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Fireplace Refresh

This post is sponsored by Home Depot. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that I truly love!

This fireplace has been in major need of a little refresh. It was cluttered to the max with decor and I was overwhelmed with it. I decided to strip it of everything and start over. I knew that I wanted to keep it simple so that the decor didn’t overtake our gorgeous fireplace. I started off by keeping the birch logs that we already had in there and wanted to add in some varying size pillars and battery operated candles. I love lighting up this fireplace in the fall & winter so it’s perfect timing. I found these gorgeous pillars in two different sizes: 12 inches and 9 inches

Lynzy & Co. gives her fireplace mantel a little revamp with Home Depot!

If we didn’t have the logs right there in the middle, I would have filled the entire fireplace with just candles but I do think that the birch wood adds extra character to it! I just love how these candle holders look aged and have this awesome distressed look to them. These are the candles that I got to sit on top of the candle holders. They just require AAA and they’re all ready to go!

Lynzy & Co. gives her fireplace mantel a little revamp with Home Depot!

This fireplace was one of the reasons that I fell in love with this house. The house was in such disarray when we bought it but I knew it had SO much potential. This fireplace makes such a HUGE statement within our kitchen/dining room and I absolutely LOVE it. 

Home Depot has become our home away from home ever since we bought this house. We are always working on projects (small & large) to fix up our home and Home Depot has literally become a place we venture to once a week, they have everything we need! A few other favorite items on my list are: the adorable rustic lantern, this is an AWESOME emergency light that breaks off into four smaller lights (had it for >10 years and used it during every single storm when we lose power), & our living room flooring here!


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