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Hiking with Winston & A Few FAQ

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Where I grew up, our street was nestled right in the middle of the woods. Living in the woods was great as a kid because we would play games, hide, build forts and so many other things. Trees and quietness give me peace. I knew that when we bought a home for our children, I wanted the same for them. A place where their imagination could run wild. A place where I could take my coffee out on the back porch and listen to the wildlife, wind chime, and chickens in the backyard. I feel like I am living a dream come true here in our little spot in the “middle of nowhere”. We are lucky enough to have a TON of hiking trails nearby (some within walking distance) and that is Winston’s favorite place to go! Last week when it was colder out (50-60) I took him on a little hike by our house to get some of his energy out and tried out a few new hiking items from Backcountry out! I will tell you one thing, these hiking boots are pretty amazing! 

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Hiking with Winston & A Few FAQ

This sweater turtleneck is the perfect item to transition you into fall on a crisp fall morning. I layered mine with a longer tee underneath to extend the hem a bit! The hiking boots are from one of my favorite brands, Forsake. A great quality brand that has never disappointed! The boots run TTS, I got my normal size! I even had room for some thick winter socks! Paired the outfit off with a pom pom beanie. If  you are new around here, I live in these during the winter, so get used to seeing them a lot 😉 


I am not wearing it here, but our hiking backpack carrier for kids is AWESOME as well! You can use code: LYNZY15 for 15% off your purchase!  These are usually pretty pricey so this is an awesome time to scoop one up!



Now onto a few frequently asked questions about Winston, our German Shepherd! We got him from a breeder in Massachusetts (Von den Brookfields). The bloodlines that they use in their breeding program are from top imported West German Sieger lines. Winston traveled from Germany around 8 weeks old and we took him home at 11 weeks. He is currently 3 years old and just recently over the past year, calmed down A LOT – which is a breath of fresh air! Ha! Juggling three babies (I call them babies because they’re all still young – ha) and a GS puppy was TOUGH. I am frequently asked if they are a lot of work when they are younger and to be honest, they are. They are a lot more work than other puppies for the simple fact that they ABSOLUTELY NEED STRICT TRAINING. We brought Winston to several puppy classes throughout the first year and we also had a nearby K9 trainer take him for a few weeks to train him as well. German Shepherds like to have a job and if you don’t give them one, they will find one 😉 and I cannot promise it won’t be destructive. Winston is an amazing family dog and has been awesome with our kids from day one. I think it’s important with this breed to introduce them YOUNG with the kids so that they grow up knowing that the kids jumping on them is OKAY and not to react. Yes, he sheds A LOT. More than you could even imagine and my house is gross. I am always asked how it’s so clean with a GSD and it’s not, I can assure you. Ha! If you have any other questions for me, shout them out below!

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  1. Literally same boat with my pup! She’s a rescue though, but absolutely needs a task and we put her in training as well. She’s always been really good with people and kids because she’s quite timid. She sheds so much, I want one of those robot vacuum things. HAha. CAn’t wait til she’s 3 so she’ll calm a bit.