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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This year’s collection of Father’s Day gift ideas includes 10 items that either my husband has and loves OR seem like a really great UNIQUE idea that is different than most. I typically do a heart felt craft with the kids as well. I am brainstorming some ideas for this year – maybe I will hit up Pinterest for some ideas! 

Bone Conducting headphones | these are great for running/walking and still being able to hear your surroundings. They conduct sound outside your ears and allow you to still be able to hear traffic around you or someone talking to you! 
Tommy John  |  my husband loves this brand for loungewear/underwear! My code: LYNZY25 is still going strong until this evening! Some of my husband’s favorites include: lounge jogger | ribbed shorts | second skin trunk
Blackstone griddle | I got this for my husband for Christmas this year so we can make breakfast on the griddle and just have more options overall! It will come in handy once we start the kitchen renovations! 
Create your own reel | add your own pictures to this nostalgic viewer!
Heirloom custom video book | this is beautiful gift idea that will have special meaning! P
Yeti Roadie Cooler | these keep drinks cold for DAYS – it’s amazing! Code: LYNZY15 for 15% off
Custom NY Times Puzzle | use an important date! 🙂  A friend of mine sent this to me as a gift for Maggie when she was born and it is one of my favorite gifts we have ever received. 
History by mail | for the history buffs
Refreshing stay at Arcana | reconnecting with nature/ backed by science – this place is going on our bucket list! It looks absolutely incredible! 
Rothy’s Sneakers  | some of the most comfortable shoes for women and men – these sneakers look really sleek! I got these to go along with a few loungewear items from Tommy John for Father’s Day this year! 

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  1. I absolutely love the history buff gift! My husband loves history and I think (hope) he’ll love this gift. Thank you! And I think I’m buying the griddle for myself! I hate cleaning the grates of my current grill. It’s gross and impossible to keep clean.