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Getting Ready for the School Year

This post is written in collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids. Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love working with!

I cannot believe it’s already for August and we are getting ready for the school year yet again! This year is a big year because my oldest starts Kindergarten! I am so incredibly proud and excited while at the same moment, so sad that she is this old ALREADY. I swear, the years are going by faster and faster. Pottery Barn Kids has been one of those brands that I have wanted to collaborate with since I started my blog. PB kids is a brand that I love shopping with and has a great quality product so when they reached out with this back to school campaign, I was so excited! 

I’ve been itching to get my girls their backpacks, lunch bags, and water bottles from PB kids and knew they would be SO excited to use them. I told them that they could pick out whatever print they wanted and this is what they chose! I gotta say, they have pretty good taste 😉 

On my oldest: Ombre Cheetah Backpack (small) |  Ombre Cheetah Lunchbox | Ombre Cheetah Water Bottle

These bento boxes that they have are the perfect size for inside of the lunch boxes. I also prefer them to the metal bento boxes because food would always get stuck in the lip of the metal boxes – these are way better! The thermos that they have is also great if you like to occasionally send your kids to school with something hot! They keep your food how for about 3-4 hours, perfect since they eat lunch around 12 pm anyways! I highly recommend those since it’s great for leftovers!

I had gotten the mini backpack for my 3 year old but in hindsight, wish I got the size small! It’s a bit too small to fit her lunchbox inside so just keep that in mind when you are ordering the size! Everything has the ability to be monogrammed as well which is great! 

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