property and my father in law owned the house, but we were all mistaken. So everything we owned is gone, and won’t be covered to be replaced. We have to start from scratch. I appreciate you putting together a list of families to be adopted by your community! We would like to be considered!

My husband and I both grew up in the San Lorenzo Valley, where this fire storm hit us hard. The area hasn’t seen I fire like this in over 100years. My husband works from home for a communications company. I work part time in Ben Lomond at a doctors office as a phlebotomist. We have a daughter who is in first grade at Boulder Creek Elementary and a son who is about to turn 3 in November. We want nothing more to rise up with our community and help build back what was lost.

We honestly didn’t think our house would burn down when we were evacuated. We were awoken by a police officer at 5am telling us we had to leave. Panic set in and I packed a suitcase with 5 outfits for each of us, our cat and 100lb dog. The hard drives and a bin full of old pictures of my husband and I in high school and college. That’s it. I took a picture before we left early in the morning saying “stay safe house!” The next picture is the devastation the fire did to our poor home.

Amazon Wish List for the Young Family 


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