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Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

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Getting your home holiday ready can be stressful, especially if you are the one hosting a large amount of people! We don’t host any holidays yet but we do have an annual party that our friends attend and a few other get togethers that require cleaning up and having some great holiday decor up! 🙂 I wanted to share a few tips that help me to get our home “guest ready” on a daily basis that are easy to do and will allow you to stay stress free at the thought of visitors stopping by! 

Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

My number one suggestion for getting your home holiday ready (or just ready for guests on a daily basis) is scooping up one of these Dyson cordless vacuums. We own the Dyson V8 and have had ours for years now and I SWEAR by it, especially having three kids. It makes picking up after every meal SO much easier and it’s great to use 10 minutes before guests are about to arrive. The amount of dirt, food, and cat/dog hair around our house at any given second is pretty awful but this vacuum has really saved my sanity! Side note: this vacuum also makes the greatest gift! I also love it for the car as well. Makes cleaning out the car so much easier and it breaks down super small to get into smaller spaces too! 

Outfit – Sweater (similar here and here) Jeans (similar here)

Toddler Bell Bottoms (similar here)

To make the house feel a bit more inviting and relaxing, I put a diffuser in my bathroom and in my kitchen. Right before guests arrive, I will put my favorite combo oils in there. For the holiday season, I love the combination of cypress & sandalwood OR wintergreen & orange! You could also use a great candle like this one here

The next thing I do is one of my kids favorites. I grab a few smaller dishes and fill them with festive treats. For the holiday season, I fill them with toasted chex mix. I love having little treats throughout the house for guests, I just have to be careful with Winston around 😉 I have a few Anthropologie bowls that I use and they are beautiful! 

Lastly, I get a large bin and walk around throwing any items that may seem to be “out of place” and put them back into their rightful places. If I don’t have time to put them all away, I just put the bin into a closet so that all the miscellaneous items are hidden. This is also a trick I use at night before bed. I use a bin to walk about the house and throw things in. After I am done, I put them all where they belong so that when I wake up in the morning, the house is clean (even for just a tiny while)!


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