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Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

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It was nearly impossible for me to eat healthy during the first trimester of this pregnancy but I tried to make healthy snack choices as soon as I was feeling less nauseous. I had quite a few of you ask me on my Instagram stories, what my go-to healthy snacks were during pregnancy! I told you that it was coming and it’s finally here! There were quite a few of you that gave me some awesome ideas and I also walked through CVS the other day and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of healthy snack options! It’s so hard to eat healthy on the run sometimes, but I feel like as long as you are prepared, it can be easy!

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

1.) Celery with peanut butter // This has always been a go-to of mine. I love the combination of the cold celery and PB for whatever reason! The protein in the PB really helps to curb the appetite too! 

2.) Raisins with cashews // If I know I will be on the road for a bit running errands, I always pack a little tupperware with raisins and cashews (or #3)! 

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

3.) Almonds with dried cranberries // My ultimate favorite combination! 

4.) Any fruit // My favorite fruits this pregnancy have been watermelon, apples, & grapes (bonus points if they are the cotton candy ones)!

5.) Dried Coconut // I recently became addicted to this – it’s so good!

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

6.)  goodness knows bars  // I found this while browsing the aisles at CVS and my favorite was the apple one! The bar has apple, almond, peanuts, and dark chocolate and it’s SO yummy!

7.) Organic coconut cookies by emmy’s organics // I also scooped these up at CVS as a sweet little treat! Not 100% healthy but it’s a great way to curb your sweet tooth! 

8.) Yogurt with granola // Greek yogurt with granola is usually what I will reach for at breakfast (either that or eggs with veggies)! 

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

9.)  Carrot sticks with hummus // Another one of my favorites!

10.) Mashed up avocado with a little bit of salt & pepper on a slice of toast // My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

Healthy Snack Ideas During Pregnancy

What I love most about CVS is that you can find so many nutritious snacking options there now and you can save a trip to the specialty stores! Being 9 months pregnant with the girls, that’s the last thing I want to do and this has saved me many trips! We just run right into CVS to pick up our healthy snacks on the go!

I would love to hear what your go-to pregnancy snacks are! If you put them into the comments below, I will add them to my list here! 

Happy snacking!

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  1. a good whole grain bread toasted and peanut butter. and a sliced banana with Nutella and rawnola on top ( or just pb on top)—so delish!!

    ps—-love your Instagram stories, they are so great!!!

  2. One of my favorite “snacks” – if I am ever going to eat any, which is VERY rare – is eating a venison, salt & pepper jerky bar by EPIC, or the Chicken and Siracha one… Or eating a Chomps Meat Stick, made with grass-fed beef!