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First Aid Care for Kids & Being Prepared

This post is sponsored by CURAD® SoothePlus™. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the brands that we love!

Being that we are both in the medical field, we feel that first aid care for kids is very important and we have a little first aid kit with us wherever we go! We are teaming up with CURAD® SoothePlus™ products to talk about why they are our first choice for the hot summer weather! Seeing as we are outside more often than not during these summer months, accidents are much more frequent and having the right products on hand to care for our kids is my first priority. CURAD® SoothePlus™ products are perfect for the summer weather because they contain ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda which helps keep you comfortable and has odor-fighting properties! 

In our first aid care kit we always carry a few of CURAD®’s SoothePlus™ products, including rolled gauze, gauze pads & non- stick pads. The non-stick pads are awesome for putting on top of wounds that you later don’t want to stick! Another trick is if you use gauze and it seems to get stuck to the wound, just add a little warm water to it and it will pull right off! We also always keep bacitracin, small adhesive bandages, alcohol prep pads, and antiseptic towelettes! Olivia is so cute because even when she gets a bruise “boo-boo” she wants to have it cared for with a big gauze pad and wrapped up 🙂 

You can typically fit all of these things into a gallon sized plastic bag and just label it “first aid for kiddos” on it! Keep it in your diaper bag, glove compartment or wherever you think it would be most useful. You could also make a few of them for all different places so that you don’t need to keep changing the location of it! 

If you have a first aid kit for your kiddos, I would love to hear what you keep in it! 

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