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February’s Monthly Money Tip

This monthly money tip is brought to you by one of my new blog contributors, Lindsay! I am so excited to be able to bring you some money saving tips! My goal is to bring you fresh, new content through my contributors. Content that I have always hoped to add to my blog but because of time restrictions with three kids, another job and maintaining the style & motherhood aspect of this blog – I haven’t been able to add these sections to my blog. I am beyond thrilled to have her on board with us and I hope you are too!!



February Money Monthly Tip

We have all been there.  It’s the day before Valentine’s day and you don’t have a gift.  You have no idea what to get them, they don’t want anything, and they are hard to shop for.  You also can’t sneak out a couple hundred dollars for a nice gift (they will totally notice)!  You’re desperate.

You frantically find all the craft paper you have and get out those scissors and markers.  In about 30 minutes you have a beautiful “coupon book” that you will gift to your loved one.  Valentine’s day calls for pinks, whites, reds and ribbon. Nothing like some “massage” or “movie night” coupon for a future date to brighten their day… (??)

Before you resort to this (let’s admit, we all have), maybe think of one of these more affordable options that do actually provide you some relief from the frantic last-minute cutting and pasting!

Do something together

Plan a surprise day for them (just you two or with the kiddos) together!  Go on a walk in a new place. Do a picnic. Explore a new city close to home that you can do in a daytrip.  Go to your local art center and walk around. Do something together that day. It doesn’t have to include forking out a bunch of money!

Make (or purchase) their favorite meal

Find out what they are craving and go all out – bust out that KitchenAid mixer that’s hidden and do the dang thing!  Or, if you’re like my hubby and I, just call your local pizza joint and order a heart shaped pizza. Three cheese, chicken, green peppers and tomatoes with all the garlic butter sauce in the world.  Then we hit the ‘on’ button and binge Netflix for the night. No phones allowed!

Gift an experience

If you don’t have time to plan for the day of and want to do an more simple alternative with the same impact, you can gift the experience instead of doing it that day.  There’s probably that fancy restaurant you have always wanted to try, that new TopGolf that just opened, or escape rooms are always fun!  Try to gift them a gift card or the experience for a different day which offers a time to make memories.

Take a trip

Instead of giving gift cards or material things, plan and go on a short mini-vacation together.  See about leaving the kids with a family member or a friend for a couple nights and get away. After all, you’ve been meaning too!

Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!  XOXO

– Lindsay


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