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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

Those first few months can be BRUTAL and I swear all I craved was carbs to keep me going and curb my nausea. I am finally starting to feel better and to eat healthier again and I polled you guys in my stories last week to see what your favorite go-to healthy pregnancy snacks were! Of course, these don’t just pertain to pregnancy but to everyone! I have to agree with many of the snacks on this list!

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

1) Frozen Grapes – extra points if they’re the cotton candy ones! SO dang good! 

2) Avocado Toast – I always put it on Dave’s Killer Bread (so good) and use Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning!

3) Clementines

4) Almonds & Fresh Fruit

5) Plain Yogurt (loving the “so good” yogurt with only 2g of sugar) with Berries 

6) Banana with Peanut Butter & Honey Drizzle

7)  Apples Drizzled with Peanut Butter & Mini Chocolate Chips

8) Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hummus with pretzels

9) Multigrain Waffles with Yogurt Spread or with almond butter and pear slices

10) Avocado and Red Bell Pepper with Lemon Juice

11) Apple Slices with Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

12) Harvest Snack Peas

13) Cucumbers with Everything Bagel Seasoning and Cottage Cheese

14) Ice Cold Fresh Melon

15) Walnuts & Fresh Blueberries

16) Cranberries & Almonds or Raisins with Cashews

17) Frozen Cubed Mango

18) Cucumbers with Jalapeno Artichoke Dip

19) Cut up cucumbers/avocado/tomatoes with a balsamic drizzle and some garlic salt

20) Veggies & Hummus

21) Protein Balls – Peanut Butter, Oats & Chocolate Chips (I have a recipe for some that are lactation specific as well in my recipes highlight on IG!)

22) Rice cakes with PB

23) Cherry Tomatoes with Mini Mozzarella Balls

24). Pretzels dipped in Hummas

25) Bananas with Nutella

26) Trail Mix – buy it pre-made or make your own – it’s super easy!

27) Hard Boiled Eggs

28) Cheese & Crackers

29) Apples with Almond Butter & Cinnamon

30) Smoothies

31) Edamame

32) Frozen Pomegranate Seeds 

33) Watermelon

34) Pistachios

35) Baked Potato with yogurt instead of sour cream and chives

36) Broiled Grapefruit (recipe in my IG highlights!)

37) Oven Baked Pear Slices with cinnamon sugar 

38) Chia pudding with granola

39) 1 minute salad from Trader Joes

40) Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps from TJ’s

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  1. Super helpful ideas as I’m starving at 7 weeks, but want to cut back on carbs and so many things make Nauseous at the thought of so far!!

  2. Can Not even tell you how helpful this post is right now! I am 11 weeks with TWINS (ahh!!) and starving every 20 minutes and so so so nauseous. Literally want to peint this out and put it on my fridge Lol