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Front Yard Lighting

This post is in collaboration withHudson Valley Lighting Group.  Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

We did quite a bit to our backyard this year, as you may all remember from my stories but we also fixed up our front too! My wonderful father came to help us create these garden beds out front and even fixed up our walkway here a bit! Eventually it needs to be redone because it’s so uneven that I worry the kids will trip on it but it will do for now! I was really excited when Hudson Valley Lighting Group reached out to me to work together on this post! I chose these two gorgeous pole lights from Troy Lighting to place one at the entrance of our driveway and the other closer to the house! 

I really wish I had taken before images of the pole we had before this because it was a SIGHT. It was in the middle of the driveway and literally falling over. We waited three years to fix it 😉 I love that there are two now instead of one because we don’t have street lights here and it’s SO dark! These lights help light up the whole driveway which is really nice.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first when trying to chose a pole light. There are always so many to chose from but I could not be happier with our choice! This here is the view from the end of our driveway! 

We also got these beautiful sconce lights for the garage and our back door! I love their vintage feel and they look great with the pole lights! They had such an amazing selection that it was a bit tough for us to choose but we are very happy with our choices! 

We just got our first snow last week and I snapped this after the kids were in bed! I think it looks like a Thomas Kincade picture! 🙂 

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